Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Money Promoter

Mr. Avaricious Greed, the chief executive of Money Promotions Inc., was taking some of his clients around his office. His financial clients were looking for new products to sell within the monopoly money system.

“I have two great products for you today,” said Mr. Greed. “These two great products were touted as investments in sub-prime mortgages. But sub-primes have turned into a financial debacle. But, I believe they still have value.

“The first one is Asset Backed Commercial Paper (ABCPs). It is, or was, all the rage at one time, but it still has value, even though its value has diminished (or to put it bluntly: tanked). It is still a good buy and of course the “assets” are fully backed with the great unwashed, oops, I mean taxpayers’ dollars. I recommend ABCPs highly and though there have been a lot of losses, profits have also been made. In fact, one financial promotion oops I mean institution made billions in profits selling this ‘investment.’ as a ‘good deal’ while selling itself out of it at the same time. That was good market planning at work! Eh! Well done, I say. Where there is greed there is money, and money can be made out of manure if it is packaged properly. Of course there were massive losses in ABCPs but the financial system will always be stable as long as there are governments out there with taxpayers’ monies to bear the burden of our financial losses in these great ‘assets.’ This is the fall back strategy of the ‘free markets,’ government bailouts. Now on to 'our next great investment vehicle.

“Here we have Structured Investment Vehicles (SIVs). These are vehicles that do not need to be gassed up, just lots of promotional gas. Just kidding, of course. This is a fine product dreamed up by the finest financial minds in the marketplace of ideas. They are monied vehicles—without tires, that’s just a silly joke of course [much laughter ensues]—which borrow in low value paper currencies and then lend out in higher value paper currencies, the profit can be made in the spread, it’s a sort of paper-chase. Some buy, some sell, just like playing monopoly and of course there are bankers involved so it has great respectability. There have been massive losses in SIVs, but never fear they are still safe. In fact, it has been reported that a ‘bailout fund’ was proposed of billions and this would be known as the ‘Super SIV’ or ‘Master Liquidity Enhancement Conduit’ (MLEC). So you see, if these ‘investment’ vehicles are properly named, there will still be an incentive to buy. I mean, you would not call any of these funds names like, ‘Fantastic Resources Accumulated Under Debt,’ or FRAUD for short. They just would not sell. So remember, it’s all in the packaging and promotion. And as I said earlier, should you lose out on this one, governments will use the working stiffs, oops, I mean the taxpayers’ funds, to bail you all out. This, as I said earlier, is the wonder of ‘market competition.’

“I have showed you today our two biggest money spinners. Billions have changed hands over ABCPs and SIVs so you can see these are money makers and money takers. You have to be a ‘risk taker’ to make money. Just look at many of the CEOs who were involved in ABCPs and SIVs, they got severance packages in the millions even though their paper ‘losses’ were in the billions. What promoter could beat that, I ask you? But all power to the CEOs, they are ahead of the game and still in the money. Therefore, all is not lost, and it has been reported that: ‘The Federal Reserve, in concert with the European Central Bank and the central banks of Canada, the U.K and Switzerland, in December put in place a number of extraordinary measures to make sure that the financial markets had sufficient funding’ [emphasis added].

“This looks like a buy signal to me for the commercial paper market, so how can one lose? Get in there and buy, buy, buy. Government money is a boon to any promoter. I guess what I am trying to tell you, or sell you, is this: load up on these ABCPs and SIVs, just keep shuffling that paper out there, keep passing the buck as the saying goes. For the buck does not stop here. It only stops at the door of the taxpaying public who will pick up the tab for keeping the ‘financial markets’ working. But, that’s what governments are for isn’t it?”

Stephen J. Gray
January 7, 2008.

Monday, March 23, 2009

An Ecstatic Money Man and a “Bad Bank”

An emergency meeting has been called by a powerful money man to break the good news to his cohorts about more financial help from taxpayers. The meeting opens:

“Thank you all for coming at this short notice. I have great financial news. This news is even better than all the billions or trillions we have received in bailout money of taxpayers' dollars. It has been reported that the government will create a new financial entity with taxpayers' dollars called a 'bad bank.' This bank will buy up all the rotten, lousy, useless paper we called 'derivatives' that we have on our books, so make sure you get rid of all your crap, oops, I mean 'troubled assets.' This means the taxpayers are going to bat for us once again; so take advantage of it. Even though some of us made massive profits and received huge fees for selling these 'derivatives' all over the place, the taxpayers are now going to be owners of the 'bad bank.' Whoever thought that name up is surely right on the money. No pun intended, of course. [Much laughter ensues] And, the way things are going nowadays, perhaps a Nobel Prize for Economics could be in the offing for the inventor of the "bad bank" terminology? But hey, it’s all in the packaging as we all know."

[Some applause takes place and there is more laughter as someone says: “Thank goodness there is a financial Tooth Fairy out there.”]

“Anyway, that’s how we sold all this financial garbage in the first place. We used names like 'super investment vehicles' and 'collaterized debt obligations' and they surely sounded good, even though they turned out to be crap. And this is the type of crap, oops, I mean assets, the taxpayers are now paying for. But hey, where would the taxpayers be without us? After all, we will still be lending them money from their own money and charging them a fee for the service. Now isn’t that good business? But I digress.

“To put the ‘bad bank’ terminology in perspective, here is how I understand it will work. Some of us who have been bailed out by billions or trillions of taxpayers' dollars will now be able to sell our rotten, useless, lousy paper, that nobody in their right mind will buy, to this ‘bad bank.’ This ‘bad bank’ will then give us taxpayers' dollars for our lousy, useless paper. The ‘bad bank’ will then ask investors to sell this rotten, lousy, useless paper called 'derivatives,' and they will receive big fees for doing so. The government will lend these 'investors' huge amounts of taxpayers' monies to buy this toxic garbage, oops I mean ‘ troubled assets.’ The government will also hire some financial firms to facilitate this movement of crap, oops I mean ’troubled assets.’ Some cynical people are saying this crap, oops, I mean assets, is financial toilet paper and should be flushed away. But at least we are flush again thanks to the taxpayers--and it was all done within the free market system. It's a great example of ‘public, private partnerships,’ I would say, and a victory for free market forces everywhere.

“Still, there is some negativity out there and much criticism of us. But we must not stoop to the level of our critics; we must rise above it all and take the high road. Without our expertise, governments could not function properly. After all, who advises them but us? And who gives some politicians jobs when their careers are over? Us, of course! And who lends the people their own money? Us of course!

[A thunderous wave of applause ensues and there is much cheering and back-slapping amongst the assembled money men.]

"I will close now my friends, but I must say that I am ecstatic about the ‘bad bank’ idea. The taxpayers are now its bankers and God help, oops I mean bless, the taxpayers. ”

[A standing ovation ensues and some voices are heard shouting, "Public private partnerships have saved the free market system!”]

Stephen J. Gray
March 23, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

From "1984" to 2004 [Or 2009? ]

From "1984" to 2004 [or 2009?]

Harry was heading home. Work had been exceptionally busy that day. He had been working on the new government programme that was issuing compulsory identity cards to all the citizens of The Land. He paused for a moment and picked up the national newspaper from a news stand. There were many papers in The Land, but all of them adhered to the politically correct line of the courts and the government, so one was as "good" as the other. There was a picture on the front page of the New Leader of the party. He was smiling and shaking hands with a couple called Willie and Billy; they were celebrating the first anniversary of their marriage. Harry thought how in past times this picture of two men celebrating a "wedding anniversary" would have been classed as a sign of insanity or a silly joke, but now it was no laughing matter. This was a land of "equality" and male couplings were a cause for celebration.

Harry stood at the bus stop waiting for his bus. There were other persons waiting; men, women and The Others. The Others were, as yet, unrecognized in the country’s system of "rights." Some of them loved animals. Others believed in multiple partners, some had other peculiarities and other "nice" habits that at one time had been classed as criminal and obscene. Now they were just waiting for the go-ahead to legalize their relationships or declarations permitting their conduct. It was expected any day now that a decision would come down from the courts giving The Others the same "equality" rights as everyone else. Then The Land’s government would declare their relationships and behaviours as a given, for the courts were the supreme arbiters.

Harry was careful to keep his eyes averted from all at the bus stop. Looking at people could cause one to be accused of a crime and dragged before the Persons Rights Committees. So Harry was careful not to look. He did not want to be accused of "lookism." He was also careful not to smile as this could get you into trouble as well. In fact, there had been a new dictum handed down in The Land that there was to be no more smiling pictures in anyone’s passport. So just to be on the safe side many people had given up smiling.

