Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 21st Century WAR CRIMES: Millions Dead, Millions of Refugees, Soldiers Dead and Maimed, Countries Destroyed, Children Contaminated, and the War Criminals are FREE.

Below are links to videos, where reputable people are speaking. These people are stating numerous wars were and are planned:
“General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years”

“France's Former Foreign Minister: UK Government Prepared War in Syria Two Years Before 2011 Protests”

Surely, it is war crimes to plan wars on countries that never invaded you? The fallout from these wars is horrendous. Hell upon earth has been and is being created. Yet, the monstrous crimes of the perpetrators are being covered up by most of the corporate monopoly media. Therefore, one has to ask, are the media complicit in these crimes against humanity? I believe, not only are most of the corporate media failing in their duty to expose this criminality, but the arms dealers are making massive blood soaked profits from these wars on the helpless human race. As are a number of former “world leaders” that are giving speeches, and reaping huge amounts of dollars talking about the carnage some of them helped create. I believe what we are seeing is institutionalized evil and ordinary people everywhere are the victims. Many pay for it all with their taxes, and others, like the soldiers and civilians pay with their lives. It is almost impossible to put into words, to describe, the evil filth that is in control and using its power to impose these heinous crimes on countries that never invaded us. Therefore, one has to ask, are we in the hands of monsters who are, “The Embodiment of Evil?”

This evil, as the saying goes, is getting away with murder. The so-called, “rule of law” does not apply to these villains of vice. Instead they parade on the “world stage” a degenerate bunch of criminals doing their “part” in destroying, decimating, bombing, blitzing and blasting humanity, and they call this “saving people from terrorists.” While some of them are funding, arming and training these same terrorists, they are supposed to be fighting. Could they be called fiends from hell?

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
William Shakespeare

Based on the evidence that abounds, ‘the devils are here’ and in positions of power and they appear to be above the law. Corruption seems to have become acceptable and is blatantly obvious. Yet, nothing is done, because the powerful run this system called “democracy.” Even though as I stated earlier there is evidence that all these wars are plotted and planned. Which goes to show this “respectable” evil is here in its totality and “Out there” as well.

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

Stephen J. Gray
October 29, 2015.

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[Pictures of Children contaminated in Iraq with depleted uranium]

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Out There...

There are war criminals living in luxury. They planned a number of wars to facilitate regime change in a number of countries. Some of them are, and others were, “leaders” in their so-called “democratic” countries. Those who have left politics are hailed as “eminent persons” and “statesmen.” Some even get thanked for their “service.” Those still in power continue to participate in the “war games” around the world and they can be seen on the world stage spreading their B.S. and lies. When, instead they should be arrested for the wars against humanity they plotted and planned. I believe, these bloody villains are,” The Embodiment of Evil.”

These evil monsters are responsible for the massive destruction and horrible deaths in a number of countries. Cities have been reduced to rubble and countries have been contaminated by depleted uranium. Hellfire missiles and cluster bombs have slaughtered civilians, children and whole families, all done under the name of “bringing democracy” and a “responsibility to protect.” These demons of depravity are a curse on the human race and are hailed as “heroes” in the fight against terrorism, when in fact they created, funded and trained some of these terrorists they are supposed to be fighting. This could be called: “The War Business, Its Victims and Its Bloody Criminals.”

“Look at the massive refugee crisis in Europe. It is a direct consequence of the U.S. military death machine’s interventionist antics in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan.” - Jacob G. Hornberger, October 2, 2015.

These bloody war criminals are responsible for the misery of millions of helpless and homeless refugees. These men women and children, some of whom have died. Others are drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to reach a peaceful land. Those who have made it to “peaceful” and “democratic” shores, have been tear-gassed, beaten and sprayed with chemicals, dogs set upon them and described as a “swarm” by a “leader” of a country that participated in these “regime change” wars.  Could this be described as: “Waging War on Countries Then on Refugees.”

The refugees are mostly described in the corporate media as “migrants.” The propaganda peddlers of the corporate establishment have yet to state in their propaganda sheets, that pass for “newspapers,” or their “TV News,” that these refugees are the result of the bombing campaigns and civil wars created by the dishonourable oops, I mean “honourable leaders” of the “democratic” western world and their disreputable, pardon me, I mean “reputable allies.” Still, one should not be surprised, that the corporate monopoly media have failed to expose the depredations committed by the establishment elites. They depend on them for advertising, and money gravitates towards money. Perhaps, this is why they continue to use the word “migrants” instead of refugees. Therefore I ask: “Is the Use of Words Disguising the Horrific Effects On People Displaced by War?”

