Thursday, August 22, 2019

A “Right Honourable” Lawbreaker?

Is there a “right honourable” lawbreaker ruling a country?
He and his party pretend their ways and acts are “sunny”
Has the “rule of law” become the rule of the lawless?
Is a once great land now in the hands of the dishonest?

There is credible evidence that he, and some of his party
Conspired with a corporation to do work that was dirty
A helpful “clause” was inserted in the land’s budget
Was this criminal, and is this some kind of racket?

This corporation has been accused of bribery and corruption
Did a “leader” and his government make a bad decision?
His excuse is: he is trying to protect and save jobs
Does that mean criminality is acceptable at the top?

Imagine if a criminal went on a bank robbing spree
Then was arrested and put on trial, and no longer free
The bank robber’s excuse is: “He was trying to create jobs
So that more detectives would get hired, to fight the mob”

Of course the bank robber would be laughed out of court
For his ridiculous statement and stupid asinine retort
Is that a similar example of this person in power who “leads”?                       
Is this kind of B.S. about “jobs” a cover for criminal misdeeds?

Is corruption now “normal” in this once law abiding land?
Has “law and order” become a joke that is getting out of hand
Will justice finally prevail or will the land acquiesce to this “policy maker”?
“Safe in the hands” of a “Right Honourable” reported Lawbreaker

Stephen J. Gray
August 22, 2019.

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