Thursday, December 11, 2014

Do Gangsters Rule?

“The head of a high-profile probe of CIA prisons in Europe accused the US administration of "gangster-style methods" yesterday but failed to produce hard evidence that European governments had hosted any such facilities.” FT. January 25, 2006.

Various reports show “such facilities” did exist.

Is anybody really surprised at the latest revelations that torture was used by the “greatest country in the world?” After all, this is a country whose record of depredations over the years is there for all to see. Torture is there forte. They have been training torturers for years along with some of their allies.

“Officials from the United States and the United Kingdom spent years teaching members of the Brazilian military how to develop and improve their torture techniques during that country’s two-decade long dictatorship, it was confirmed yesterday. Buenos Aires Herald, December 11, 2014.

“In the most developed countries (France, the United States), some terrible schools have trained soldiers for years to the subtleties of the cruellest torture techniques.” Marjorie Cohn, “Training Torturers: The School of the Americas”

Now today in our supposedly “civilized world” where our politicians preach about “human rights,” and “the rule of law,” and “civil liberties,” and that “nobody is above the law,” we know it is all B.S. emanating from the mouths of dangerous hypocrites. Who are, I believe, a danger to a not so free society.  This latest torture document should make people finally realize that if our so-called leaders would commit, support and perpetrate these atrocities without an open trial, then we could be next on their agendas. If our laughable system called “democracy” accepts this kind of heinous filth, no one is safe from their immoral gangster style “systems” of torture.

"The CIA's practice of torture is gruesome," German Justice Minister Heiko Maas told German newspaper Bild. "Nothing justifies such methods. Everybody involved must be legally prosecuted." Reuters article by Bill Trott, December 10, 2014.

If there is no prosecutions after all the evidence that is available on these horrific crimes then I believe there is no law, no justice and only rule by gangsters. Only gangsters I believe would sink to the appalling and horrific behaviour that is documented in the Torture Report at link below.
“U.S. CIA Torture Report Released - Full 525 Pages”

And there is more evidence of these atrocities below.
“16 Horrifying Excerpts From the Torture Report That the CIA Doesn't Want You to See”
In summing up I believe, we should be very afraid of all our governments, our so-called “leaders” and their public relations “experts” who manage, promote, market, and cover up these atrocities under the banner of “protecting our freedoms.” If something cannot be exposed to the light of truth then it is evil. And evil flourishes wherever there is darkness. Banal phrases like “national security,” and “not in the public interest,” and “official secrets act,” are thrown at us to protect the derrieres of those in power so that they can continue their unholy machinations. There needs to be prosecutions of all those involved at the highest and lowest level. Not only in the torture industry but all those involved in the plotting and planning of illegal wars by madmen [1] [2] who are the blood brothers of the torturing filth that culminates in the rule by “respectable” gangsters [3] in our capitalist society.
“Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class” Al Capone

Stephen J. Gray
December 11, 2014.


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