Monday, March 14, 2016

The Inhumane War Criminals

Refugees and their children are living in tents
In wet and muddy ground without a cent
They fled and ran, from all the bloody wars
Created by well dressed “honourable” political whores

These unfortunates once had homes, and a job too
Now they have nothing. What can they do?
They are herded like cattle behind razor wire
The war criminals in charge set their countries on fire

They are refused entry into many lands
They are war refugees from the blood soaked sands
Victims of “respectable” gangsters in positions of power
These profiteering war criminals profit by the hour

There is no justice and not much compassion
For those that are casualties of “respectable” assassins
These killers of children reside in luxury accommodations
Some host magnificent dinners for other associate nations

While they eat and gorge themselves on food
They are protected and cosseted by a security brood
They are the so-called “leaders” of society today
While their uniformed flunkeys hold refugees at bay

Has the system been corrupted and justice too?
Is the many controlled, by the unscrupulous few?
Whatever happened to ethics and lofty principles?
Is society ruled by inhumane war criminals?

Stephen J. Gray
March 14, 2016.

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