Saturday, February 23, 2013

The International Community of Gangsters

You can see them preening and posturing on the world stage, impeccably dressed. Feted and acclaimed by some of their partners in crimes,’ and lauded as “statesmen” and “eminent persons.” They give speeches at thousands of dollars a speech to some of those who have profited from their decisions. Some of them even write books on their roles in corrupting the world, only they don’t use the word corrupting. They use words like “bringing democracy” and “responsibility to protect.” I believe it is the people everywhere who need protection from these international gangsters who start wars based on lies and cause death and destruction world wide. These are the “respectable” war criminals to big to jail, too big too prosecute and too powerful to arrest because they run and control the system called “democracy.”

Now “democracy” has become a dirty and obscene word used to camouflage the carnage created by these vultures of villainy. They supply dictators and despots around the world with missiles, weapons, bombs and tear gas to use against their own people. Then, they -- when it suits them-- will help unseat a dictator and help put another one in his place. Or instead, cause a civil war. They have been known to finance both sides in wars which could be called the “ethics of gangsterism.” Some have even been known to get a prize for peace which surely is an indictment of how rotten, corrupt and depraved the system has become.

They kill children using drones, sometimes they apologize for their “mistakes” other times they don’t. They call killing children “collateral damage” after all, that sounds better than burning them alive or decapitating them with a hellfire missile. They destroy homes, cities, and infrastructure then get contracts to rebuild the devastation they created. They send young men and women to die and fight under the banner of “war on terror.” Some of these soldiers are terribly maimed. Families lose their loved ones and bloodstained profits are made by the gangsters in expensive suits who never fight. Instead they are the deceitful planners of all the mayhem and misery. For them war is a profitable “business.” The only ones who do not profit are the soldiers, the families and the victims.

Which raises the question: Should these international gangsters be allowed to make their bloodstained profits off the dead, dying and decapitated? Surely, if we truly had a functioning justice system these international gangsters would be put on trial? Alas, that cannot be done unless there is a change of attitude by the ordinary people who are in the majority everywhere. Perhaps the time will come when ordinary people will refuse to take orders from these gangsters and put them all in a jail cell where they belong. Meantime, this international community of gangsters’ are running amok.

Stephen J. Gray
February 23, 2013.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is this More Hypocrisy from the Harper Government?

“The Office [of Religious Freedom] will be an important vehicle through which Canada can advance fundamental Canadian values including freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law worldwide,” said a background document released by the government. [1]
If only the nice sounding words from the Harper government were true, life would be wonderful and “fundamental Canadian values” would be a shining light here in Canada. Unfortunately freedom and free speech here in Canada has been under attack by the Harper Government and the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC)

“The Attorney General of Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and B'nai Brith Canada will be intervening in the Lemire case in support of Section 13, arguing that it is a reasonable restriction on freedom of speech” (Canadian Constitution Foundation Letter of April 28, 2008. [2]

There are also other people and organizations that have been under attack in Harper’s Canada by Human Rights Commissions (HRCs) Here are some examples: Chris Kempling, Scott Brockie, Knights of Columbus, Stephen Boissoin, Bishop Henry and others. Catholic Insight magazine, the Christian Heritage Party, Free Dominion, and MacLean’s magazine have also been under the guns of the Human Rights Commissions (HRCs.) Nobody is safe in Canada from these appointed interrogators of totalitarian bent. But hey, we are getting an Office of Religious Freedom even as free speech in Canada is under attack. Go figure that one out. And we are told Canadian values include freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Yeah sure!

The government “document” also mentions “democracy” and “human rights.” Ah, if only that were true in Harper’s Canada. This is a government that prorogues Parliament. Has passed omnibus bills with little debate and announces changes to old age security in Davos [7] to a gathering of the world’s elite before discussing it in the Canadian parliament. Still this is “democracy” in Harperland!

But hey, Harper believes in “human rights.” Provided they don’t include the pre-born child in the Mother’s womb. Then he doesn’t want to discuss when human life begins or even pass a law to protect innocent human life. [3] [4] [5]

Canada has no law on abortion which puts it in company with North Korea and China. And of course Mr. Harper has formed a “strategic partnership” with China. [6] Which makes a mockery of,  “Canadian values including freedom, democracy, [and] human rights…”

“The fact is, that in the two decades since visits were resumed after the Tiananmen massacre, China’s respect for human rights has diminished, and the situation is worsening by the day, with arbitrary arrests, disappearances, draconian sentences for expressing the slightest criticism, and lethal fire on demonstrators in Tibetan areas.” Patrick Brown, Global National. [6]

In closing one has to say that Harper’s Office of Religious Freedom sounds too good to be true based on the evidence of happenings here in Canada and Canada’s association with a Communist dictatorship. Still, I suppose there are some “true believers” out there who will accept the nice sounding words in the government document.  After all, if it sounds nice it must be true! And you know you can trust the government!

“…voters are never supposed to give absolute trust to anybody,…”  Stephen Harper quoted in the Globe and Mail of April 24, 2011.