The bus arrived and Harry boarded. He showed his pass to the seeing eye machine, which said, "pass okay." He then sat down. Two persons next to him were discussing the latest government decree from the ruling party. Compulsory I.D cards must be carried at all times. These two persons thought this was a great decision by the government and were speaking out loudly in praise of it. Harry, out of the corner of his eye, could see a Master of Politics (MP) from the ruling party on the bus and wondered cynically if their comments were for the MP’s benefit. Harry shook his head to erase these unpatriotic thoughts from his mind. One never knew if the government of The Land was able to read a person’s thoughts.

Harry was worried he owed the Ministry of Taxes some money and did not know how he could pay. He thought of writing the New Leader to ask for his help. After all, it was said that some persons could get favoured status from the Ministry of Taxes. So Harry thought perhaps he would try. The New Leader was an expert on money and taxes and knew the system well. It was said of the New Leader that he was able to answer any question to everyone’s satisfaction and that he had no negative views. In fact some people called him The Straddler because he could be on both sides of the fence at the same time. Give him a question and he’d give any answer that could mean anything but pleased almost everyone. That was why he was the leader. In fact The Land’s motto was "Tell the people anything as long as it is something."

Harry got off the bus, and hurried towards his apartment two blocks away. A parade was passing by in the middle of the street. Leading it were some Masters of Politics (MP’s) and a Police Chief. Some of the people in the parade were naked others were dressed in various costumes that it was hard to tell who was male or female. Harry stopped and joined other people in applauding the parade. He would have rather carried on walking but was afraid that he might be accused of "offensive" behaviour or of not being "tolerant" if he did not applaud. So he did the wise thing and cheered as well. One could not be too careful in The Land these days, "hate crimes" could be leveled on the slightest whim.

A huge cheer went up and Harry could see the reason. A media contingent was passing by. These were known as the "Purveyors of Propaganda" and they were indispensable to The Land and its rulers. Another cheer went up. A loudspeaker had announced a message from The Land’s Old Leader, which said: "Da bad is good and da good is bad and da proof is a proof for now it is proven." Harry thought: The Old Leader is still passing along his wisdom, whatever that is!!!

Suddenly there are more cheers and a huge amount of screaming, this was The Lands’ warrior class passing by. These were the radical, gender equality, womyns’ and patriarchal- hating womyns’ intelligentsia. Most of them taught womyns studies in The Land’s educational establishments. Some had even issued a list of dangerous writers. They were also adept at inventing new words. The word history, was now herstory. One of their big projects was to erase the word man from all words. These were people of power so Harry cheered until he was hoarse and applauded loudly till his hands hurt.

Then another group passed by in the parade. These were called Mascfems or Femmascs - both words were allowed - because they believed in gender neutrality- and did not believe in the words masculine or feminine. They rode bikes with placards saying: "Dikes on Bikes."

The armed forces of The Land was next in the parade. This consisted of 10 persons, five males and five females an equal gender split that passed the "equality" test of The Land. They carried toy weapons, for this was a peaceful land and the government had reduced them to this. They were known as the Ten Abandonments.

Next came the union bosses, the brothers and sisters of the Workers Movement. They were all singing loudly their song of praise which was called "Give us your dues, for the union to misuse. For in The Land, it is allowed, for us to make the workers proud." Harry cheered and cheered for he was a compulsory member of the Workers Movement and knew the shop stewards were watching. And so they were. A big burly steel toed female shop steward, clapped him on the shoulder, and said: "Well done brother."

Harry climbed the stairs to his apartment and sighed with relief. There was so much going on in The Land and in the government that just to make it home without offending anyone was a godsend. Harry broke into a sweat. Why did I think "godsend." Certain words could get you into trouble and "godsend" was one of them. He immediately purged the word "godsend" from his mind and made a mental note never to think of this word again.

Home at last. Harry bowed to a copy of The Land’s Charter, which was mandatory on all household walls. He then shouted out the words, "Freedom, Justice, Equality, Tolerance, Diversity and Inclusivity are a human right" just in case his place was bugged, as it surely was. Harry collapsed into a chair and turned on the T.V. The New Leader was giving a speech. He had a "vision" and a "plan" for The Land. Harry stood up and applauded the T.V. screen, better to be safe than sorry. It was said that the party monitored those whose T.V’s were on. The New Leader was talking about a "democratic deficit" Harry didn’t know what he meant but thought it sounded good.

Next up on T.V was the parade Harry had just passed. The T.V. announcer said: "Next up we will have special coverage of The Land in all its wonderful glory, The Parade is next so please stay with us while we take a commercial break." Harry thought that was a good statement. "Why would I dare leave." he asked himself. "They monitor everything." The commercial was quite brief but extolled the message that: "The Land was your land. A land of equality, diversity, tolerance and freedom. A home of peace order and good government." Harry thought to himself: I read a book once called "1984" and it is amazing how similar the book is to The Land of 2004.[or 2009?]

Stephen J. Gray
Sept. 4, 2003.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Speculators

“The hedge fund managers made money from investing in overseas stock markets and betting that prices of oil, wheat and other commodities would rise.” (Daily Mail U.K. April 16, 2008)

We are seeing the “rise” and the continued rising of food prices, oil prices and other commodities. The people hardest hit are in the poorer countries of the world - though poor people and the middle class in the so-called rich countries are also feeling the pinch. But, there is a certain class of people who are profiting from the misfortunes of the majority. These people are the speculators who feed off the labor of ordinary people. While many people labor by the sweat of their brow, these speculators “labor” from computer terminals, cell phones, and stock exchanges, “betting” on the very commodities that most people need to exist. They bet on the price of food and some are making massive profits off the hunger and starvation of people in third world countries. A hedge fund manager had this to say:
"Unfortunately, I think when people are trading commodities, I don't think they are even caring about social impact." (International Herald Tribune April 2, 2008 )

The “social impact” on the world by some of these paper shufflers is getting worse by the day. These financial vultures are somehow hailed as “successful money managers.” Yet, according to some reports these managers are responsible for deaths and famine in some countries. “Hedge funds played their part in the violent rise in spot prices early this year. To that extent they can be held responsible for the death of African and Asian children…” (Daily Telegraph U. K. April 14, 2008).

What kind of persons would take and make profits off the “death” of innocent children? Surely these people must know that their manipulation and speculation on the necessities of life for all people would result in misery and deprivation for many people. These “people” speculators are making a killing - no pun intended - in the “market” while some people are being killed off by their “market success.” And this is “legal”? Oh, I forgot this is “free enterprise" at "work!"

This kind of “work” was criticized by one principled businessman. An article in the Times U.K. of March 12, 2008 had this to say:
“The managing director of Greggs, the high street baker, has attacked speculators for driving up the price of wheat and fuelling famine in Africa. Sir Michael Darrington, who yesterday announced that he would be stepping down after 24 years in charge, said commodity traders were more to blame for spiralling food price inflation…”

Inflated prices are affecting us all. We are seeing the result when we fill our car with gas. When we go to the grocery store, we see the cost of food rising. Most people work hard for their money and they see its purchasing power depreciating. Meanwhile, many of the speculators “investing” in the “commodities markets” are seeing their profits appreciating. This is done by manipulating the markets. The Telegraph U.K. newspaper of April 17, 2008, said this “…hedge funds pour money into commodity futures as a way to exploit the collapse of the dollar.” And the Economic Times of India, April 6, 2008, stated: “Large global hedge and index funds are continuously pulling up agricultural futures in the hope of a killing in the coming months….These gold diggers need to [be] driven away before they destroy more lives through hunger and social unrest.”

There is already “social unrest” and riots in the poorer countries of the world over food prices. Some people are dying of starvation and hunger while speculators profit from their deaths. I believe it is time that those we elect to public office took action against these speculators. These manipulators of the “markets” need to be held accountable for their greed at the expense of the rest of humanity.

Stephen J. Gray
April 18, 2008.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Firm of Plunder, Pillage and Loot

The respected financial firm of Plunder, Pillage and Loot was holding its annual meeting. First to speak was Mr. Plunder, one of the owners and founders.

Mr. Plunder: “First of all, a big welcome to our esteemed clients. You are the crème de la crème of the world’s investors. [All of the assembled burst into applause in praise of themselves.] I see all kinds of nationalities from various countries represented here, and that is how it should be. We all know money owes no allegiance to any country. But, I digress. This year, once again, we have made huge amounts of money for all of you assembled here today. Even though the market is in what we call a ‘downturn,’ we remain unscathed. It helps when you are a mover and a shaker of the system, which we all are. The good news is that your investments and profits with us are safely offshore in the tax-free money and banking havens.

