Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Degenerates of Democracy

They abuse the trust of the people to get elected
They pretend to be ethical, moral, principled, and effective
Then they abandon any ethics or principles they say they had
Attaining power was their agenda, and that makes them glad

They capitulate to those that abuse the word “diversity”
A powerful minority that celebrates every perversity
The system is now controlled by promoters of debauchery
They want to indoctrinate children into promiscuity

Parents are lied to and kept in the dark
The degenerate’s “sex education” is deviant and stark
Laws are passed to suit the pornographic and the perverted
And children and society are conditioned to be subverted

Anyone speaking out and objecting to depravity
Is subjected to ridicule for being “anti-family”
The twisting of words is the forte of the degenerate
Language has become a weapon of the gross and the desperate

Truth has become lies, and lies are truths
And propaganda daily is evilly produced
The abnormal is hailed as normal and great
And decency is vilified and labelled as hate

Human life is exterminated under the banner of “choice’
And killing has been “normalized” by “expert” judicial advice
Euthanasia is promoted as “medically assisted” and “dying with dignity”
And state approved murder is no longer an obscenity

What will it take for morality and decency to come back?
Will the sane people continue to accept every deranged attack
By those that have the power over those that supposedly rule
And have turned society into a dirty, filthy, unhealthy cesspool?

Morality, principles, and justice are dying or dead
And power is in the hands of those that are corrupt and afraid
Cowards that acquiesce, and celebrate with perversity
They could be called “The Degenerates of Democracy”

Stephen J. Gray
May 8, 2018.