Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Will the War Criminals Perpetrate Nuclear War?

“The United States and Russia are dangerously close to stumbling into a war over Ukraine that could go nuclear and kill hundreds of millions of people in a single day, a Nobel laureate who is one of the world’s leading experts on the dangers of nuclear weapons warned in Washington this week.”

The war criminals who planned and conspired [1] for all the misery, mayhem, destruction, slaughter, killings, maiming, and poisoning [1a] of numerous countries are still running wild. What country will be next for these warmongers? [2] Could it be Ukraine? After all, these crazy imbeciles of organized evil [3a] have already perpetrated regime change there and caused a civil war.  Now these lunatics are hell bent on trying to bring regime change in Russia. (By using sanctions) Do they really think Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to accept their provocations and accept their interference? Author and journalist Patrick Buchanan in an article titled, “Did We Vote for War?” November 14, 2014. Said this:

“Putin has reacquired Crimea, which belonged to Russia before the United States was a nation,...” [4]

Yet, we had the nations of the Gang of 20 (G20) [4a] at their latest meeting in Brisbane supposedly giving Vladimir Putin the cold shoulder and a dressing down. One broom closet “warrior” reportedly said to Putin. ‘get out of Ukraine.’ This broom closet “warrior” is the same guy who formed a “strategic partnership” [4b] with the dictatorship in communist China, which invaded Tibet a number of years ago. But, our broom closet “warrior” is not on the record as telling the Chinese, ‘to get out of Tibet.’ Oh well, hypocrisy is the forte of some leaders, I guess. Still, this “great warrior” along with NATO bombed Libya back to the dark ages and helped out Al- Qaeda. [5] [5a] Libya is now in chaos and a civil war rages there. 

Now this “political warrior” along with his “allies” is immersed in bombing wars [6] in the Middle East and they also have Ukraine on their warring agenda which could see nuclear war becoming a horrendous reality. A reuters article headlined: “Ukraine and Russia take center stage as leaders gather for G20” November 14, 2014 by Matt Siegel stated: 

“A showdown between Western leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely at the G20 summit in Australia starting on Saturday, following fresh reports of Russian troops pouring into eastern Ukraine.... Russia denies sending troops and tanks into Ukraine.”

And there is evidence that shows the coup and regime change in Ukraine was planned and orchestrated by some in the G20. [3][3a] Much of the corporate controlled media have ignored this evidence. [6a]

Still, evidence won’t matter anymore if the big and final blast of nuclear war takes place.  Will the war criminals behind all these “controlled” wars and regime changes have their final “reward” of an apocalypse? They might think they have all the answers, and so far they have got away with their planned wars and crimes against humanity. But that old saying “when thieves fallout” could come true. A push of a nuclear button by a crazed “ruler” could set in motion the final change of events that will destroy this planet we all live on. Unfortunately the innocent will die as will the war criminals and their supporters.  The stage has been set for the final confrontation and the forces of evil are in positions of power. They are not only playing with fire but ultimately the fireball that will consume the earth.  So:

“Rally round your flags boys; get ready for World War Three
Your “leaders” will be in their luxury bunkers, watching it on T.V
Millions will be killed and millions will be maimed        
Ask yourself this question: Are your “leaders” bloody insane?” [7]

Stephen J. Gray
November 25, 2014.  


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