"On another note, our trading in the world’s currencies continues to show massive profits as we manipulate the world’s money systems to our mutual benefit. A touch of a button and our and your profits are whisked away to our offshore subsidiaries. This is the beauty of financial globalization. Offshore havens are places where privacy is paramount. And we at this firm know how you all love your privacy. [A round of applause takes place.] I would say that some issue of worry is starting to surface. There have been reports that a number of governments wish to clamp down on many of these offshore money and tax havens. [Cries of shame and bloody socialists are heard from the assembled.] But, not to worry, many of the powerful elites have also been known to use these wonderful offshore money laundering, oops, I mean legitimate facilities, so I am sure it will not come to pass. And anyway, if some of the politicians want positions in our financial system, after politics, they will learn who butters their bread, as the saying goes, and let the matter die. Still, I believe it is only a political diversion to let the masses think they are doing something about the state of their economies. After all, re-election is the politician’s game, while ours is financial gain. Now, I will hand you over to our esteemed colleague and financial wizard Mr. Pillage.”

Mr. Pillage takes the podium.

Mr. Pillage: “Nice to see you all here today. I won’t speak too long as I know many of you have important meetings at other places directing the affairs and direction of the world. As you know my expertise in the firm is commodities. It has been an up and down year for some, but for us it has been up all the way. [More polite applause is heard.] Our speculation, oops, I mean investments, in the commodity food systems of the world has made us ever increasing profits. One commodity, rice, made us a bundle of money. As you know, people have to eat, and investing in food commodities is always a sure winner. There are some who say that manipulating the commodities markets causes hunger, starvation, and death in poor countries, as well as losses of jobs in others; they believe this type of speculation should be banned and considered a crime. But, the free market must reign supreme even though some losers don’t like it. [A number of "hear, hears" are heard.] Another commodity where we made big profits was oil. A well-placed word in the right ears and reported in the corporate media that it would go to over $200 dollars a barrel propelled and manipulated it upward, and we cashed in before bringing the price back down. Manipulating prices in the free market is what I like to call our forte. I will now hand the podium over to our esteemed partner Mr. Loot.”

Mr. Loot: “Let me first say that the free market system is the greatest system in the world, and offshore banking and tax havens are great places to let our money rest. [A standing ovation ensues and many more "hear, hears" are heard.] The world today is in a financial crisis, but in our world I call it opportunity. Why do I call it opportunity? Because I see more financial opportunities for us in the market. Yes, I know the market is down, and some say we brought it down. All we did was sell off our investments at the top of the market and we sent the profits offshore to our subsidiaries. This has always been a practice of our firm and always will be. Mind you, it helps when you have a corner on the market and have the clout to do it. But hey, all power to the powerful, I say. [A massive thunder of applause takes place and much nodding of heads can be seen.]

"Mind you, the pension funds and investments of the proletariat took a hit; but hey, the masses have to learn there is risk in the free market. Now the market is in the doldrums and job losses are huge, but our jobs are secure and our money too; that is the beauty of offshore banking. Speaking about banking, I see governments are bailing out, with taxpayers' dollars, many banks and financial conglomerates with subsidiaries offshore. I believe there is a huge opportunity here. We must get involved in this; after all, governments are not too good at handling money and our expertise in advising them will probably be much sought after, especially as some of our alumni work for the central banks of various countries. This should bring us huge fees with no risk to our firm, and a good ‘stimulus package’ for our bottom line.

"Another opportunity I see in the future, for the firm, will be the depressed real estate market. We are holding massive amounts of tax-free cash in our offshore subsidiaries. This huge cash goldmine came from our successful selling of packaged debt, which some call ‘toxic paper’ or ‘lousy debts.’ But we at the firm like to call this selling the un-sellable, and we did--and got huge fees for doing so. I am always amazed at the ingenuity of the market; one can sell manure if it's packaged properly--and we did. [Much laughter ensues.] Anyway, as I said earlier, there are bargains waiting for us in the real estate market. We made big dollars in it at the top, now it has crashed back to earth as the saying goes. What an awful pun! [More laughter from the assembled.] Still, at the appropriate time we should be able to pick up this depressed real estate at bargain prices, and sell it all over again. You have heard of two-time losers; well, we are two-time winners. This, I believe, will be another win-win situation for us. Anyway, I have talked long enough. Thank you all for coming, and no doubt we will be meeting some of you in the glorious sunshine offshore as we continue our never ending journey of maximizing our money in the free market systems, and putting it safely offshore.”

[A standing ovation ensues along with shouts of, “Three cheers for the firm of Plunder, Pillage and Loot."]

Stephen J. Gray
March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the Final Days of the Human Race

In the final days of the human race
Chaos reigned in the marketplace
The money system was in a state of collapse
And any morality had long since lapsed

The killing of children by abortion and wars
Was commonplace amongst the ruling curs
The slaughter explained as “legitimate choices”
And they called this “democracy” with hypocrisy voices

Politicians spread their meaningless nonsense
Do these political hypocrites lack any conscience?
Vote for me is their cry
And all their promises are pie in the sky

The arms dealers were no longer heard
They had no place to hide and justice was served
Finally they were getting what was their due
Now they know the meaning of, “you reap what you sow”

The money changers could not buy or sell
And that to them was a living hell
They profited from death and bloody destruction
Is there a price to pay for evil and corruption?

Capitalism and communism
Were birds of a feather
And both of them had thought
They could rule forever

“There was weeping and wailing
And gnashing of teeth”
And nothing to eat
And no relief

The poisoned earth was all aflame
And nothing would ever be the same
Filth and corruption had run rampant
Degenerate behavior has brought extinction

Only those who prayed and had repented
Would find themselves fairly represented
The day of judgement had finally come
And it was over; because God had won

Stephen J. Gray
March 15, 2009.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marketland and the Gang of 20

There was doom and gloom in Marketland
The money was not there
Had persons robbed and pillaged the system?
Are there thieves everywhere?

Where did all the money go?
Is some of it offshore?
Have villains robbed the system?
Are they now looking for much more?

“You must bail us out,” they cried
Amidst all the financial buzz
“For you see money talks and walks” (offshore perhaps?)
“And you don’t want to lose us”

Now the ones who crashed the system
Are now the “credible” advisers
For this is how marketland works
Populated by greedy shysters

Meanwhile the Gang of 20
Met to discuss the fix
They had a nice dinner
And some expensive wines for kicks

“We need another Bretton Woods,” said one
Pompously clearing his throat
“Let’s raise a glass to that,” said the gang
“Let’s issue a statement, saying, we are all for it”

So they all gathered together
On the final day of talks
Had their picture taken
And waved to all the cops (no peasants were allowed)

Then they climbed the steps of their aircraft
And once more waved again
Then they all headed home
After another nice taxpayers weekend

The moral of this story is:
There are robbers in a world of plenty
For this is how the system works
Welcome to Marketland and the Gang of 20

Stephen J. Gray
November 16, 2008.

How to Corrupt, Pervert, and Subvert a Country “Legally”

How to Corrupt, Pervert, and Subvert a Country “Legally”

“…the Charter was a ruse. Trudeau wanted to consolidate power in the Supreme Court of Canada and weaken Parliament.” [1]

If political, judicial, and other elites wanted to impose their twisted agendas on a country, what would be the best way to do it? Their first objective would to be to find a way to deceive the people. How could this be done? Very easily. Tell the people that you are going to give them a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Give the people some input on this by way of country wide hearings. (Doing this makes the people think that this is their Charter.) Then after all the hearings are over, in step the elites--the lawyers, the politicians, and the “eminent persons” who “know best” what is good for the country. They bend the charter into the shape they want. Then it is time for the big show of giving the people “freedoms” in the new “democracy.”

“Trudeau’s crime against democracy was monstrous….First, neither he nor any other of the first ministers had any mandate from the electorate to embark on constitutional reform.” [2]

Then the “reform”-minded political leaders at the time vote to accept the charter. (The people who will be ruled by it don’t get to vote on it. After all, they might be wise enough to see they had more freedoms before the imposition of the charter, and that would never do.) The politicians put what they call a “safety clause” into the charter, just in case the judiciary should subvert it. But this clause is really just a sham to make the people think the charter has a “safeguard.” Then the impression is created that to use this clause, called-the not-withstanding clause, would be a dangerous thing to do and that any politicians daring to use it would do so at their peril. And anyway, one must not imperil “the independence of the judiciary.”

Now the charter is in place. The media elites trumpet and propagandize that the “people love the charter.” The politicians pompously tell everyone “how great” the charter is, and that no one will be able to “cherry pick rights” from it. The judges say it is a “living tree” and the people have to live with the rotten fruit it produces.

Then from the “living tree” come the great new “rights” found in the charter.
An abortionist who consistently broke the law was finally given clearance to ply his abominable trade of killing the child in the womb, after a majority of judges struck down the abortion law. Now the country has no law on abortion and the killing of the innocents is declared a “choice.”