“From the Western presstitute media you would never know that the millions fleeing into Europe are fleeing American and European bombs that have indiscriminately slaughtered and dislocated millions of Muslim peoples.”
Paul Craig Roberts, Prison Planet, October 24,2015.

Ordinary people everywhere are the victims of the maniacal monsters that are in power or those that have left power. These war gangsters are up to their armpits in the blood of humanity. Their Ministers of War, pardon me, I mean Ministers of Defence take part in conferences along with the carnage creating corporate arms dealers who profit from this ‘Industry of Death.’ Killing, bombing, maiming, and destroying, is the sick product sold as “fighting for freedom.” When in fact freedoms are being destroyed, democracy is in the hands of demons. And hell is being created on earth by satanic disciples of the devil. “Will Nobody Arrest these War Criminals? Or Are Gangsters in Control?”

I believe the answer is Yes, to the question asked above; based on the evidence available. We are in the hands of the depraved, the debauched, and the deranged. They run the system for their benefit. They profit from all these evils they plan and impose on society, that are marketed by their public relations “experts.” A cover of “competence” masks the atrocities and crimes that have been committed. Therefore, one has to ask: “Has the Rule of Law has become the Rule of Outlaws.”

If so, what will it take to free people from this cursed evil that is creating carnage around the world and bring justice to the oppressed? Or: “Will We Eventually Reap the Evil That Our ‘Leaders’ Sowed?” Out there...

Stephen J. Gray
October 25, 2015.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Corporate Owners Win Big Election Stakes Horse Race

Info for Non Racegoers. When two horses from the same stable run in the same race they sometimes have the numbers 1A and 1B on their saddle cloths.

The biggest horse race of the year was won by Glib-Lib a young horse running in its first big stakes race. Its pedigree was impeccable and it was bred from a past winner of the Election Stakes. Glib-Lib was heavily bet on by many punters, and though it was a slow starter, it eventually forged to the front for an easy win at the finish line. Its stable cloth number was 1B and it was cheered on to victory by its bettors and owners. The favourite, Con-Job owned by corporate owners had 1A on its stable cloth and had been expected to win. But it was nearly 10 years old and fast falling from grace in the minds of the bettors. Still, it did have its followers and many had supported and bet heavily on it too. The editorial tipsters at one corporate monopoly chain of newspapers tipped Con-Job to win. And another corporate owned newspaper tipped Con-Job also, but said it did not care for Con-Jobs jockey. Some wondered did this newspaper have a bizarre case of hoof and mouth, by supporting the horse but not the jockey.  The jockey of Con-Job had received some criticism from a previous follower who said, he did not have, any “moral authority” in the race and that he was betting on another horse and rider for a “change.”  Con-Job ran a mediocre race, and that had not been enough, to get it a win.  It had run out of steam in the home stretch and finally succumbed to Glib-Lib a younger horse that had more exuberance and speed. 

Still, the race was a great accomplishment for corporate stable owners and the trainers; Corporate Marketing Wins (CMW). The trainers of both horses should take a bow for their prowess. One must also give a word of praise to the jockeys of 1A and 1B, both rode well. Unfortunately, the jockey “leadership” in the saddle of 1A, Con –Job, was not up to snuff as the saying goes, and he faltered badly in his reading and timing of the race.  The jockey on 1B had this to say on dismounting from Glib-Lib: “It was real change that won this race and I hope to continue to win aboard Glib-Lib at the next opportunity.”

One must not forget or detract from the other runners in the Election Stakes. Third place finish went to Social Demo a perpetual runner in the Election Stakes. It had started off as favourite to win but eventually lagged behind because of a piece of cloth flying in the wind. This startled Social Demo and hampered its running ability, causing it to fall back, after being in contention. But, everybody had praise for the jockey of Social-Demo for his integrity in the race, despite his bad luck with the cloth incident.

Fourth place in the Election Stakes went to an old horse called Franki-Fone that had come out of retirement. It was ridden by an older jockey with much experience. Both the horse and the jockey performed admirably, but they could not match the power of the Corporate Stables or its second horse Con-Job, or the winner Glib-Lib.

Honourable mention goes to Green Thumb and the other runners who finished the race, but were not good enough to win, place or show in the Election Stakes.  They all tried hard and should be congratulated on their participation.

