Friday, March 4, 2016

Punished For Being Alive

They flee from their countries because of hellish wars
Their cities and homes destroyed by warmongering curs
Some drown in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea
Those who make land have nothing and are not really free

They are punished and ridiculed for being alive
Tear gassed and beaten, and just trying to survive
Refused entry to some countries, that bombed their lands
They are helpless refugees from the bloodstained sands

Their children are crying and some are tired and sick
No homes, no food, no future, victims of war lunatics
Mad men in power that destroyed their peaceful world
Well dressed criminals with “democracy” banners unfurled

One politician even called these unfortunate people “swarms”
Surely this war monger should be berated and scorned?
Is he a loud mouthed political fool, supposedly of the “upper class”?
Is he an ignorant and stupid “man,” and a noisy braying ass?

Is there no justice for these wretched people?
Where will it end, and what will be the sequel?
Should the war criminals who caused all this misery
Be paraded in prison uniforms in front of a jury?

Should the profiteers of all this obscene warring bloodshed
Be punished for the bombings and the hundred of thousands dead?
Should compensation be paid to the victims who survive?
Will there be justice for the refugees, punished for being alive?

Stephen J. Gray
March 4, 2016.

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