Sunday, October 7, 2018

Allegations and Accusations...

Allegations and accusations were substituted as proof
And the biased dishonest media, were strangers to the truth
The so-called TV “news” was disgraceful in its reporting
And the screen parade of “journalists” were totally revolting

Some TV “reporters” were visibly angry, and nearly in tears
Their “temperaments” clearly showed, as did their smears
An innocent man and his family were subjected to cartoonist hating
And all this was called “news coverage,” but it really was a berating

“Controversial” was one of the words, these “news” propagandists used
Another one was “temperamental,” to crucify, the innocent man accused
This man’s character was deliberately and knowingly destroyed
By a vicious vendetta of sneers, smears, and a media annoyed

An on air trial, was parroted, as so-called TV “news”
But, it was bias and babble and the media’s, bigoted views
They even brought in “experts” to back up their baloney
Some were “professors,” and other “professionals,” with biased stories

Screaming mobs of hysterics and hate were also given coverage
And described as worried, and caring, instead of savages
Is it any wonder the media has zero credibility?
When it attempts to destroy an innocent man’s integrity, and ability

What is behind the mobs and the media’s obnoxious vituperation?
Could it be: “Roe v Wade” might finally be overturned, in the nation?
Could the slaughter of the pre-born child be stopped by this man’s vote?
And would this return to sanity, finally end, what bloody evil has brought?

Still: “Big Sister,” and “Big Brother” are scared this might happen
And that might be why they scream and shriek with passion
Orwell’s: “Two minutes of hate” has become the mobs and media’s affirmations
And that could be why this man is defamed, by allegations and accusations

Stephen J. Gray
October 7, 2018.

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