Some cynical people wondered if the race had really been a bit of a sham because the two horses, with different names, were in much the same ownership. Of course this was considered bad racing form to say this, and rightly so. This was a free country and anybody was entitled to own a horse. After all, this Election Stakes race was free enterprise and democracy running at its finest. The punters were happy and got to participate, and play the field, so what could be better than that? Still, one disgruntled racegoer was heard to say: “It’s all horse sh-t.” Another bad loser remarked, “Con-Job should be sent to the glue factory or the Knackers Yard, and Con-Job’s jockey should retire from racing immediately and go get a job on a corporate board, or become a stable boy.” Unfair comments like that showed it was just another day at the races, and that not everybody can be winners.

Stephen J. Gray
October 20, 2015.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Did Stephen Harper and His “allies” Create the Refugees?

“The Prime Minister’s Office directed Canadian immigration officials to stop processing one of the most vulnerable classes of Syrian refugees this spring and declared that all UN-referred refugees would require approval from the Prime Minister, a decision that halted a critical aspect of Canada’s response to a global crisis.” Joe Friesen, The Globe and Mail, October 8, 2015.

One could argue that Prime Minister Harper and his G7 “allies” are responsible for much of the refugee crisis. They were the movers and shakers in the NATO “illegal” bombing of Libya that helped out the terrorist rebels. Yet, the Canadian corporate monopoly media have not asked this question of Stephen Harper: “How do you feel, Mr. Harper that after you and your G7 buddies bombed and decimated Libya; that country is now in chaos? A civil war rages there and thousands of refugees are crossing the Mediterranean trying to get sanctuary, there are even reports that your NATO friends helped out al-Qaeda. Some even joked about it.”

“Some officers in the Canadian Forces tried to raise concerns early on in the war that removing Gadhafi would play into the hands of Islamic extremists, but military sources say those warnings went unheeded. Later, military members would privately joke about Canada’s CF-18s being part of ‘al-Qaida’s air force,’ since their bombing runs helped to pave the way for rebel groups aligned with the terrorist group....” David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen, March1, 2015.

Now we are bombing the terrorists in Iraq and Syria along with questionable “allies,” that are reportedly funding and arming these same terrorists. Is the modus operandi the same as the operation in Libya; “regime change”? And assisting the terrorists in Syria?

“The civil war in Syria has turned the country into a refugee-maker....
But it’s not just Syria that’s sending refugees. Many more come from Iraq and Afghanistan, two other countries shattered by bungled Western military interventions....Then there are the refugees from Libya. A country the media and political establishment would rather forget because it represents another disastrous military decision.... when NATO helped a coalition of ambitious rebels overthrow the Gaddafi government, the refugee floodgates opened.” Casey Research, October 8, 2015.

These helpless refugees are, I believe the result of illegal wars planned by powerful people.   
I have not seen the important information in the videos below in any of the corporate monopoly media. Are they complicit?
“General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years”
“France's Former Foreign Minister: UK Government Prepared War in Syria Two Years Before 2011 Protests”

The evidence in these videos spoken by credible persons raises very serious questions. Not only about the hundreds of thousands of refugees, but also about the slaughter, destruction and death, and countries decimated and destroyed in planned wars. Surely, these are war crimes and should be cause for present day Nuremberg trials to be convened?
“The Nuremberg trials were a series of trials held between 1945 and 1949 in which the Allies prosecuted German military leaders, political officials, industrialists, and financiers for crimes they had committed during World War II.”

“Look at the massive refugee crisis in Europe. It is a direct consequence of the U.S. military death machine’s interventionist antics in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan.” - Jacob G. Hornberger, October 2, 2015.

I believe based on the evidence available that some of our past and present day “leaders” should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. These thousands of refugees cry out for justice as does the families of the dead, maimed and dying in the countries destroyed by the planners of illegal wars. If nothing is done about these war crimes and the criminals are allowed to continue their illegal acts then the question must be asked: “Is ‘international gangsterism’ in control?”

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Stephen J. Gray
October 11, 2015.

Articles and quotes of interest at links below:
“IT has now been over three months since the first NATO bombs fell on Libya, yet President Obama has failed to request Congressional approval for military action, as required by the War Powers Act of 1973.” Bruce Ackerman, New York Times, June 20, 2011.

