Sunday, December 28, 2014

Will There Be a Day Of Reckoning?

Will there be a day of reckoning, and justice for the oppressed?
Those hapless, miserable, unwanted millions who have nothing left
Refugees living in numerous camps with nowhere to go
Once they had homes, then along came the “helping” foe

Invaders and “liberators” bringing “order” and “democracy”
“Responsibility to protect:” Are these the words of hypocrisy?
 Bombs, missiles, tanks and planes deliver the carnage of deadly “gains”
Cities destroyed, civilians killed and smouldering ruins just remain

Others have had their lands stolen, and possessed
By those in positions of power by “legalized” theft
Corporate cannibals swallow and plunder the earth’s resources
Aided and abetted by politically corrupt forces

The system has been captured and evil rules
Endless war is the plan of these bloodthirsty ghouls
The stupid serfs kill, and obey, for their satanic masters
Some of them even get medals from these warring bastards

Lunatics are in charge, wearing expensive suits
“Right Honourable” and “honourable” political galoots
Idiots ordering idiots to kill, destroy, and maim
Now we are seeing the brainwashed, obeying the insane

All these depredations are financed by the ‘money changers’
That Jesus ejected from the Temple’s hallowed chambers
Now they operate freely in the corrupt and crooked financial world
Profiting from the atrocities that gets millions killed

Profiteers of slaughter, death and destruction
Creating hell on earth is their role in perdition
Satan’s helpers and willing partners in evil
These are the monetary followers of the Devil

It is said, “Money is the root of all that is evil”
And it causes endless misery, wars and upheaval
The “work” of the ‘money changers’ is truly satanic and sickening
 When, if ever: Will there be a Day of Reckoning?

Stephen J. Gray
December 28, 2014.

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