Stephen J. Gray
February 20, 2013.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The True State of the Union

We heard lots of uplifting words about the state of the union, and there was a number of standing ovations and applause to the state of the union speech. Here are some examples of what might be called the true state of the union. The sources are listed in the endnotes below.

[People on Food Stamps:]
“Since taking office in 2009, food stamp rolls under President Barack Obama have risen to more than 47 million people in America, exceeding the population of Spain.” [1]

[Taxpayers Pay for Bailouts:]
This is reported about the Troubled Asset Relief Program(TARP)
“The reality is that bailed out firms essentially wrote off their losses on their taxes. As of Dec. 30, TARP was still owed $67.3 billion, including $27 billion in realized losses — that is, that money is gone and is never coming back.” [2]

[The “right to kill?”]
“Let that sink in. The President of the United States of America believes he has the absolute right to kill you based upon secret “evidence” that you might be a terrorist. Not only does he think he can kill you, but he believes he has the right to do so in secret, without formally charging you of any crime and providing you with an opportunity to defend yourself in a court of law. To top it all off, the memo asserts that these decisions about whom to kill are not subject to any judicial review whatsoever. This is what one would call Mafia-style justice, when one powerful overlord—in this case, the president—gets to decide whether you live or die based solely on his own peculiar understanding of right and wrong.” [3]

[The Suffering of Soldiers:]
“Last year more US troops died by suicide than died in combat in Afghanistan. More than 20 percent of military personnel deployed to combat will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some 32 percent of US soldiers reported depression after deployments. More than 20 percent of active-duty military are on potentially dangerous psychotropic drugs; many are on multiple types. Violent crime among active duty military members increased 31 percent between 2006-2011.” [4]

[China “buying up” America?]
“What in the world is China up to?  Over the past several years, the Chinese government and large Chinese corporations (which are often at least partially owned by the government) have been systematically buying up businesses, homes, farmland, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources all over America. “ [5]

[G.M. Invests in COMMUNIST China:]
“General Motors is becoming China Motors”
Watch and listen toYou Tube video [6]

“Nationwide, about 900,000 veterans and their families have been waiting about nine months for a decision on their claims, ...” [7]

[The Killing of Children:]
“That political party has dedicated itself to making certain killing legal. The Democrats have continually celebrated the abominable decision of the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade, issued 40 years ago this week. They have championed abortion for the past 40 years. They have assaulted the greatest and most fundamental of human rights: the right to live. In doing so, they have succeeded in causing the government to permit the killing of more than 50 million American babies in their mothers' wombs in the past 40 years – for the sake of convenience and sexual activity without consequence, in a manner that is antiseptic and lawful. And no one hears the babies' cries of pain or anguish.
The president himself has more directly killed about 176 children in Pakistan by the use of CIA drones. These drones have been dispatched by him alone – not pursuant to any congressional declaration of war. At least two of these murdered children were Americans. But since the cameras were kept away, since all of this takes place 10,000 miles from America, and since the survivors are legally and politically helpless, no one here hears the Pakistani children's cries of pain and anguish....” [8]

[Drug Money Laundered:]
“LAST month, HSBC admitted in court pleadings that it had allowed big Mexican and Colombian drug cartels to launder at least $881 million. The bank also admitted to using various schemes to move hundreds of millions of dollars to nations subject to trade sanctions, including Iran, Cuba and Sudan, in violation of the Trading With the Enemy Act. “On at least one occasion,” according to a statement by Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, “HSBC instructed a bank in Iran on how to format payment messages so that the transactions would not be blocked or rejected by the United States.” [9]

 “What is going on in America” Dennis Kucinich
Listen and watch the video [10]

Stephen J. Gray
February 13, 2013.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Who Are We…?

We are the financial criminals “to big to fail”
We run the system: You can’t put us in jail
We are the food speculators in the commodities of nations
We make huge profits off hunger and starvation

We are the war makers and corporate warriors who never fight
We let others battle and die, while we hide out of sight
We are the profiteers and politicians of bloody death and destruction
We send your sons and daughters to war and give them instructions

We are the corporate cannibals of capitalism and communism
We are all in bed together in a money making heaven
We are the “market makers” and “free enterprise” entrepreneurs
We get bailed out by taxpayers, and some cynics call us bloodsucking whores

We are the leaders of the “international community”
We have been called war criminals, but we have immunity
We sell weapons to dictators, despots and to both sides in wars
We have no morals, ethics, decency or principles. But hey we profit off the gore

We kill children with drones and missiles in poor countries
We are the armchair assassins who press the deadly buttons
We work 9 to 5 in comfortable computer surroundings
We watch the killings and peoples homes taking a pounding

We are the elites who rule over and tax the obedient Serfs
We are the “eminent and honorable persons” who create hell on earth
We are the financial elite who control the money system
We are the ones who consort with dictators and bloody communism
Now you know who we are and what we really do
Does this information make you happy, or perhaps you already knew?
Anyway have a nice and pleasant day, while you are still “free”
Because the time is coming when you will ask: What happened and who are we?

