Monday, May 14, 2018

The Epidemic of Evil

Evil is reaching epidemic proportions. No sector of society or country is being left untouched by its epidemic. Not satisfied with imposing and legislating abnormal lifestyles and illegal wars on many countries, evil is now targeting the innocence of children under the banner of “democracy.” This could be called, “The Degenerates of Democracy.”

When perverts get power, filth starts to flower
The abnormal becomes “normal” and starts to overpower
The ruling class succumbs and supports all perversions
These dirt-bags of “democracy” have no aversion

Every day brings more and more political and judicial pollution
All that was once decent and moral has become a persecution
Filth reigns supreme in many perverted lands
And speaking of morality can get one severely panned...

In fact seeing and hearing all the filth being marketed today, makes one wonder if society has gone insane. Or is it true that people will accept anything, if they are conditioned to do so?

Conditioned to believe there is no he or she
Conditioned to accept that we are gender-free
Conditioned to believe we live in a “democracy”
Conditioned to accept political hypocrisy

Conditioned to accept whatever our kids are taught
Conditioned to believe gender-bender rot
Conditioned to accept unhealthy lifestyles
Conditioned to approve all this with a smile

Conditioned to believe the media’s views
Conditioned to accept what is the “news”
Conditioned to approve of idiots appointing idiots
Conditioned to believe whatever they tell us...

Seeing the madness that is happening around us would surely make sane people realize that perhaps their country could be called “The Country Where Anything goes.”

There is a country where anything goes
Where people march naked without any clothes
The marchers are led by a number of politicians
And police chiefs have participated--is that a “tradition”?

At one time people marching naked were declared obscene
Is “law and order” now in the dumpster or in a latrine?
Politicians that march keep their clothes on
They are “politically correct” and like to grovel and fawn

The “leader” of the country calls all this “diversity”
At one time marching naked would have been labelled perversity
But when a country loses its morals, it starts to decay and rot
Is this once-great country now going downhill and to pot?...

Pot is going to be legalized very soon and the dopes and the dopey will bay at the moon.

Potland is going to pot in 2018
Marijuana will be legalized in the dope scene
The dopes and dopey will celebrate as they puff and smoke
The potheads will be happy as they share a toke

The political dopes will tax it, as they are addicted to money
And the ruling dopes that will legalize it--Are they really crummy?
Potland already has a big drug problem because of drugs like Fentanyl
Do the political dopes not realize that all kinds of drugs can kill?...

And of course, one could call what is happening today,The Posturing of Evil.”

The posturing of evil is a sight to behold
Purveyors of war crimes that need to be told
Clad in expensive suits, are these well dressed war criminals
Men and women without any morals or principles

So called “leaders” of the human race
They really are a bloody disgrace
Invaders of countries in illegal wars
They are yesterday and today’s warmongering whores

Millions are dead because of their atrocious war crimes
Millions are refugees because of their dirty pastime
Creating wars is what these war perverts do
Paid for by compulsory taxes from me and you...

“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.”
  Leonardo da Vinci

Stephen J. Gray
May 14, 2018.

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