Another judge declares that anyone arriving on the shores of the country be they criminals, terrorists, drug dealers or whatever have “rights” under the charter.

Another judge states that criminals are “morally worthy” to vote.

Another “learned” judge has a hallucination and “reads in” words not written in the Charter.

A judicial threesome then “discovers” a “right” in the Charter that men can “marry” men and that women can “marry” women. The politicians then tell the people that under the charter “same-sex marriage” is a “right.” Of course this nonsense was never in the Charter, but what’s a big lie amongst the elites.

Another judge states that orgies are okay as long as no “harm” is done. And the country is now open for orgies everywhere. These are just some examples of the abominations imposed by judges and accepted by politicians as “normal” for the country.

The harm being done to this country by charter-happy non-elected judges is a disgrace. But what is even worse is that politicians of all political stripes have allowed this descent into filth and corruption to become “legitimized.” None of these so-called “representatives” of the people have the courage or principles to use the not-withstanding clause of the charter to restore decency and sanity. They are political sheep, and like sheep they have allowed these judicial shepherds to herd them into the charter stable, and so they wallow in the muck of the courts.

“… the Supreme Court of Canada was handed the ultimate power of determining the most fundamental rights of the country as the Charter outlined them. The loss of freedoms to Canadian society was beyond measure, equivalent only to military conquest.” [3]

As can be seen by the evidence shown in this article, there is no need for armies to take over a country and take away freedoms. The sophisticated way of doing this is by imposing a charter under the guise of Orwellian “rights” and “freedoms” then the country can be corrupted, subverted, and perverted and it is all done “legally.”

Stephen J. Gray
December 11, 2006.

[1] Joe C.W. Armstrong, in his book “Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom” page 75.

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What does a civilized society do when democracy no longer exists?

What does a civilized society do when democracy no longer exists?

All democracies are supposed to exist with the consent of the people. Rules are drawn up that the people agree to, then the people elect representatives to represent them and this is called representative democracy. The rules that define our “democracy” today are written in The Constitution under the banner of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This Charter was imposed without an individual vote of the people. Surely if people are to live by a set of rules they should have the chance to vote on these rules? Instead we have a situation where this Charter is interpreted by appointed, non-elected judges, or to put it bluntly, ex-lawyers. These ex-lawyers, now judges, are appointed by the Prime Minister of whatever political party is in power. Any thinking person has to ask, “ How can non-elected judges rule the people from a document that was not given acceptance by the people?”

“The trouble with law and government is lawyers” Clarence Darrow

Government and their advisers, lawyers, imposed this Charter upon us. Oh sure, different groups were given input, but at the end of the day the most important part of this process, a referendum by all the people, did not take place. Now we have rule by the judiciary and instead of interpreting the law they are making the law.

Example 1: A judge “reads in” words not in the Constitution. The words the judge “reads in” have never been defined, yet this is considered a done deal. No explanation, the non-elected have spoken and the elected politicians succumb. So much for “democracy.”

Example 2: A judge declares the Constitution is a “living tree.” This then becomes a judicial excuse for judicial decisions to be planted in an imaginary judicial garden that negates all common sense and makes a mockery of law. If this Charter is a “living tree” then its fruit is rotten and diseased.

Example 3: A judge issues an ultimatum to parliament and gives it 2 years to bring in an absurdity called “same-sex marriage.” This judge cites the “equality” section of the Charter. Now we have a whole raft of judges declaring any objections to same-sex marriage are “unconstitutional.” What is going on? Is there a virus eating judicial brain cells that so called intelligent people can declare this claptrap a “constitutional right?” The non-elected dictate to the elected and the elected grovel before their judicial masters. Something smells in the political and judicial halls of power. A suspicious mind might even wonder at the speed these nonsensical judicial decisions are implemented. Though no one dare call this a conspiracy, it is certainly a form of judicial despotism and cannot be called “democracy.”

Unfettered judicial power now dictates to “democracy.” The politicians say, “The Charter is supreme and the Supreme Court has ruled,” yet parliament is supposed to be supreme as it gains its authority from the people through elections. Which raises the question, “If parliament is no longer supreme, why bother having elections?” Games are being played with “democracy” and the people are the pawns in the political and judicial games.

“The forms of law have always been the graves of buried liberties.” Tourgee

Decisions of judicial guff are hailed as “landmark decisions.” Any sane person knows or should know that these “landmark decisions” being handed down are anything but sensible and are ridiculous. The only “landmark” they bring to mind is a vision of an insane asylum inhabited by judges who are let out each day to proliferate their madness.

Can these judicial rulings that have become judicial ravings be allowed to continue? Surely there are some sane and decent politicians and judges left who have the courage to rebel and say out loud, “These political and judicial emperors have no clothes.” Something has to be done. Numerous articles and opinion pieces have been written exposing this incompetence on the Bench and in parliament, but nothing happens. Trite phrases like, “The independence of the judiciary,” are trumpeted aloud and we are all expected to live with this insanity in “law.” The not-withstanding clause in the Charter could be used to restore some sanity, but cowardly politicians would rather let this judicial farce continue than restore ethics, decency and liberty to the land.

Some people, still believing they live in a “democracy,” make reasoned submissions to the Mad Hatters in ermine trimmed gowns ruling us; however, reasoned submissions cannot be made to dictators nor does reason have any effect on those whose power is all encompassing and their reasoning fraudulent. Therefore, the destroyers of democracy are given credence by people appearing before them. People should not have to argue decency in front of those who would impose decadence. A civilized society should remove those who subvert the Constitution from the bench.

What will it take before the people are pushed to their limits? Even a worm will turn eventually. What will be the catalyst that turns disgust into action? Every action has a reaction as the saying goes. What will the reaction be when a civilized society finally realizes democracy no longer exists?

Stephen J. Gray
Oct. 6, 2004.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Nazi Mentality Lives On Today

The Nazi Mentality Lives On Today

Before the Nazis came for the Jews, they were killing the handicapped, sick and disabled children and others deemed “unworthy of living,” in German society. Now fast forward to our world of today and we have our own helpless innocent lives declared unworthy of living.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana

A Lifesite article of November 13, 2008, by Hilary White, had the headline,
“Australian Committee Proposal to Pay Mothers to Abort Disabled Babies Compared to Nazis” The article went on say this:
“The Australian Parliamentary Group on Population and Development has been slammed by Queensland Senator Ron Boswell for holding to Nazi-style eugenic ideology on the abortion of disabled children.” Senator Boswell is quoted in the article as saying: “This is the kind of thinking that was typical of the Hitler regime. They set themselves up as judge of who deserved to live and who deserves to die.” (http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/nov/08111305.html)

And the Ottawa Citizen of November 10, 2008, had this to say about those diagnosed with Down Syndrome:
“Consider how prenatal testing has affected the Down syndrome community. It used to be that only the fetuses of women over 35 were tested for the extra chromosome that causes the condition. Now, in some jurisdictions, women of all ages are tested, and 90 per cent of fetuses with the defect are aborted.” [1]

Today these little innocents are the lives deemed unworthy of living, only we call it “choice.”

Who would have believed that a world that condemned the atrocities of Nazism would now be engaged in similar “work.” One wonders if Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi doctor, were alive today if he would be an enthusiastic participant in the abortion industry? The mentality--that there are lives unworthy of living--is the same so it would make sense that he would.

Another horrifying example of where “choice” has led us is the stem cell industry. A BBC story headlined, “Ukraine babies in stem cell probe” had this to say:

“There is a trade in stem cells from aborted foetuses, amid unproven claims they can help fight many diseases.

“But now there are claims that stem cells are also being harvested from live babies. …

“The BBC has spoken to mothers from the city of Kharkiv who say they gave birth to healthy babies, only to have them taken by maternity staff.

“In 2003 the authorities agreed to exhume around 30 bodies of foetuses and full-term babies from a cemetery used by maternity hospital number six.

“One campaigner was allowed into the autopsy to gather video evidence. She has given that footage to the BBC and Council of Europe.

“In its report, the Council describes a general culture of trafficking of children snatched at birth, and a wall of silence from hospital staff upwards over their fate.

“The pictures show organs, including brains, have been stripped - and some bodies dismembered.” [2]

What kind of human animal would do this to the most helpless in society? Do these kind of people deserve the title “doctor?”