Stephen J. Gray
February 8,2012.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Canada’s Charnel Houses

“A scene or place of great physical suffering and loss of life:…”

The most recent atrocities committed in Canada’s charnel houses were the 491 babies born alive after abortions failed to kill them but then were left to die. Three courageous conservative MPs wrote a letter to the head of the RCMP which stated: “Dear Commissioner Paulson,
Recent public reports have revealed the possibility of numerous breaches of the Criminal Code - to be specific, homicides - in Canada which need to be investigated. These killings appear to have started out as attempted abortions, but the babies were born alive.” The letter went on to say: "From 2000 to 2009 in Canada, there were 491 abortions, of 20 weeks gestation and greater, that resulted in live births….” [1]
This letter was sent to the media, who made no mention of the 491 murders. This is the same media that ignored the story “for over three months.”
Lifesite News journalist Patrick B. Craine had a story headlined “Canadian Press should win the award for worst pro-abortion reporting ever” He went on to say:

“Last week, three Canadian MPs called on the RCMP, the country’s federal police, to investigate data released by Statistics Canada showing that 491 babies had been left to die after they were born alive following failed abortions. The existence of this data was revealed by a pro-life blogger in October, confirmed with StatsCan by LifeSiteNews in November, and ignored by the big media outlets for over three months.” [2]

Most of the media in this country, I believe, really are disgusting and a disgrace to investigative journalism. First they twist the MPs letter and omit the 491 murders committed on these tiny innocent babies who were born alive after the failed killings by abortionists. Which makes one wonder, if they will do this with the MPs letter: What other news are they manipulating as well?

But hey, it is not only the media who are running from this story. PM Stephen Harper had this to say when asked about the MPs letter.

“‘I think all members of this House, whether they agree with it or not, understand that abortion is legal in Canada and this government, myself included, have made it very clear that the government does not intend to change the law in this regard,’ he said during question period Thursday”. [3]

491 innocents are born alive then left to die and our “right honorable” prime minister does not intend to change the law” how sick is that? Still, he is not the only one who will not speak out against these 491 murders. The silence of other Conservatives, Liberal and NDP MPs on these atrocities is an obscenity and brings shame upon parliament and shows great disrespect for human life.

The continuing loss of life in Canada’s charnel houses of abortion amounts to over 100,000 innocents slaughtered yearly. The dismembering and tearing apart of innocent lives is disguised under the banal slogan of “freedom of choice.” The word “choice” is parroted by most politicians of all political stripes, many of the so-called “investigative media” and others in society who hide behind this damnable and hellish word to justify the horrific killing of the defenseless. We are a country that is plumbing the depths of our own depravities. 491 innocent children cry out for justice. But justice is dead, murdered in Canada by those in positions of power and just like those dictatorships of China and North Korea we have no law on abortion and the slaughter of the innocent continues.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
William Shakespeare

Stephen J. Gray
February 1, 2013.


Copy below of MPs Letter to RCMP


Maurice Vellacott, MP

January 23, 2013

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson
RCMP National Headquarters
Headquarters Building
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2

Dear Commissioner Paulson,

Recent public reports have revealed the possibility of numerous breaches of the Criminal Code - to be specific, homicides - in Canada which need to be investigated.

These killings appear to have started out as attempted abortions, but the babies were born alive. At the blog, Run With Life, you will learn: "From 2000 to 2009 in Canada, there were 491 abortions, of 20 weeks gestation and greater, that resulted in live births. This means that the aborted child died after it was born. These abortions are coded as P96.4 or 'Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborn'" (

The data used to discover the existence of these possible murders is from Statistics Canada, CANSIM Table 102-0536, "Deaths by Cause, Chapter XVI, Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period" (

According to the Criminal Code, a child is considered to be a human being and a person after proceeding fully from the mother's womb, therefore, based on Section 223(2) of the Criminal Code, there should be 491 homicide investigations or prosecutions in connection with these deaths.

As you would know, Section 223(2) of the Criminal Code reads, "A person commits homicide when he causes injury to a child before or during its birth as a result of which the child dies after becoming a human being." That is to say, anyone who interferes with a pregnancy such that the child dies after it is born alive due to that interference is guilty of homicide.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has also reported 119 live birth abortions for the year 2010/2011 (, which is an extremely troubling increase from previous years.
This increase indicates that the killing of Canadian children may continue to grow if these apparent crimes are not investigated, and the perpetrators prosecuted.

These incidents appear to be homicides. Therefore a thorough police investigation is required, and I am formally requesting you to pursue that. I can make several experts on this matter available to you in the course of your investigation, should you so desire.

These incidents that need investigating took place across Canada, making this a national investigation. Furthermore, in many of Canada's province's, the RCMP is the provincial police force. It, therefore, is the best police force in Canada to exercise the leadership necessary to investigate these serious charges.

I look forward to your expeditious confirmation that you have commenced an investigation.

Yours sincerely,

Maurice Vellacott,                              Leon Benoit,
Member of Parliament,                   Member of Parliament,
Saskatoon-Wanuskwein                    Vegreville-Wainwright

Wladyslaw Lizon,
Member of Parliament,
Mississauga East-Cooksville