Saturday, December 20, 2014

Does Stephen Harper Have Propaganda Pushers?

“Public Works Canada is awarding a $1.25 million contract to a publicist to distribute government-vetted ‘news’ to publishers and radio and TV stations. The budget for handout ‘news’ increased 25 percent from a previous contract. The department said it wanted to ‘inform and educate Canadians on public issues.’”
Tom Korski, Blacklocks Reporter December 19, 2014.

Gee, isn’t that wonderful the government wants ‘to inform and educate Canadians on public issues.’? And this is all going to be done with taxpayers’ dollars! Just think no more ignorance of what the Harper government is doing to us oops, I mean doing for us.  We won’t have to think anymore, the government “news service” will keep us all “informed” by sending out their messages to the corporate monopoly controlled media. (And perhaps some bloggers) Dare one call this a convergence of propaganda peddlers? Surely not, after all this is: “News Canada Ltd.”

“The publicist, News Canada Ltd., said it gives editors handout stories free of charge bearing a ‘News Canada’ credit – ‘just like Canadian Press,’ said president Shelley Middlebrook.”

Wow, and all the government stories are “free of charge” except of course it’s the taxpaying serfs who are footing the bill for Harper’s propaganda peddlers, oops sorry I mean Mr. Harper’s “public educators.” A cynical person might ask is all this taxpayer funded “news;” propaganda, or abominable snow-jobs?  A blizzard of taxpayers’ dollars is covering the land to “educate” and “inform” Canadians. Could one call this a Con-job? Or jobs for Cons-ervatives inside the Harper conservatives “news” fiefdom?

“Conservatism, as defined by Ronald Reagan, was about getting government off the backs of the people. Conservatism, as practised by team Harper, is more akin to an Orwellian opposite. State controls are now at a highpoint in our modern history. There is every indication they will extend further. The propaganda machine has become mammoth and unrelenting.” Lawrence Martin. Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Nov. 29 2011, 2:00 AM EST
Last updated Monday, Sep. 10 2012, 10:46 AM EDT

I believe what we are seeing is ‘unrelenting’ political propaganda disguised as “news.” A huge bureaucracy of propaganda peddlers has been created to further the agenda of, “The Party of One.”(Title of a book on Stephen Harper by Michael Harris)
One man appears to be running this so-called “conservative” government. Democracy is whatever he says it is, and his flunkeys parrot his message under “talking points.” Huge amounts of taxpayers’ dollars and staff are used to promote, publicize and parrot the Harper agenda. All paid for by taxpayers’ dollars as mentioned earlier.

“When we’re spending nearly as much on spin as we are on the House of Commons, we’re on a very slippery slope indeed.
Last week, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation released the head count and salary costs of the federal government’s legion of information services staff.
The numbers, released in response to an access to information request, reveal that 3,325 spin doctors toil for the Harper government at an estimated cost this year of $263 million.” Gregory Thomas, writing in the Toronto Star, August 3, 2014.

“The Harper government has come under fire for spending tens of millions of dollars on feel-good economic advertising and hundreds of thousands of dollars on media monitoring.”

In summing up one can only ask: Are these the actions of a political hypocrite? [1] Are Canadians too busy watching hockey games and other sports to realize or notice what is happening to our country under Stephen Harper [2] and the propaganda pushers?

“Like all marketers, however, Harper doesn’t care about facts — just making the sale. It’s high time the journalism business started feeding this government back its record of deceit and dishonesty — and holding Harper to account.”
Michael Harris. ipolitics. Dec.11, 2014

Stephen J. Gray
December 20, 2014.


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