“[Doctor] Josef Mengele was the infamous Angel of Death at the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland. As a doctor with Hitler's dreaded SS seeking to unlock a genetic basis for a superior race, he conducted macabre experiments, primarily on twin inmates, using them like laboratory animals.” [3]

An article in the Vancouver Sun of January 20, 2007, stated, “A woman was naturally pregnant with twins, but wanted only one baby. She said that unless the physicians ‘got rid of one baby’ she would abort both.” The article goes on to say, “An article in the New England Journal of Medicine described how one baby was killed with an injection of potassium chloride into its heart, both were left in utero and at term one live baby was born and one shrunken fetus delivered.” This type of killing is called the ‘selective reduction process’ or could be called killing by “choice.”

These words have been said over and over again about the Nazis: “Why did the German people allow this to happen?” Now the question must be asked today: “Why are we allowing state-authorized killing of the smallest, weakest human beings? Today in our society under the slogan of “choice” we kill our young. Some babies even survive the abortion/killing process, but are left to die. Hypocrisy and depravity have been legitimized, and many of the political “leaders” in our world are boasting and trumpeting they are in favor of “freedom of choice” to kill the child in the womb. These same politicians babble on about “human rights” while at the same time deny rights to the children in the womb.

In addition, decent people who speak out against these atrocities are ridiculed and reviled. Some are even arrested for daring to show the truth. (Today’s Gestapo, perhaps?) And the slaughtered, dismembered bodies of these little innocents are hidden from sight. Even most of our so-called “free press” and TV media condone and cover up the atrocities. (except of course if it’s spotted owls, whales, bears, fish, or seals who are being slaughtered--then they publicize it ad nauseam) No wonder newspaper circulation is declining and the TV media have lost credibility; propaganda disguised as news does not fool those who seek the truth. We have a holocaust of the innocents in our midst. Over 100,000 children in the womb are slaughtered yearly in Canada and at least 46 million world-wide. This is state-sanctioned killing under the banner of “choice.” And most of the present day media, politicians and elites parrot their choice propaganda.

“The effective propagandist must be a master of the art of speech, of writing, of journalism, of the poster and of the leaflet. He must have the gift to use the major methods of influencing public opinion such as the press, film and radio to serve his ideas and goals, above all in an age of advancing technology.” [4] (Josef Goebbles)

The technology of today allows us to see the child in the womb via ultrasound and people get pictures of their child and show them off proudly, when the child is wanted. Then there is the other evil use of this technology to kill these innocents because they are unwanted. Today’s gas chamber is the womb and today’s executioners are the abortionists. And some of these abortionists even get “honored” for their grisly “work.” The Nazi mentality lives on today and tragically, and frighteningly, we have been conditioned to accept the killing. For as the saying goes, “There are none so blind as those who cannot see.”

Stephen J. Gray
November 16, 2008.
Note: See the killing of today’s unwanted at: http://www.AbortionNo.org

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Orville the Outcast

Orville the Outcast

Orville wondered what was happening to his country. Had he become an outcast? He had tried to get involved in the democratic process by putting his name forward as a candidate for election. But had been refused. He asked why the refusal and was told he did not qualify for the percentage candidacy required in the democratic party. The reasons given: He was not a woman, or a lesbian. He was not trans-gendered, multi -gendered, bisexual, metro-sexual or homosexual. Nor was he height challenged, weight challenged, youth challenged or age impaired. Nor was he of minority status.

Orville wondered just what was his status in the land of today? Was he not fit for public office? Was he a pariah? How had this happened to him? Was there anyone who could help him or give him advice on this matter? A friend suggested he should go to the Human Rights Commissars (HRC) and inquire about his rights.

Orville phoned them and asked if he could make an appointment. He was asked, “did he have any special status in the community?” Orville replied, “what is that?”
“Are you from a designated, deprived, disenfranchised group” asked the HRC staff person. “What does that mean?” asked Orville. “Come in right away and see us, and we’ll explain,” said the HRC spokesperson, “and we’ll see if your case qualifies for a rights test.”

Orville was pleased, at last somebody would help him with his rights. He felt his faith in his democratic country was being restored. Orville drove down to the HRC building. It was an imposing place and looked very dignified. (as it should with all the taxpayers dollars that maintained it) He entered the building and approached one of the HRC staff. “My name is Orville and I have come about my case for a rights test.” “This way sir to the hearing room,” said the staff member. Orville entered the hearing room and noticed the slogan on the wall which said: “We’ll make rights for you. Provided you are the right person, to have rights.”

Just then a door opened in the wall of the HRC rights office and a person appeared of neutral gender. “You must be Orville,” said the pleasant person. “That’s right,” said Orville. “Welcome to the HRC,” said the rights person. “I am the duly appointed commissar of the rights division in this part of the country. How may I help you with your case regarding rights?”
“I believe my rights have been violated by my democratic party,” said Orville, “and I also feel discriminated against.”

“Wow, this sounds very serious,” said the HRC commissar. “We can’t have this happening in a free and democratic country. Can we? Tell me about it.”
“I wanted to run as a candidate for my democratic party but have been told I do not qualify,” said Orville. “What are the reasons given for refusing you?” asked the HRC commissar.

Orville replied, “I have been told I am not within the percentage quota for my constituency. I must be a woman, lesbian, gay, trans-gendered, multi-gendered, bisexual, trans-sexual, homosexual, multi-sexual or any other designated minority by my democratic party before I can run for office.” “Are you of any of the important aforementioned designations,” asked the HRC commissar. “No,” said Orville. “I am just an ordinary working guy with a wife and children. I go to church on a Sunday. Do volunteer work, have a mortgage, watch hockey and other sports. Contribute to charity. Do not receive any government grants, and want to be involved in the democratic process by running for public office in my democratic party.”

“I cannot help you.” said the HRC commissar. You are not a designated, deprived, disenfranchised person. Your case has no hope of being successful. Case dismissed.”

Orville left the building and headed home. He felt discriminated against and knew his rights had been violated. But this was “normal” in his country today. After all, he was, Orville the outcast.

Stephen J. Gray
November 26, 2007.

Ballyhoo in Bali

Ballyhoo in Bali

Everybody who was anybody had come to the hot air of Bali. They had come to “save the planet.” They were all dedicated to cutting emissions by issuing emissions. They were dedicated to “green growth.” It was a gathering of “jolly green giants,” estimated in the thousands, all with “carbon footprints” in the Bali sands of time. All that was needed was a green national anthem, the “Green Green Grass of Home” perhaps? Still, these green people had all left home for the paradise of Bali to save the world. One would have thought a more appropriate country to hold their green talks would have been Greenland. But, I guess you can’t get a suntan there and beautiful Bali is a more comfortable climate for the world’s “leaders.”

Hearing most of the world’s “leaders” were in Bali was “good news” for the people at home. Now there was less political pollution and emissions, and hopefully the politicians and their camp followers might decide to stay there. Still, knowing that the politicians and their helpers were in “control” in Bali was surely “comforting” to all the masses. All the elites had arrived in jets leaving a trail of carbon emissions on their way. There were film stars, rock stars, political stars (only in their own minds) and just plain ordinary, starry-eyed, green, planet-savers, all here for the great gathering of the Greenies and for an emission-controlled world.

It was reported by an eminent emissionary that there was some discussion “whether emission cuts should be mandatory or voluntary.” No doubt they will be “mandatory” and those tax-paying serfs in the western world will pay the brunt in taxation. Taxing for a “green planet” is a green-sent slogan that no doubt the green politicians will use to tax the masses. They might call the tax “Benefits from Bali” or some other feel-good utterance, and tell us that we are all “moving forward,” or “going forward,” to the green promised land. Or as one newspaper reported, “The 15,000 delegates, lobbyists, protesters and hangers-on at the UN conference are leaving Bali with deep tans and an even deeper sense of their own rectitude.” No doubt all were praising the green man of our times Al Bore, oops, I mean Al Gore, who has been described as “Climate change’s single most important messenger to the world.”

Still, “messenger” Al’s green world is profitable for him, according to one newspaper: “Gore commands between £50,000 and £85,000 a speech…” on the green band-wagon. Al is on record as enlightening us with this gaseous green gem: “Without realizing it, we have begun to wage war on the earth itself…” Is this what is meant by a “war of words?” Al was also quoted in a newspaper as saying: “I am going to speak an inconvenient truth: my own country, the United States, is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali,…” And that emission from Al got him a huge round of cheers and applause. This no doubt cheered everybody up, after seeing the sad spectacle of another important green man break down in tears at the thought of a green-challenged planet.

A final agreement was reached and the planet would be saved. All would now fly back home leaving a trail of carbon emissions and other droppings . Then, when, home they would report the great news to their populaces that they had saved the earth amidst much hot air and ballyhoo in Bali.

Stephen J. Gray
December 16, 2007.

Profiting from Starvation and Hunger?

Profiting from Starvation and Hunger?