German politicians blame West for being main cause of refugee crisis
“Prior to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, there were no Iraqi and Afghan refugees trying to enter Europe in their thousands. Prior to the US-led war in Iraq, there was no ISIS. Prior to the NATO-led airstrikes, which subsequently helped remove Colonel Gaddafi, there was no mass movement of refugees from the shores of Libya....” Dilly Hussain, October 2, 2015.
“The Iraq-Syrian war is the cause of the European Union’s refugee crisis and it is going to get worse....” Patrick Cockburn, The Independent U.K. September 19, 2015

“Of course, as The New American has been reporting for years, and as numerous top Western officials have openly admitted, the U.S. government was directly involved in creating al-Qaeda. In Syria and in Libya, the Obama administration also provided direct aid to self-declared al-Qaeda leaders — some of whom were openly boasting of their terrorist credentials in the Western press as NATO provided air cover for them under a United Nations resolution.” - Alex Newman
The New American, September 24, 2015.
“Backing terrorists to help bring about regime change results in perpetual war and a staggering national debt.” Dennis J. Kucinich.
Former 16-year member of the U.S. Congress and two-time U.S. presidential candidate.
Huffington Post. Posted: 09/04/2014 6:58 pm EDT Updated: 11/04/2014 5:59 am EST
“It was the European response that caused this problem in the first place. The fanaticism of Sarkozy and Cameron to bomb Libya. They have completely destabilised Libya, to turn it into a country with much savagery, to turn it into a place where for Christians the place is now virtually impossible. We ought to be honest and say we have directly caused this problem” Nigel Farage quoted in The Telegraph, April 19, 2015, In an article by Matthew Holehouse.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Are Three Ethically and Morally Challenged “Leaders” Running For Election In Canada?

“There is something clearly wrong with Canadian politics when no leader dares to censure Saudi Arabia, let alone call for sanctions against it.” Tarek Fatah, Toronto Sun, September 29, 2015.

“‘As we combat ISIS,’ he asked Stephen Harper, ‘We must realize that its ideology was financed and promoted by Saudi Arabia, and we are sending billions worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. Would it not be sensible to say that's enough, we're stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia? Wouldn't that be logical, given our fight with ISIS?’” Gilles Duceppe quoted in a CBC News Article By Neil Macdonald, October 1, 2015.

Why is this Saudi “ally” not being sanctioned if it is reportedly funding the terrorists we are supposed to be fighting? Our so-called “leaders” here in Canada and other “world leaders” are grovelling at the dictatorial feet of this supposed “ally.” Therefore, the question that has to be asked is this: Is hypocrisy the forte of our “great leader” here in Canada and among the other world “leaders” too?

The Guardian U.K. had the headline, “To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia.” The article went on to state,
“Our allies are up to their necks in complicity with terrorism, but as long as there is money to be made and weapons to sell, our rulers’ lips will remain stubbornly sealed.” Owen Jones, the Guardian, U.K. August 31, 2014.

Is hypocrisy and callousness alive and well amongst the three Canadian political “leaders” that are hoping to become Prime Minister of Canada?  On the bloodthirsty slaughter of innocent children in Gaza, and the bombing of schools and hospitals, their silence on these atrocities was abominable. Which raises the question, Do we have three political monsters in Canada?

“Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and, to a lesser extent, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair have fallen in line with Stephen Harper’s support of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. None questions the Israeli killing and maiming of hundreds of civilians, including women and children.” Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star, July 26, 2014. The Star article went on to say,
“A Montreal-based group, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, says the three mainstream federal parties have “betrayed Canadian values.” On Tuesday, about 1,000 people protested on Parliament Hill, denouncing Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair.” Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star, July 26, 2014.

Unfortunately, if the western “democracies” run true to form nobody in any of these “humanitarian” countries will be held to account for these “war crimes.” Are those “great paragons of virtue” amongst our political and world “leaders” known for their hypocrisy, cowardice and callous disregard for human life? Some of them even financed, supported and spied for the child killers in this Gaza slaughter they call a “war.”
While pretending they cared about the slaughter their “allies” carried out on children, schools, hospitals and civilians, they still gave aid to the perpetrators. Blood money extorted from taxpayers made taxpayers partners in this “crime against humanity.”

[Dead Children of Gaza at Link Below]

I believe not only is “humanity” lacking in this Canadian Election debate, but also morals and principles as well. Human life in Canada is considered disposable and subject to killing by “choice.”  Surely this qualifies as “barbaric cultural practices”? And even if these victims of choice survive the attacks on them, and are born alive, they are left to die. This infanticide is then covered up by those in power. Could we call this heinous atrocity, “The slaughter, the killings and the cover-up in Canada”?

