Sunday, May 20, 2018

Murdered and Maimed By a “Moral Army”


“British Commander: IDF Most Moral Army World Has Ever Known”
Ryan Jones : Jul 25, 2014 : Israel Today

A “moral army” using snipers, murdered and maimed Palestinian protesters, men, women, and children in the Gaza Strip, “while just a few miles away Israel and the U.S. held a festive inauguration ceremony for the new American Embassy in contested Jerusalem.” Meanwhile, at the United Nations (UN), a hellish hypocrite, had the temerity, to blame the Gaza victims, and claimed their murderers showed “restraint.” Which makes one wonder, what kind of person or people try to justify this murderous slaughter?

“GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — In a jarring contrast, Israeli forces shot and killed 57 Palestinians and injured more than 2,700 during mass protests Monday along the Gaza border, while just a few miles away Israel and the U.S. held a festive inauguration ceremony for the new American Embassy in contested Jerusalem.
“In addition, a baby died from tear gas inhalation, the Gaza Health Ministry said, bringing the overall death toll to 58.”

“A decade-long blockade on Gaza, the tiny strip of land surrounded by Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean, has led to the collapse of its economy and the enclave is regularly referred to as an open-air prison. It had been hoped that close to two months of protests, sparked by anger and desperation, would lessen this crisis for two million Palestinians. Since late March, tens of thousands have gathered weekly along the frontier with Israel to demonstrate against the conditions they live under.

“Amid an international outcry and calls for investigations, Israeli fire has killed more than 110 people and thousands of others have been shot, mostly in the legs, according to health officials.” Oliver Holmes in Gaza May 20, 2018.

And some former soldiers had this to say in an article in the Guardian headlined:
“We were Israeli snipers and are filled with sorrow at Gaza shootings”
“We, a group of former combatants who were members of sniper teams, seek to express our feelings of distress regarding the recent incidents in the Gaza Strip. As we hear about military orders permitting snipers to fire live ammunition at unarmed demonstrators, we are filled with shame and sorrow: shame at the orders devoid of moral and ethical judgment, and sorrow for the young soldiers, whom, as we know very well from our own experience, will always carry with them the scenes that they witnessed through the sights of their rifles.
“Instructing snipers to shoot to kill unarmed demonstrators who pose no danger to human life is another product of the occupation and military rule over millions of Palestinian people, as well as of our country’s callous leadership, and derailed moral path.”
12 Apr 2018 22.00 BST

Palestinians are now burying their dead, Excerpt below from NBC news:

“Gaza protests replaced by funerals as Palestinians mark 'nakba'”

“Doctors Without Borders compared Monday's bloodshed — Israeli forces killed 60 and wounded more than 2,700 others — to the 2014 war.”
by Alastair Jamieson / May.15.2018 / 2:04 AM ET / Updated May.15.2018 / 7:14 AM ET

“Families in Gaza were burying their dead Tuesday, a day after Israeli forces killed dozens of Palestinians by opening fire during protests as the United States opened its new embassy in Jerusalem.
“Tuesday is the 70th anniversary of what the Palestinians call the "nakba," or catastrophe, when hundreds of thousands of people were uprooted during Israel's creation in 1948. It was also due to be the culmination of seven weeks of demonstrations near the fence between Gaza and Israel.”...

And a former Israeli air force officer had this to say in an article in 2014:

“When I served, the Israeli military was the most moral in the world. No more”
“From year to year, from one military operation to another, our moral red lines are stretching further away. Where will they be in the next operation?”...
Yuli Novak former Israeli air force officer. Mon 28 Jul 2014

In 2014 the “moral army” was slaughtering and killing in Gaza (just like today) and most “world leaders” were as silent and “consistent” as they are today in ignoring these blatant murderous crimes against humanity. After all, these present day murderers are their “allies” in what is called the “rule of law” and “democracy.”

Unfortunately, if the western “democracies” run true to form nobody will be held to account. Those “great paragons of virtue” amongst our political “leaders” are known for their hypocrisy, cowardice and callous disregard for human life. Some of them even financed, supported and spied for the child killers in this slaughter they call a “war.”...

“Imagine the outrage western governments would express if terrorists were to kill more than 50 Israelis on the streets of Tel Aviv in a single day. Yet when it comes to the killing that Israeli forces carried out on Monday at the gates of Gaza – and have been doing for the past several weeks – the silence from most western ministers is deafening. Worse still, there are attempts to justify the deaths as legitimate self-defence....” Jonathan Cook. May 17, 2018.

In closing one can only say: “When murder is allowed, morality and justice are also murdered.”

Stephen J. Gray
May 20, 2018.

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