“I suppose that's just capitalism but it's jolly disappointing. If society looked down on these funds then perhaps it would make a difference.”
Sir Michael Darrington (quoted in the The Times U.K. Newspaper, March 12, 2008.)

The funds Sir Michael was talking about are “hedge funds” that speculate in commodities.
The article in the Times newspaper also stated that Mr. Darrington “…has attacked speculators for driving up the price of wheat and fuelling famine in Africa.” If this is true, then we have reached a sorry state in the “financial markets” when wealthy human beings would take and make profits off the bodies of starving people. Are they human parasites that feed and suck their bloody paper profits from the hunger and misery of poverty-stricken men, women and children in poor countries? What kind of people would invest in “hedge funds” that profit from starvation?

A hedge fund manager had this to say: “Unfortunately, I think when people are trading commodities, I don't think they are even caring about social impact” (International Herald Tribune April 2, 2008) .

Will “the social impact” of this speculation in food, result in violence in poor countries around the world? Can we blame these starving people resorting to violence if the bread is being literally taken from their mouths by speculators in luxury office towers around the world?

“There are stocks of wheat and grain in the world, and crops are growing at the moment but funds are being set up as speculators see an opportunity to make some short-term money and someone has to pay for it (Sir Michael Darrington,The Times, U.K. March 12, 2008).

It is obvious who will “pay for it”: The poor and the hungry. Meanwhile, the fat cats of finance, who shuffle their paper “commodities” around the world and take their profits off the backs of the poor, enthuse over their “success” in the “markets” of money.

“When the fast money crowd sees things moving, they want to jump on. Until the bubble kind of bursts” (A hedge fund manager in International Herald tribune, April 2, 2008).

Perhaps the “bursts” will be more than the speculators expect. Starving people with empty bellies are going to be looking for the causes of their hunger. And if speculators are the reason the justified wrath of hungry people on the march will take some holding back. It could be these speculators will get more than they bargained for.

Stephen J. Gray
April 6, 2008.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Speech by Mr. B.S. Baloney, CEO of Financiers Unlimited

Speech by Mr. B.S. Baloney, CEO of Financiers Unlimited

Many of the experts of the financial world are assembled to hear one of their own speak. The speech begins.

“I am very pleased to appear before you today to update you on the financial crisis affecting us all. Let me say this, it is not, and I stress the word not, a time for gloom and doom. This is a time to renew ourselves and take advantage of the system we call the free market. The market is wallowing in cash, thanks to billions of taxpayer dollars supplied by governments. Whoever said, ‘Get the government out of the marketplace,’ was perhaps a little unkind. Our kind of people are only to happy to accept government welfare, oops I mean help when the need arises. And boy are we ever in need.( much nervous laughter ensues and some mild applause takes place.)

"We are in need because of our global greed, oops I mean need. We tried to help people. ( some cynical people might question that statement.) We gave them mortgages they could not afford. Then we sold this mortgage debt to each other through our financial institutions. Of course there were the usual inducements, finders fees, sellers fees, promotional fees, fees for fees and whatever fees one could incorporate into the deals. Some of us made huge profits and others say they took huge losses. The losers were those suckers, oops I mean the financial wizards who got to greedy and held on to the useless paper, oops I mean the debt packages for to long. But, I digress. Anyway, some financial ships started taking on water and were in danger of sinking until some governments bailed them out. And the good news is, some of the captains of these sinking financial ships got multi-million dollar severance packages. They profited from a massive loss, and of course that kind of “expertise” must be paid for. Now if that isn’t a plus for the system out of so many minuses, I don’t know what is!

"What is so encouraging is how our free enterprise system adapts to this kind of financial crisis. With the steady hands of some of our financial alumni working for the central banks of some governments, help was available from their taxpayers monies. Billions were lost ( notice no mention of billions in profits made) and taxpayers are paying the cost. This is how it should be. Every few years the system has to be milked and boy did we milk it good. The taxpayers came to the rescue. So, let’s hear it for the taxpayers. (A huge thunder of applause fills the room and a standing ovation ensues)

“Anyway, as I said earlier the free market is a wonderful system. Mind you, there are some big losers in this situation. They are the people who have lost the equity in their homes and are now being evicted because they cannot afford the mortgages. But, there is a bright side to this. We should be able to pick up this depressed real estate at bargain basement prices. Then we can start all over again to finance and sell these assets as a good buy. There are some people who want the government to subsidize or finance this real estate for the people being evicted. (Cries of shame and let the marketplace decide are heard from the assembled) This, I believe is a dangerous precedent. You cannot have governments interfering in the free markets because there is no free lunch.
"Thank you and don’t forget to pick up your income tax break receipt for attending my luncheon speech on the wonder of the free market”

Stephen J. Gray
March 15, 2007.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Godfather on Wall Street

The Godfather on Wall Street

The Godfather has gathered the family together for their annual meeting and business report.

The meeting opens:

The Godfather: “Hey boys, was I right or what?! I told you we should get into Asset Backed Company Paper (ABCP) and we did. You cannot beat an honest day’s work. We made big bucks selling this stuff and our profits were enormous. We got out at the top of the market. Now the business has tanked. But not to worry; we are still okay. I told you the last time we spoke that this ABCP business was a win-win situation for us—a legitimate business and no heavy lifting, just moving paper around and getting big fees for doing so. Of course, as I said earlier, the financial paper we were selling is now toilet paper, but at least we didn’t get wiped. This paper-moving business was a great success while it lasted. Fees for fees and fees for selling. Fees for buying and fees for trying. It was great stuff. Now there is sadness on the street and the ABCP market is a hard sell. But hey, let us not complain since we made big money and the government is now bailing out other important financial wizards with taxpayers’ dollars, due to an illiquidity crisis.”

Big Tony: “Hey boss, what’s this illiquidity B.S.?”

The Godfather: “Tony, have you learned nothing since we moved to Wall Street? It means there is a cash flow problem.”

Big Tony: “Do you mean some of these guys have been robbing, pillaging and looting the financial system?”

The Godfather: “Tony, I wish you would show some decorum. Nobody robs, pillages or loots anyone on Wall Street. Everything is legitimate.”

Big Tony: “Well it sounds to me that there was some kind of malfeasance.”

The Godfather: “Where did you learn that word?”

Big Tony: “I heard a cop accuse us of it one time. And I liked the sound of it.”

The Godfather: “Okay, Tony, that’s enough. Now you know a big word. Let’s get back to my report. I love the free enterprise system. Where else can you make big bucks, and then, when your business goes in the dumpster, the government bails you out. And some of you guys in this family were critical when I took us legitimate! We have made money; nobody is in jail; and we are respectable businessmen. You cannot beat that. Still, I know some of you long for the old days and all its excitement. But hey, who wants to go back to illegal activities when we can make an honest buck in the financial markets?! This business venture of ours has taught us a good lesson, and that is, that ‘honesty is the best policy’ as the saying goes. And, of course, hard work pays off. Hell, we can sleep easy at night not worrying whether the cops are going to raid us. Instead, we are financial entrepreneurs with credentials and business cards as well. Now I’ll throw the floor open to questions. Big Tony, I see your hand up, what’s your question?”

Big Tony: “Now that this ABCP paper stuff is in the toilet, will we get a tax rebate if we show a loss on some of it?”

The Godfather: “Tony, you are getting brighter all the time. I see exposure to Wall Street has been good for you. The answer is yes, Tony, according to our accountant we should be able to claim some losses and expenses associated with the business.”

Big Tony: “Will we get taxed on the profits?”

The Godfather. “Tony, don’t ask silly questions about profits, you know everybody is talking about their big losses on this financial toilet paper. Nobody—nobody—is asking who made money or profited from it, and I emphasize that. Anyway, Tony, for your information our profits went offshore some time ago. This is good business practice; salt it away for a rainy day. I see there are no more questions, so let us adjourn and head for our tax-free haven in the sun and enjoy our hard earned money, along with the other businessmen who are taking a vacation from the stress and strain of Wall Street.

Stephen J. Gray
September 22, 2008.

The Godfather Decides To Go Legitimate

The Godfather has gathered all the mob families together for an important announcement. He waits till all the heads of the various families are in their seats. Then he begins his talk.

The Godfather: “ I have been reading the financial news and watching the financial experts on T.V. and I have come to the conclusion we have to go legitimate. I mean, why are we wasting our time in robberies, rip offs, money laundering, prostitution, loan-sharking and other rackets when we can make money honestly, and with very little risk.?”
“What do you mean Boss,” asks Big Tony?

The Godfather: “Tony you always were a slow thinker, stop interrupting and listen.” We are going into the Business of Finance. We are going to promote Asset Backed Company Paper (ABCPs.)”

