Thursday, October 31, 2019

Canada is in a Media Frenzy

Canada’s media are in a frenzy, as is the establishment too
Their screams are heard daily. You ask: “What did Andrew Scheer do”?
Even though he said, “He is pro-life” and supported abortion as well
The media said he had a “hidden agenda” as far as they could tell

Those that know best, what is “good” for us, dictate “their morality” in this country
And for them that Scheer, would not march in a “pride parade” they declared this an effrontery
People have been naked in these parades where politicians and police march Mr. Scheer is absolutely correct, to decline: To walk with those baring their arse

Another issue raised constantly by this screaming and demented sick mob
Scheer is not firm in his support of “same-sex marriage” so, he must lose his job
A former short lived prime minister even raised her voice for “freedom of choice”
Yet, this “right honourable hypocrite” wants to deny Scheer to have his voice

With all the problems this country has: three issues are declared a must
“Same-sex marriage, abortion, and pride parades” are a priority first
Meanwhile, the country’s re-elected ruler gives billions of tax-dollars away
And the media and the establishment are silent on this, every passing day

The media and its owners get $600 million taxpayers dollars from the “sunny ways” man
Perhaps that’s why their bias is broadcast daily across this propagandized land
“What is happening to Canada”? Should be the question in a land gone three issues crazy
But, when those that dictate their agenda rule: Canada is in a media frenzy

...This is a nation that gives other countries billions of taxpayers’ cash
While thousands of its own homeless are digging in the trash
Many thousands attend food banks in search of food to eat
Is there something very wrong in this land of debauchery and deceit?...
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Stephen J. Gray
October 31, 2019.

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Monday, October 28, 2019

The Cesspool

The country has become a cesspool and a danger to health
It is ruled by a fool who is giving away its taxpayers wealth
Billions of dollars are given away to countries overseas
While thousands of its own people are living on the streets

Thousands of illegal migrants have crossed our border
And they are housed in hotels by government order
This country’s homeless sleep on the streets, or in parks too
No hotels for them from this incompetent ruling political crew

Thousands of people are laid off in the oil business in The West
And their tax dollars are being used to finance our illegal guests
A carbon tax is instituted and will be increased ever higher
How much longer can a country support a political liar?

People are being killed if they sign a piece of paper
Some have not even signed, but are sent to meet their Maker
Killing has now been “legalized” by judges on the Bench
These appointed former lawyers are giving the “law” a stench   

The rule of law has become the rule of the lawless
People march naked and obscenity seems flawless
Politicians and police lead these disgusting parades
And the depraved and the decadent the streets invade

The morally sick and sleazy dictate their evil wants
And the compliant media support all their debauched stunts
Propaganda is the forte of biased and twisted journalism
That makes one wonder: “Does their message sound like fascism”?

The contaminated country was infected by corruption
The disease was spread by powerful dereliction
Some of those in power did not do their public duty
And so this sickness had become dirty and deadly

It had spread through the halls of power
Even contaminating the country’s Charter
Judges could hallucinate and “read in” whatever they see
One judge even said The Charter was a “living tree”

Is there a “right honourable” lawbreaker ruling a country?
He and his party pretend their ways and acts are “sunny”
Has the “rule of law” become the rule of the lawless?
Is a once great land now in the hands of the dishonest?

There is credible evidence that he, and some of his party
Conspired with a corporation to do work that was dirty
A helpful “clause” was inserted in the land’s budget
Was this criminal, and is this some kind of racket?

Ethics and morals in this country are dead and demolished
This is what happens when a country is ruled by the mad and foolish
How much longer will decent people accept being ruled by a fool?
While their country is being turned into a filthy, corrupt, and foul cesspool

...Will the tax slaves of this land ever wake up?
And finally state and say “They have had enough”?
Or will this ruling insanity continue its crazy mad fling?
That destroys decency, morality and the good in everything...
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“The forces of Evil have begun their decisive offensive, you can feel their pressure, and yet your screens and publications are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy about?”
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Stephen J. Gray
October 28, 2019.

