Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Tax Slaves

The Tax Slaves

Slave: “a person entirely under the domination of some influence…” [1]

In the middle ages the ordinary people were called serfs and literally taxed unto death. The rulers of the serfs were kings and queens and the nobility class who ruled over various fiefdoms.

Now fast forward to the present day where we have a political class ruling over us. They may not have the title king or queen or be of the nobility class, though some believe they are political nobles, but they impose taxes upon us and their titles are “right honorable” and “honorable. The only changes from the days of old are that our “rulers” no longer ride horses or live in castles or wear strange attire. Instead, they wear suits and dresses and some have chauffeur driven limousines and they rule from what have become, “Houses of ill Repute.” From these houses they levy crippling taxes upon the modern day tax slaves who gave them power.

This power is achieved not by the brute force of olden days, but by the political force of unbridled power. The political powers promise the tax slaves some of their own money back if they vote for them in an “election.” Then, after being elected, they proceed to punish the people by imposing upon them more taxes.

The ruling class, appetite for taxes is voracious. One tax imposed by them is the “Goods
and Services Tax” (GST) whose more realistic name should be the Gouging for Services
Tax (GST). This tax was imposed by one government and another government promised to get rid of it, if elected. They did get elected, but guess what, they kept the gouging tax. So much for political honesty! But hey, can the people expect any honesty from tax addicted politicians?

Another tax imposed by some of the political barons is the “Provincial Sales Tax” (PST).
A more apt name for this tax would be Punish the Slaves Tax (PST). And now, the political parasites have dreamed up another tax, called the “Harmonized Sales Tax” (HST), where just about everything purchased will be subject to this tax. The
real name of this tax is Hammer the Slaves Tax (HST) and the peoples’ resources are being sucked dry by these political parasites who literally feed off the peoples’ taxes.

Taxes have become the weapon by which the people are being hammered into submission. We live in an age of political bondage where the people are prisoners of an out of control tax system. This system is lorded over by political charlatans who have become tax tyrants, just like the rulers of olden days, and thus, the people are prisoners of a structure imposed by politicians that has turned them into tax slaves.

Stephen J. Gray
September 15, 2009.


[1] http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/slave

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Politicians Don’t Lie: Do they?

There are those who say politicians lie; surely this is not true? After all, they do boast the title of “right honorable” and “honorable.” And surely anyone who bears the title, “right honorable” and “honorable” would not lie? Here in B.C. there is a public outcry over the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), which will be brought in by the Campbell government in July 2010.The Province newspaper of July 28, 2009 said, “The [Campbell] Liberals provided written statements during the spring campaign to restaurant owners and home builders that they had ‘no plans’ to implement the controversial HST.”

Yet, Scampbell, oops, pardon me, I mean Campbell and his government after being re- elected, plan to bring in the HST. Some cynical people are calling this about face lying, but hey, “honorable” politicians do not lie, do they? In fact Campbell’s finance minister said this about the HST, "It was not on our radar before the election," (The Province, July 30, 2009.)

So there you have it, it just appeared on their “radar” after the election. Which raises the question, do they have faulty radar? Was there a malfunction of their equipment? Or is this just an excuse for stiffing the people with another tax? Still, politicians are “honorable” people, are they not, and they would not cheat or lie to the people, would they?

The politicians will be reaping a tax bonanza from this Hammer the Suckers Tax (HST). Just about every dollar people spend will be hammered with this tax. Some might call it political robbery by deceitful politicians, but hey, politicians are called “right honorable“ and “honorable,” therefore political banditry and deceiving the taxpayers are surely wrong words to use? After all, these are “honorable” members of the political class, and what really happened was a malfunction of their “radar.”

And talking about faulty “radar,” Premier Scampbell, oops, I mean Campbell, and his finance minister, appear to have miscalculated the deficit. The Vancouver Province of September 2, 2009 said, “Finance Minister Colin Hansen admitted Tuesday the 2009/10 Budget deficit will be $2.8 billion — five times greater than the $495-million projection in February that Premier Gordon Campbell claimed was a ‘maximum’ deficit during the May election campaign.”

Hey, an election campaign is all about good news. Hammer the Suckers Tax (HST) was not on the “radar” during the election and the deficit was only going to be a projected “$495-million.” Now it will be “$2.8billion.” Not to worry, Hammer the Suckers Tax (HST) will be a goldmine for Scampbell’s oops, I mean Campbell’s government. And during the next election, four years down the road, they will be boasting once again about how they managed your tax dollars. I wonder then if the people will realize at this time how much of their hard earned money was confiscated by these “right honorable” and “honorable” politicians and re-elect them one more time. After all, politicians don’t lie…do they?

Stephen. J. Gray
September 9, 2009.