Big Tony: “Hey Boss, this sounds like a load of toilet paper to me.”

The Godfather: “Tony shut your big mouth and listen. This is your last warning.” The rest of the family chime in, “ Shut up Tony.”

The Godfather: “These ABCPs will be sold through some financial institutions and their subsidiaries in the financial world. There will be finders fees, sellers fees, companies fees, controller’s fees, fees for fees and other fees that are respectable in the business world. We will borrow money from the banks and other financial institutions and circulate our prospectus just like other financial institutions. We will have financial experts who know the free market and who are steeped in respectability to sell our products. These people will promote them for us and sell out of them for us at the same time. We will make massive profits while others make massive losses. (the Taxpayers) But the great thing about it is, we will be making our money honestly.”

Big Tony: “This sounds to good to be true. At least when I stiff somebody, I can see the blood.”

The Godfather: “Tony, I am losing my patience with you. Forget all that blood stuff. Respectable financial businesses don’t operate that way. They are much more honest and sophisticated.”

Big Tony: Okay then, give us some examples why we should go legitimate?

The Godfather: “ Here they are, and no more interruptions until I am finished talking. As I said earlier, I have been following the latest financial news. Governments have been bailing out the financial markets with billions of taxpayers dollars. Respectable financial institutions were selling debt packaged as assets: so we could do the same thing. Some of the CEOs of these respectable financial institutions got mult- million dollars in severance packages even though their institutions lost billions of dollars. This tells me that honesty is the best policy. And hard work pays off. No cops, no investigations. Just excellent rewards for hard work! And here is the clincher if we become respectable, any losses will be covered by the taxpayers in the form of government bailouts. So this is a win, win situation for us. No more worrying about cops or doing jail time, we will be in an honest business. So what do you think boys. All those in favour raise their hands. I see it’s unanimous so let’s all head for Wall St., mingle with the boys and get down to business.”

Stephen J. Gray
March 31, 2008.

The Godfather and Big Tony Discuss the Financial Bailouts

The Godfather and Big Tony are relaxing by the pool in the glorious sunshine of their offshore tax haven along with some other big shots of world finance.

The Godfather: “Tony, I have been thinking we should get you a financial adviser for your money. What do you think?”

Big Tony: “Are you kidding me boss? I would not trust these financial sharks with my spit.”

The Godfather: “Tony, I wish you wouldn’t speak about the respectable business people in the financial system like that. These are tried and true professionals. They have been having tough times lately. Some of them even advise governments.”

Big Tony: “Talking about governments boss, I see the gang of 20 are going to have a conference on the global financial system.”

The Godfather: “Tony, show some respect, don’t call these leaders, the Gang of 20, their proper name is the G20, and they are going to fix the financial system.”

Big Tony: “If you ask me boss, the fix was in some time ago.”

The Godfather: “What are you talking about Tony, nobody fixes the free market system. It’s all legitimate!”

Big Tony: “Boss, I have been following all these bailouts with taxpayers dollars. It’s big, big money. I have come to the conclusion that we are seeing the biggest legal heist in the history of the world.”

The Godfather: “Tony, I wish you wouldn’t use the word heist, it sounds criminal. A more appropriate term is money transfer, and I am sure a legal contract was signed.”

Big Tony: “Well boss, I know, if I had lost money because of these guys, they would be getting a contract from me, maybe even whacked.”

The Godfather. “Gee Tony, you still don’t realize we are in an honest business now. You can’t go around whacking respectable financiers who run the free markets.”

Big Tony: “I only know one thing boss, this bailout thing stinks. It reminds me of when we were running our thing, selling fraudulent securities and extorting money. We got jailed. Now as I understand it. Money is extorted from taxpayers to give to those who were selling toxic paper. And they even give bonuses to these financial shysters with taxpayers money. And you and me are taxpayers now!”

The Godfather: “Tony that is the beauty of the free market system. When it fails, taxpayer money is available. Without taxpayers money we would have socialism and the market would go all to hell.”

Big Tony: “It seems to me boss that a lot of working people are going through hell right now. Their pension finds are down. Their investments are in the dumpster And their bank accounts could be in danger. It beats me why they don’t riot in the streets.”

The Godfather: “Tony that is why the bailout was needed. The financial experts told governments if we don’t get bailed out, peoples pension funds would be lost and peoples savings would go down the drain.”

Big Tony: “You know boss this sounds like blackmail to me, almost like holding a gun to the head of the taxpayers.”

The Godfather. “Tony, for goodness sake. Don’t use words like blackmail and gun to the head, this is an honest explanation about money by those who know best. These financial people work hard for their money. They operate from computer terminals and cell phones selling and buying paper around the world. Without their expertise nothing would get done.”

Big Tony: “Well if you ask me boss, I feel sorry for the working people out there, because they are the ones who have been done. And well done at that.”

Stephen J. Gray
October 31, 2008.

State Sanctioned Slaughter

The hypocrisy of the present day leaders of the political world is monumental. They babble on about “human rights” yet these same political leaders are deniers of human rights to the innocent child in the womb. Untold millions have been slaughtered by abortionists and yet these leaders have the gall to mouth platitudes about “human rights.” It is a wonder they do not choke on their own hypocrisy.

To see them posturing and parading at G8 meetings is a sight to behold. Every one of their countries are involved in the slaughter of the innocents, and these are the people who talk about “saving the planet.” That’s a laugh; they cannot even save or protect the lives of the innocents murdered by abortionists. In fact, they are partners in this crime against the humanity of the innocents, for they are the ones in positions of power who are supposed to have ethics and principles, yet they condone the atrocities committed in the name of “choice.”

A number of years ago some human lives were deemed “unworthy of living” and people were slaughtered under this slogan. The same thing is happening today, only we disguise this type of killing as “freedom of choice.” We have another holocaust in our midst but the victims are hidden. There are no pictures of these atrocities in the media. There are no “human rights” museums for these slaughtered innocents. There are no days declared in memory of these tiny murdered humans. There is denial that we are killing human lives. The decapitated and dismembered innocents are described as “products of conception” and thus are considered lives “unworthy of living” just as the Jews were once considered that by the Nazis.

Some would respond that society is different now, that it is civilized. But what is civilized about suctioning out, carving up, cutting to pieces, poisoning by a saline solution or sucking out babies brains? Any person with morals knows this atrocity is not civilized; it is criminal and should be treated as such. But the “brains” who rule over us explain away these heinous actions as “reproductive choice.”

It is a horrific choice to kill a child. We can see this child in the womb via ultrasound. Some have even been taken out of the womb and operated on, then put back in. See picture at: http://www.lifesite.net/fetaldevelopment/samuel.html Of course, that’s when the child is wanted but the “unwanted child” is targeted to be killed because he or she is deemed a life “unworthy of living” and is put to death.

Now we are seeing the consequences of these deaths by abortion: a greater number of old people than young and a lack of skilled workers. Of course, all this is explained away as “low fertility.” No correlation is admitted that killing millions by abortion would eventually bring a day of reckoning. But not to worry: the “experts” in our midst have a “final solution.” It is called “death with dignity.” These words sound nice, but hey, killing must be disguised to make it “legitimate” and “decent.” So look out all you old people out there, “what goes around comes around” as the saying goes. If life can be disposed of at its beginning, then why not before its end? Who knows: you might be the next victim of state-sanctioned slaughter.

Note: to see the truth about abortion, and the “choice” supported by many politicians go to: http://www.AbortionNo.org

Stephen J. Gray
June 16, 2007.

Should We Have War Games for the World’s Leaders?

Yesterday’s enemies are today’s friends and today’s friends are tomorrow’s enemies, such is the way of the world, and wars of the world. All these wars cause enormous bloodshed, destruction and suffering to those affected. Therefore, would it not be much simpler to have war games for all of the world’s leaders and elites every few years? We have Olympic Games every four years where the world’s athletes from different countries compete. And many of these countries are hostile to each other, yet they participate in the Olympics. So if enemies can participate for sport, why not for war games? How could this be arranged? All the leaders and elites of the world would have to lead by example, instead of leading from their political platforms, palaces and offshore tax havens, while the ordinary people have to do the dirty work in wars. The world’s leaders and elites would all be in the front lines first. A venue could be arranged in a deserted area and the people of the world could watch via satellite TV their courageous leaders and other elites leading the charge in the war games.

In these games we could have groups made up of all the world’s war mongering politicians. These politicians who started wars with their mouths, would now get to experience themselves their thirst for battle and be attired in combat gear, weapons at the ready. And those retired war mongering politicians who now are “peace emissaries,” and who sometimes profit from war, but are now advisers and “experts” on the need for war--they could also take part in the games and see and feel what they missed while in office.