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Election is over Ontario and Quebec Control the Game

The election is over, and Ontario and Quebec, control the rigged game
The West as usual participated in this sham “democracy,” in vain
Will The West ever realise, the electoral map is just a joke?
It doesn’t really matter, how The West folks cast their vote

The game is rigged and two provinces control the country
The West should say: “enough” to this undemocratic effrontery
Now there is talk once again of The West wanting to separate
But, the establishment and the political class are trying to placate

They like the system and want it to continue its undemocratic way
But, they pretend, the West must be “listened to,” or so they say
Once, before The West got screwed, by those that hated the Party of Reform
If you are serious in The West, about separating, don’t once again conform

Make sure the people that really “want out” in The West, are true believers
Not those that are flunkies and sycophants for the political deceivers
This is why the country is undemocratic and has “democracy” only in name
The election is over and Ontario and Quebec control the rigged game

“The Conservative Party of Canada still has to pander to Ontario and Quebec because that is where all the votes are, that’s why they are talking about their carbon tax scheme and all of their social justice stuff...” Peter Downing, October 6, 2019.

Stephen J. Gray
October 27, 2019.

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Rules for Seeking Political Office in Canada

Rule 1: Must support “The Right to Choose” to kill the pre-born child, should this child be unwanted. Must not have had “anti-choice” views on abortion, at any time in one’s life, if you did have, said views, you must declare them immediately.

Rule 2: Must not have pro-life views on the abortion issue, must declare if you have pro-life views, that you will suppress them should you get elected to political office. Must also constantly say: “You will never allow abortion to be raised in Parliamentary discussions by anyone that is pro-life, or allow this issue on the floor of parliament

Rule 3: Must support “same-sex marriage” and must never have criticized it. Must say: “You will never use the not-withstanding clause in the land’s Charter on this type of marriage”

Rule 4: Must walk in “Pride parades” must never have refused to march in said parades. Also it would be helpful if one does participate in this parade, going naked would be acceptable. Mind you this is just a suggestion to show your solidarity.

Rule 5: Must allow your children to be taught mandated government sexual perversions in the schools. And must state you will protect and support these government policies.

Rule 6: Must support euthanasia and must ensure that the killing of the sick and elderly will always be available, and if need be, expanded to others in society, if there is a pressing need.

Rule 7: Must have these “mainstream values” above which are supported by most of the media and the establishment elites.

In conclusion these rules are constructed to make this land a happy place to live and work. Therefore, they must be obeyed by all who seek public office,

Stephen J. Gray
October 26, 2019.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Is Canada’s Politics Sick and Corrupted?

“Conservative official: We should have dragged Scheer to a Pride parade. That hurt us in the GTA. Abortion hurt us in Quebec; same-sex marriage hurt us in the GTA.”

Andrew Scheer was and is constantly bombarded with questions on, Abortion. Same-sex marriage, and pride parades.  Instead of telling it like it is, I believe he has succumbed to the politically correct on these issues.
On abortion, instead of trying to appease the abortion promoting media, and the other political party “leaders,” that attacked him.  He should have said: “Canada is a supposedly democratic country, I will not suppress free speech, any issue including abortion will be open to discussion.”

Instead he surrendered his right to free speech, to the gibbering pro-abortion media and to those other party “leaders” that support the “right to choose to kill” the innocent preborn. By saying: “I am personally pro-life but I've also made the commitment that as leader of this party it is my responsibility to ensure that we do not re-open this debate...”
Andrew Scheer, October 3, 2019.

They are having an election in a politically correct land
Certain issues must not be discussed, and could even be banned
They have no law on abortion, the killing of the child in the womb
And no politician will bring in a law, and the pre-born child is doomed...

On so-called “same-sex marriage” I believe, he waffled as well. There is nothing wrong with having opposing views on any subject, including so-called “same-sex marriage.”

On “pride parades” so far he has not marched. Why is this even a big deal? I believe anybody with any sense of decency, would not take part in any parades where people have been known to prance naked and make obscene gestures. Yet, this is another issue that the biased barking dogs of the media whine and complain about. Scheer, not participating in so-called, “pride parades.” That some even call: “Family Friendly” Parades?

“Disturbingly, more and more parents are bringing young children to watch the parade, exposing them to provocative displays of sexuality that no child should witness. If a politician believes in family values, why would he or she want to be associated with such debauchery?”
Josh Dehaas, June 12, 2018, National Post.

The issues mentioned above are what are “important” to the media and to those that control politics in this politically correct country.

There is a country where anything goes
Where people march naked without any clothes
The marchers are led by a number of politicians
And police chiefs have participated--is that a “tradition”?

