Thursday, October 3, 2019

Say a Prayer for Canada

Say a prayer for Canada while you still can
Say a prayer for Canada, soon it might be banned
This once great country is having an electoral farce
Morals, ethics, and principles are now in a dirty morass

People are being killed if they sign a piece of paper
Some have not even signed, but are sent to meet their Maker
Killing has now been “legalized” by judges on the Bench
These appointed former lawyers are giving the “law” a stench

The politicians do their bidding and take orders from the unelected
The people vote for this charade to which “democracy” is subjected
The peoples’ tax dollars are used and abused by those in positions of power
And they will turn out to vote and place an X to support those that support slaughter

The preborn child is another victim that can be killed by abortion “choice”
Some have even survived this atrocity, but are left to die without a voice
The “law” is perverted and this crime is covered up and hidden
Exposing the truth of these heinous acts is definitely forbidden

There are many more examples of this land’s descent into depravity
But does anybody care about what is happening or the crimes against humanity?
Has the populace been brainwashed and subjected to government propaganda?
The only thing that can still be done is to: “Say a Prayer for Canada”

Stephen J. Gray
October 3, 2019.

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