Monday, November 18, 2019

The Satanic Society

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil...” Isaiah 5:20

The satanic society kills its young under the banner of “choice”
A number of political parties support this atrocity, with their voices
The media in this society promote this hellish, “freedom” to kill
This atrocity of abortion, got a “standing ovation” in the House on the Hill

These Houses of Parliament where laws are discussed and officially made
Have become a travesty, a farce and a caricature of the perverted human race
They sit in seats, in this place of dishonour, with fancy titles to their names
Gatherings of the unprincipled, the unethical and playing political games

Addressing each other as “right honourable” and “honourable” members
These people support, “freedom of choice” to kill, in an abortion chamber
A place where, the pre-born child is cut to pieces, decapitated, or ripped apart
One wonders what goes on in their sick minds, and their depraved hearts

They also support state sanctioned killing by euthanasia
For those who have made the “choice” for this type of “mania”
Now the doors have been opened for this abominable insanity
It is now acceptable: but once was a crime prosecuted, against Nazi Germany

Now the innocence of children is being diabolically destroyed
By government mandated sex education perversions, for girls and boys
What will be the next government mandated behaviours enshrined in “law’?
But, when evil gets to rule, anything is possible from political outlaws

The peoples’ taxes are used to finance illegal and bloody wars
Their armies are used to kill, bomb, and destroy countries offshore
Meanwhile, the perpetrators and planners dressed in suits and dresses
Are getting away with murder and don’t pay for their satanic excesses

Yet, these are the people that get to rule in various countries
Satan must be proud of their heinous and diabolical effronteries
Evil has become the forte of their disgusting and sick perversity
This is what happens when people live in a depraved satanic society

Stephen J. Gray
November 18, 2019.

Note: Some links are being censored by those that support the satanic criminality of those in power.

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