Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Lies, Treachery, and Madness of Militarism

“I never intend to adjust myself to the madness of militarism.” - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Some officers in the Canadian Forces tried to raise concerns early on in the war that removing Gadhafi would play into the hands of Islamic extremists, but military sources say those warnings went unheeded. Later, military members would privately joke about Canada’s CF-18s being part of ‘al-Qaida’s air force,’ since their bombing runs helped to pave the way for rebel groups aligned with the terrorist group....” David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen, March1, 2015.

According to the above information, Canadian ‘bombing runs helped to pave the way for rebel groups aligned with the terrorist group....’ in Libya. In fact, some members reportedly had a “joke” about it. Bombing and invading another country’s sovereignty is a serious and hellish business, and results in loss of innocent lives and destruction and devastation of that country and its cities. This should be no joking matter. Now some “Western support” is “helping” the refugees that it created in the first place. And here in Canada the government and opposition at the time, and some of them still in politics today, voted to bomb Libya in an “illegal war.” Does it get more hypocritical than that?
 In fact I believe it could be called, The Rule and Roles of Dangerous Hypocrites.”

“The Western leaders and media stay silent about the military intervention and regime change, interventions that have torn the refugees’ homelands apart and resulted in civil war, state collapse and extremely violent conditions lasting for long periods.” James Paul, September 16, 2015.

Libya is now in chaos and reportedly a breeding ground for ISIS. An article by Jon Lee Anderson in The New Yorker of August 4, 2015, headlined, “ISIS Rises in Libya” stated:

“Only five years ago, Libya was a source of stability in the region, as Muammar Qaddafi entered his fifth decade in office. In February, 2011, after a short, heady uprising inspired by the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, in Egypt, Libyan rebels based in Benghazi ousted Qaddafi’s security forces and effectively liberated the eastern half of the country. In March, as Qaddafi’s military forces appeared poised to retake Benghazi, NATO intervened with air strikes and Tomahawk missiles. The U.N. authorized the intervention after British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy lobbied in favor of it on humanitarian grounds; after showing some reticence, President Obama agreed to commit U.S. military power.”

The power of the military was used to destroy a “staunch ally” in Libya, despite the fact that, The Ottawa Citizen of April 23, 2011 had this headline, “ DND reports reveal Canada's ties with Gadhafi
The article went on to say: “Western politicians have labelled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi a despot and a brutal dictator, but Defence Department reports portray him in another way -as a staunch ally in the war against al-Qaeda and Islamic extremism.”

Other governments were also in bed with Gaddafi. An article in the Huffington Post by Ben Hubbard of 09/03/2011 11:05 am ET | Updated Nov 03, 2011 Headlined,
“Moammar Gaddafi's CIA Ties: Documents Suggest Libya And Washington Worked Together” The article stated:

“The CIA and other Western intelligence agencies worked closely with the ousted regime of Moammar Gadhafi, sharing tips and cooperating in handing over terror suspects for interrogation to a regime known to use torture, according to a trove of security documents discovered after the fall of Tripoli.
“The revelations provide new details on the West's efforts to turn Libya's mercurial leader from foe to ally and provide an embarrassing example of the U.S. administration's collaboration with authoritarian regimes in the war on terror.”

Another article in Global Research of March 10, 2015, by Eric Draitser had the headline , “Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS in Libya” the article went on to say:

“The revelations that US ally Abdelhakim Belhadj is now leading ISIS in Libya should come as no surprise to those who have followed US policy in that country, and throughout the region. It illustrates for the umpteenth time that Washington has provided aid and comfort to precisely those forces it claims to be fighting around the world.”
The article further stated:
“While it may not seem to be a major story – Al Qaeda terrorist turns ISIS commander – the reality is that since 2011 the US and its NATO allies have held up Belhadj as a ‘freedom fighter.’”

I believe, NATO and its allies are up to their dirty bloodstained necks in cahoots with “terrorists.”  Unfortunately, the “war correspondents” in the Canadian corporate monopoly media do not expose this treachery. I believe the depredations of this taxpayer funded military machine could be called, “The Numerous Affiliated Terrorists Organization (NATO)”

There is overwhelming evidence that not only the NATO war in Libya, but also the wars in Iraq and Syria and other countries were planned and plotted by powerful villains in positions of power. This conspiracy has resulted in: “The 21st Century WAR CRIMES: Millions Dead, Millions of Refugees, Soldiers Dead and Maimed, Countries Destroyed, Children Contaminated, and the War Criminals are FREE.”

People everywhere need to wake up. If these war criminals have no compunction about being in bed with terrorists and invading other countries under the pretext of “bringing democracy” while at the same time being in bed with dictators. Then we, in the so-called “democracies” could be next to be violently “liberated.” Because when war criminals rule; the “rule of law” becomes perverted, and the lies, treachery, and madness of militarism takes over.

“We have to ask ourselves how it can be that the world’s worse criminals—people responsible for the death and displacement of millions of peoples—occupy high office...”
Paul Craig Roberts. The Unz Review, March 9, 2016.

Stephen J. Gray
March 13, 2016.

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Thursday, 05 February 2015
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