At one time people marching naked were declared obscene
Is “law and order” now in the dumpster or in a latrine?
Politicians that march keep their clothes on
They are “politically correct” and like to grovel and fawn...

In conclusion I believe free speech is being suppressed and attacked in this country. The politically correct are forcing their views on us all. And the political class are their helpers in their agenda.

“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” John F. Kennedy

Stephen J. Gray
October 25, 2019.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Are the Red Tories/Conservatives Really Liberals at Heart?

“There is nothing politically right that is morally wrong” Daniel O’Connell

Are the Red Tories/Conservatives, really Liberals at heart?
For on ethics, principles and morals it is hard to tell them apart
On the issue of abortion, the killing of the child in the womb
They all have the same position; “choice” is the word they boom

On so-called “same-sex marriage” they all agree as well
There is no difference between them, as far as one can tell
On parades of pride where people sometimes march in the nude
The politicians support these obscene displays of flesh, some even call it “good”

Some politicians even lead these parades as do some police too
Has the political class succumbed to the debauchery, of a powerful few?
Children are being taught mandated sexual perversions while in school
Have any of the political class spoke out against this type of appalling rule?

The country has gone literally to Pot, and marijuana is now “legal”
Have any of the political parties stated that selling drugs are unethical?
Or that they will stop this pandering and pushing to sell drugs for profit
Or do they support this drug pushing society and have no plans to stop it?

Pot will soon be in cookies, drinks, candies and other edibles too
Is this the kind of society politicians are promoting for me and you?
Children have consumed some of these pot laced dangerous “goodies”
Thinking these nice packaged drugs is just another type of cookies

They are telling young children they can be a girl or a boy
And that gender can be changed just like a new toy
That the words man and woman don’t mean what they say
Is this a country going perverted and mad in every which way?

These are some examples of a country in disgraceful political hands
That now supports lifestyles and obscenities that used to be banned
Can a country survive if its rulers support the promotion of canards?
Are the Red Tories/Conservatives really all Liberals at heart?

Are we seeing madness and insanity displayed as normal?
Are we losing everything that is principled, good, and moral?
Are we allowing them to destroy all that is true and precious?
Or have we had enough because: “It is them or us”?

Stephen J. Gray
October 24, 2019.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A Political Sewer

When a political sewer runs through a land
Then filth and corruption goes hand in hand
The good becomes bad, and the bad becomes good
And the rule of the decadent is disgusting and lewd

The Houses of Power become rotten to their core
Passing legislation for the obscene, and much, much more
The “rule of law” becomes a sick and unjust farce
And truly in this decadent land, the law is an ass

Pre-born innocents are slaughtered and killed
Those doing the atrocities, have the taxpayers billed
This is called “healthcare” in this twisted and sick land
And the powers that be, think this is “normal” and “grand”

The politicians all say: “They support a woman’s right to choose”
To have her pre-born child killed, cut to pieces and abused
Despite all the scientific evidence that she/he, pre-born, is a human life
These hypocrites of politics are callously supporting killing by knife

The elderly and ill can ask to be put down, and terminated
As long as they sign their name, this evil act is celebrated
Murdering people is now “legitimate” and politically “approved”
This is what happens in a society where “assisted killing” is “good”

Lawyers called “judges” dressed in fine robes, are declared “supreme”
Though they are unelected they rule like kings and queens
The politicians obey their unelected judicial masters
And judges can “read in” and dictate numerous disasters

The constitution is a “living tree” these ex lawyers promulgate and say
There is no limit to what they can do, because they hold sway
The people are conditioned to accept judicial approved murder
This is what is happening, in a land that has become a political sewer

Stephen J. Gray
October 22, 2019.

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Is It Time For The West?

Is it time for The West to become a Nation?
Is it time to leave this unequal confederation?
All the power appears to reside in the East
Two Provinces have most of the electoral seats

Has The West for too long been getting shafted?
Is it time to say enough: is the system crooked?
The West can vote till its blue in the face
But, the East has the numbers in what takes place

If “The Bloc” can have whatever it wants to do
Should this arrangement not apply to The West too?
The West once had a party that was called: “Reform”
But, it was sold out from within, and treated with scorn

Has the time come for what some call, “Wexit”?
Will The West eventually decide it wants to exit?
Has The West had enough of this unfair situation?
Is it time for The West to become a western nation?

Stephen J. Gray
October 22, 2019.

