Sunday, April 26, 2015

Will We Eventually Reap the Evil That Our “Leaders” Sowed?

“Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” Jesus quoted in Matthew 26:52

Today instead of swords, people are perishing from hellfire missiles, bombs, depleted uranium, napalm and all the other grisly weapons used by our “caring and compassionate leaders.” They are sowing death and destruction around the world and in numerous countries. People in these countries, even if their countries were not perfect, still had homes and many were still alive. Then the “liberators” arrived in some of these countries. Countries who never invaded us, are, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, the list goes on. The dead are in the millions as are the millions of refugees, some living in camps. Other refugees are drowning, or running and wandering, trying to escape the relentless wars and bombings from the skies perpetrated by “our leaders” bringing “democracy.” The well dressed war criminals,[1]that rule over us, never fight in any of these wars.  This role is left to the uniformed troops who blindly obey orders to kill, destroy and maim, which the corporate marketers of mayhem describe as, “protecting our values.” Meanwhile, massive profits are made from all this bloody carnage and killing by  corporate reptiles dressed in suits. These animals operate from luxury office towers where they rub their hands in glee as another order for more missiles, or other death dealing devices comes in. Or count their bloody gains as their stocks in the weapons industry increase in bloodstained value.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower

The war business [2] is booming and thousands are dying as our crazed rulers hide behind the words, “our brave troops.” Sadly, if the troops were really brave and questioning, I believe they would refuse to serve or obey the orders of these sick psychopaths that are destroying human lives.  These are the same sick reprobates in positions of power who use the words, “our thoughts and prayers” are with you, while at the same time they are partners in mass bombing [3] campaigns in coalitions [3a] of evil. Some of their “allies” are dictators who are the biggest be-headers of people in the world, and to whom they sell weapons. No “thoughts and prayers” are offered for the innocent victims slaughtered, killed and bombed by the assassins in the sky. [4] Death is rained down with laser guided missiles that plump little Ministers of War are so proud of. Pardon me I mean “Ministers of Defence.” But hey, sometimes they apologize for their deadly “mistakes” of killing the innocent with wayward missiles.

One wonders if the people everywhere will realize that they are in the hands of the scumbags of the earth! [5] There is no doubt that old saying, “what goes around comes around,” could happen to us. (I sincerely hope not) Do we really think we are safe when our tax dollars are used to kill, destroy and maim people around the world? Do we really think these people who have had their children slaughtered and their homes destroyed by “humanitarian bombings” are going to say, “thank you for killing our children and bringing us democracy?”   Do we really believe that we are safe with this type of “leadership” in power? If they have no qualms about bombing other countries, could they one day use these same tactics on us?  We already see our freedoms being suppressed and limited. Will our “leaders” one day “order” their armies funded with our tax dollars to attack us? And call us “terrorists” for objecting to their evil depredations, or their modus operandi of evil, [6] which they try to sell as “good.”

“Woe to those who call evil good”-  Isaiah 5:20

Stephen J. Gray
April 26, 2015.


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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Victims of Well Dressed War Criminals

‘They are men and women like us – our brothers seeking a better life, starving, persecuted, wounded, exploited, victims of war,...’ Pope Francis, quoted in The Guardian, U.K. April 19, 2015. Regarding Libyan refugees or migrants.

The war criminals who bombed and decimated Libya [1] continue to see the results of their ungodly atrocities. Thousands of people are drowning and dying in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to flee from the civil war that was caused by the so-called “Friends of Libya.” [2] These “friends” are the arrogant well dressed war criminals now performing and parading on the world stage. These criminals parrot the words “freedom, rule of law, democracy and human rights.” While at the same time bombing countries back to the stone age. Libya is just one example, where the brainwashed “good guys” (just following orders) bombers joked they were part of ‘al-Qaida’s air force.’[3] After all, who would refuse an order even if it was helping out the enemy? One would have thought helping the enemy is treasonous!  This is the same enemy that killed soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Still, they had “respectable allies” in supporting these jihadi terrorists in Libya.

“Elements of al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups were known to be key players in the NATO-backed uprising in Libya from the beginning, but now it appears that prominent Jihadists and terrorists are practically leading the revolution with Western support.”[3]

One dangerous warmongering buffoon even had a “fly past” to celebrate this “victory” in Libya where they assisted ‘al-Qaeda.’ Now those who are responsible for all this murder, mayhem, bombings, destruction and drownings’ and who helped out the jihadis have washed their hands of this war crime. They are the Pontius Pilates of the “modern day world” spouting platitudes like “responsibility to protect” and “bringing democracy” and are now part of a coalition that is imposing “regime change” in numerous countries and a coup in Ukraine.

“And there is evidence that shows the coup and regime change in Ukraine was planned and orchestrated by some in the G20.  Much of the corporate controlled media have ignored this evidence.”

The monopoly corporate media have mostly become propaganda peddlers for the war criminals.  One editorial even described perpetrators of mass bombings from the sky in Libya as “brave.” And said: “the true heroes are the Libyan rebels themselves” Still B.S. from the “war correspondents” at this “newspaper” is their forte and to be expected from these pushers of propaganda.

“The effective propagandist must be a master of the art of speech, of writing, of journalism, of the poster and of the leaflet. He must have the gift to use the major methods of influencing public opinion such as the press, film and radio to serve his ideas and goals, above all in an age of advancing technology.” - Joseph Goebbles

“If the corporate controlled monopoly media were really “searching for truth” they would expose the atrocities of these war criminals in power. But, that is not likely to happen. Big Money profits from all this war business.”

And Big Money advertises in the corporate media. And the war criminals are being marketed world wide as “saving the people from terrorists” when in fact, they themselves are the “respectable terrorists” of this world. And have in fact created, funded and trained these terrorist monsters that they pretend to be fighting. [4] Will nobody arrest them and free this world from this coalition of war criminals [5] whose rule is bringing death and destruction to millions of innocent people? Meanwhile, as I wrote earlier, people trying to escape from Libya are drowning and dying in the Mediterranean, victims of the well dressed criminals who rule over us.

Stephen J. Gray
April 20, 2015.


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