Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Social Perverts

The social perverts are in the “news”
Bombarding the public with their views
Walking in bare ass parades is a must
If a person won’t, then he has no trust

The pre-born child, alive in its mother’s womb
Can be killed by “choice,” and to death succumbs
The sick and elderly can also be put to death
If they sign on to be murdered: and Jesus wept

“Thou shall not kill” was once a truism
Now “thou must kill” is the “new barbarism”
Those that refuse to perform this hellish act
Must now participate, and that is an evil fact

Innocent children are taught mandated sexual perversions
In this nation by government mandated obscene expressions
Anyone objecting to this madness and political insanity
Can be subject to all kinds of hate and filthy profanities

If people that have morals can be called: “Social names”
Then should people that are immoral be called: “Socially insane”?
Because approval of killing by euthanasia and “choice”
Surely, fits these kind of persons with a terrible vice

What will it take for people with ethics to finally rebel?
And refuse to obey these demented people from hell
Will they realize themselves, they must start to reassert
And say: “They have had enough of these social perverts”

Stephen J. Gray
November 28, 2019.

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