“More than anything else, the issue that unites Western Canada is each province’s sense that it isn’t treated fairly by the federal government....”
“I am going to Ottawa to defend the right of Quebec to function in its own way,” said [Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois] Blanchet,
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Friday, October 18, 2019

An Election in a Sham “Democracy”

There is an election soon in a sham “democracy”
In a land of political correctness and hypocrisy
Unelected judges “read in” words from their imagination
These are called “landmark decisions” in this dope nation

Elected politicians are dictated to by a judiciary supreme
These unelected former lawyers act like kings and queens
They decide and dictate some legislation that needs to be passed
Is the country now ruled by judges: Is the law a judicial ass?

Then the legislation is sent to unelected appointed senators
Who finally decide whether it’s okay, these unelected administrators
This is “democracy” in this politically correct and once great land?
Unelected judges and senators, dictate to the elected, isn’t that grand?

There are millions of union members in this “democratic country”
They are forced to pay compulsory union dues, is that not an effrontery?
The union chiefs use their members’ monies for all kinds of non work causes
This is a compulsory tax free money machine beloved of all the union bosses

The kids that go to universities and across this “democratic country”
Are forced to pay compulsory student union fees that are not voluntary
These compulsory fees are also used by the leaders of student unions
And this money just like trade union monies goes to all kinds of factions

And even if people are in all kinds of different workplace associations
They too are forced to toe the line in this politically correct nation
Their monies also have been used for many different causes
This is a country that has many compulsory undemocratic bullies

But hey, this is a land with a so-called, “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”
That ordinary people never got to vote on individually, or on its egotism
The country now has a document interpreted by unelected judicial supremacy
Now the country is having an election in a sham political “democracy”

Stephen J. Gray
October 18, 2019.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The War Crimes Perpetrated Against Syria and Other Countries

“Transatlantic NATO media are currently engaged in near apoplexia over the horror of Erdogan’s war crimes, though they are the same war crimes that have been committed against Syria since President Barack Obama announced his creation of the fascist coalition of war criminals, on 10 September 2014, in a live address to the nation.
“Is it possible that the criminal liars of journalism have suddenly had a crisis of conscience, over their previous cheering of the obliteration of al Raqqa, by the war criminal coalition?” Miri Wood, October 11, 2019.

“An absolutely fascinating phenomenon accompanying the Turkish invasion of Syria has been watching the reaction of western journalists who once shilled for ‘moderate rebels’ now falling into the trap of having to condemn them.” October 15, 2019.

Ben Norton...
Incredible: US officials are now admitting "rebels" from the "Free Syrian Army" that are embedded with the Turkish army are intentionally freeing ISIS prisoners, while massacring civilians
These are some of the "moderate rebels" the CIA armed and trained
 Ben Norton

“After all, it is Washington’s awkward alliance in the region—Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Britain, France, Israel—that has supported the growth of ISIS and like-minded extremists. U.S. President Donald Trump even went so far as to accuse his predecessor Barack Obama of being ‘the founder of ISIS.’”
“Certainly, Obama watched as his Turkish NATO ally allowed ISIS freedom of movement across its borders and purchased its stolen oil in bulk. We also now know via email leaks that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was aware that U.S. anti-ISIS coalition allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS.” Sharmine Narwani , May 11, 2017

“NATO is harbouring the Islamic State”

One would think that the corporate monopoly media would be asking hard questions of various war ministers, oops, I mean defence ministers, as to why their taxpayer-funded war machine called NATO has members that are reportedly helping terrorists. Surely this is treasonous acts? These ministers should know what is happening; and if they don’t know, they are incompetent and should not be in public office. Another question, why are the taxpayer-funded “spy agencies” not reporting this treachery? Are they also turning a blind eye to all this malfeasance?

In conclusion I believe, despite all the evidence of diabolical illegal incursions by past and present, so-called “world leaders” in the bombing, killing, and destroying a number of countries, these war criminals are Free. Their helpers in their planned crimes against humanity are most of the corporate media, the uniformed generals, think tanks, and the suppliers of the hellish weapons that have decimated countries and reduced them to rubble. I believe present day Nuremberg Trials are needed.

“The Nuremberg trials were a series of trials held between 1945 and 1949 in which the Allies prosecuted German military leaders, political officials, industrialists, and financiers for crimes they had committed during World War II.”

Stephen J. Gray
October 17, 2019.

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