"The Conservative government is not afraid to defend Canadian values," Kellie Leitch, conservative M.P. quoted in CBC News article, October 2, 2015.
"We need to stand up for our values" Chris Alexander conservative M.P. quoted in CBC news article, October 2, 2015

The most recent atrocities committed in Canada’s charnel houses were the 491 babies born alive after abortionists failed to kill them, but then were left to die….
The continuing loss of life in Canada’s charnel houses by abortion amounts to over 100,000 innocents slaughtered yearly. The dismembering and tearing apart of innocent lives is disguised under the banal slogan of “freedom of choice.” The word “choice” is parroted by most politicians of all political stripes, many of the so-called “investigative media” and others in society who hide behind this damnable and hellish word to justify the horrific killing of the defenseless. We are a country that is plumbing the depths of our own depravities. 491 innocent children cry out for justice. But justice is dead, murdered in Canada by those in positions of power and just like those dictatorships of China and North Korea, we have no law on abortion and the slaughter of the innocents continues in our land.

“Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.” Lord Acton

In Canada today, “Outstanding Service to Humanity” is the killing of pre-born innocents by abortion and also gets you the Order of Canada.  It is beyond my comprehension how anyone would now accept this award after it was awarded into the bloodstained hands of an abortionist. I believe the Order of Canada is now tainted and an object of dishonour. Meanwhile, if you try to act honourably and bring attention to the killing of the innocents by abortion by peacefully protesting, this gets you jail time. There is something terribly obscene in our society when wrong is aided, abetted and honoured by the elites and also by a frenzied media that dares to call decent people “criminals.”
Courageous conservative MP Maurice Vellacott had this to say:
‘It's a pretty upside down world when we honour abortionists like Henry Morgentaler for killing over 5,000 babies and imprison precious women, like Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons, who try to save babies from such savagery. They are the real heroes of humanity!’

Now Canada has graduated from killing its pre-born and the born, to advocating euthanasia, though it is called “death with dignity.”  The language is debased, mangled and twisted to make killing sound “respectable.” And most of the politicians along with the Supreme Court like to parrot the words, “Canadian values.”

“History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.” - Douglas MacArthur

The unanimous decision handed down by The Supreme Court of Canada that the government bring in a law “legalizing” assisted killing must surely make sensible people ask the question: Have these unelected judicial dictators gone quite mad? Sadly, this kind of lunacy seems to have affected the minds of much of the media, some of whom praised this obscene decision. Other scrum-bums sitting on a weekly panel on TV where they spread their weekly “wisdom,” thought it was a compassionate and fitting decision. And hey, “the polls” were in favour of it. Some others in the media even declared it a win for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. One wonders where in the Charter is “the right to die” declared “a right” when the Charter clearly declares a right to life.  Still, one must not question the “wisdom” of the media, or the “finest legal minds” on the court.

The not-withstanding clause was inserted in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a safeguard against judicial tyranny. Unfortunately politicians of all political stripes are terrified of using it. Therefore, I ask the question, Does Stephen Harper have the courage to use the not-withstanding clause to prevent assisted killing? So far he has not shown any fortitude to do so.

Stephen Harper was elected with high hopes for this country after the years of Liberal rule. Excuses for Harper were constantly made by his true believers, “that people must wait until he gets a majority.”

“I barely recognize ourselves, and worse I fear that we have morphed into what we once mocked.” Former Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber

Well, he got his majority and what has changed?  This is a man who along with a number of other “leaders” and MPs does not even want to discuss when human life begins. Are they terrified of the truth?

“I believe very strongly that in this world you have to have values…”  Stephen Harper

In conclusion, one should not be surprised that Stephen Harper and the two other “leaders” running to become Prime Minister of Canada are, I believe ethically and morally challenged. If they are afraid to take principled decisions regarding the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, the slaughter of innocent children in Gaza by a “moral army” and “ally,” and the killings of the tiny innocents here in Canada and stand by quietly as an abortionist receives the “Order of Canada,” then I believe our country has a serious ethics and morality problem. Therefore, I ask the question, no matter who becomes Prime Minister: Do we have three political dictators in Canada?

“Without ethics, a human race falls to inhumanity. Ethics determines your real value in this world and the hereafter.” – Nazim Ambalath
Stephen J. Gray
October 4, 2015.

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