Politicians could choose their sides on the battlefield, and perhaps even cross the floor of the theatre of war when circumstances warranted. A little treason would be allowed. After all, most politicians like to save their own skins as the saying goes. The politicians would also get to know the meaning of “a measured response” on bombing civilians as the bomber aircrafts drop their deadly cargoes on them as participants on the battlefield. Of course, the war games would not be games without an arms dealers group. These arms dealers would be able to choose their side in the war games, though that might be difficult, as many arms dealers have been known to supply both sides in many conflicts. Still, it would be interesting to see the arms dealers under fire: then they would be able to appreciate the “successes” of their armaments as heat-seeking missiles chase them all over the battlefield. They would also get to see and feel the horrific effect of cluster bombs in action - one of their hideous products - on themselves and their elite war-pushing participants.

A world’s bankers group should also be allowed to take part - for this would be a non-discriminatory battlefield - then they would be able to appreciate the power of their money that financed many wars over the years. Now they would be able to be financial heroes on the battlefield instead of on Wall St. Then they might realize the meaning of “filthy lucre” or “blood money” used to finance wars.

The war games would not be games without some of our finest corporate and business executives taking a leading role, for as I said earlier this would be a non-discriminatory battlefield and communists and capitalists would get to share each others’ pain. Many of the corporate communist/fascist corporations have profited enormously from selling war products to all sides in wars. So surely they should be on the battlefield as well, seeing and feeling their products perform first-hand.

Just imagine all of these elites in combat gear and in hand-to-hand combat, all of them leading by example and putting their lives on the line. All those gung-ho warriors for wars worldwide would now be able to experience the very thing they advocate. They would be able to profit from this experience, though this kind of personal profitable experience might not be their bag, as the saying goes. Still, the savings would be enormous to the ordinary peoples of the world and they would all get to see their “brave” and “honorable” leaders in action, leading by example. So, in the name of leadership and equality, should we have war games for all the world’s leaders?

Stephen J. Gray
January 20, 2008.


“The paper which obtains a reputation for publishing authentic news and only that which is fit to print, …will steadily increase its influence” Andrew Carnegie

Newspapers are seeing there circulation declining. Various reasons are given for this. The rise of the Internet and young people not reading the papers are but two explanations. Another reason could be the assault on the traditional family by most of the conglomerate media in Canada. If one takes the time to read and observe the monopoly media, they all - except for a few journalists - seem to propagandize with consistency that abortion, so-called same-sex marriage, and euthanasia are issues that deserve respectability. Yet every one of these issues is detrimental to society. Abortion kills the child in the womb. So called “same-sex marriage” cannot produce children and is an invention of words, and euthanasia is a polite word for killing those perceived to be a burden on society. Nihilism rules and is declared as “rights.”

Why would any responsible parent or person opposed to these aberrations continue to buy propaganda disguised as news? By buying these newspapers, people are buying into the media agenda and are allowing themselves to be punished, abused and ridiculed with their own money. They are, in fact, subsidizing attacks on their belief systems. There is an old saying: “Money talks.” But money can also walk. Just imagine if those in Canada who are of religious persuasion and those who are not of religious persuasion but believe certain issues can never be respectable decided to boycott or cancel their subscriptions to the purveyors of propaganda. This could be called: Money walking. Then the word weasels would be sent a message to take their stories elsewhere.

Stories like two men who are “married” to each other are given saturation coverage in the conglomerates newspapers and also on its TV “news” and we are solemnly told that one of the men is the “wife” of the other!! These two men are protesting something called the lack of “queer culture” in the schools. I’m sure that must worry all the parents out there that their kids are deprived of this “knowledge.” A newspaper editorialized that the two men should be “commended” for pushing “queer issues.” Meanwhile another “news” headline tells us a baby whale has died and it is all very “sad.” A few miles further away from where the baby whale died is the local abortion clinic, thousands of babies over the years are killed there by saline injection or cut to pieces in their mothers’ wombs, but these babies are not considered as newsworthy as a baby whale. The dead innocent, abused and savaged bodies of these human babies are neither shown or reported in the media. This atrocity is called “choice” in the parlance of “investigative” journalism.

The buzz word of the monopoly media is “convergence” and this is how our “news” is filtered to us today through their domination of newspapers and their control of the airwaves and T.V stations. A few gigantic media outlets send and dispense their puffery to the people. These are the decision makers of what is “truth.” Still, by a flick of the switch you can turn off the radio and T.V. messages you do not like. But, if you must read their controlled “news” you can go to the library and read it - that’s where I go; after all, your tax dollars are subsidizing the library, so get your moneys worth. Taxes are compulsory, but written attacks on your beliefs by the mouthpieces of manipulation do not require compulsory subscription. The solution is simple. Don’t buy their proliferating propaganda. You could even write their advertisers and tell them you no longer buy the nonsense in the newspapers. I’m sure the advertisers will love to hear they are paying for advertising space that many people no longer read. Think of the money you could save in a year by not supporting the managed news of the corporate monopoly media.

“Get your facts first, and then you can distort ‘em as you please.” Mark Twain

At one time the newspaper was a trusted source of information and journalism was a respected profession. But, now, except for a few decent journalists, it has become a promoter of causes that are undermining our society. I have already mentioned three of these issues above. Newspapers wield much power. But, we also have some power. The power of how we spend our money. We could use this power by no longer paying for or subscribing to newspapers who are promoting the causes that we believe are a blight on our society today.

Stephen J. Gray
July 23, 2005.

Freedom of Expression and the “Conservative” Government

“The Attorney General of Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and B'nai Brith Canada will be
intervening in the Lemire case in support of Section 13, arguing that it is a reasonable restriction on freedom of speech” (Canadian Constitution Foundation Letter of April 28, 2008.)

Freedom of expression is a right guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; yet, the Attorney General of Canada along with others is an intervenor in the Lemire case. Free speech is either FREE or it isn’t. Are politically correct words like, “reasonable
restriction on freedom of speech” weapons used to suppress what people can say? (We already have laws of libel and defamation so is there any need for “reasonable restrictions?”)

We may not like what people say but in the words of Voltaire, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” In Canada today, we are seeing the death of free speech. Anything you say may be taken down and used against you and reported to unelected, appointed Human Rights Commissars (HRCs). Those dragged before these Stalinist tribunals have to pay for their own lawyers and their own defence. Meanwhile, their accusers are given a free ride. Therefore, one has to ask, has freedom in Canada become subject to the approval of certain powerful groups who appear to be able to have their way with governments?

“What a strange place Canada is in 2008,…where fundamentalist Muslims use hate-speech laws drafted by secular Jews,…” (Ezra Levant, Globe and Mail, January 21, 2008).

Mr. Levant, who is Jewish, went on to say in the Globe and Mail article that the people taking him to the HRCs were “…using the very precedents set by the Canadian Jewish Congress.” Which makes one wonder, why would a powerful organization like the Canadian Jewish Congress not realize that the very “laws” that they “pressed Canadian governments to introduce” could also be used against Jewish people. After all, what’s sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander, as the saying goes.

But, not only Jewish people are being dragged before the HRCs. Before they came for the Jews, the HRCs came for Chris Kempling, Scott Brockie, Knights of Columbus, Stephen Boissoin, Bishop Henry and others. Now Catholic Insight magazine, the Christian Heritage Party and MacLean’s magazine are under the guns of the HRCs. Nobody is safe from these appointed interrogators of totalitarian bent. So what can be done to return freedom of speech and freedom of expression to Canadians?

Governments appointed these HRCs therefore government could disband them. But will they? Witness, the Attorney General of Canada as an intervenor in the Lemire case. The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) in its letter of April 28, 2008, had this to say
about its own potential intervenor status in Lemire, “By intervening in support of the application put forward by Marc Lemire, the CCF would not be endorsing the content of his message, but supporting the rights of all Canadians to say and write whatever they
believe, without fear of violating a law such as Section 13, of the Canadian Human Rights Act.” Amen to that!

A Lifesite news article of February 12, 2008, by John-Henry Westen had this to say about the Conservative government’s stand on Human Rights Commissions: “Internal Memo Tells Canada’s Conservative MPs to be Noncommittal on Human Rights Commissions: Specifies that Conservative MPs are not to stand up publicly for freedom of speech for Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant.”

The article stated: “An internal memo to Conservative MPs sent last week will be sure to disappoint freedom-loving Canadians. The memo, confirmed by LifeSiteNews.com as legitimate, originated from the office of the Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson. The
‘talking points’ memo directs Conservative MPs to remain noncommittal on support for Liberal MP Keith Martin’s motion M-446, which would put an end to the growing and dangerous abuse of human rights commissions….”(see full article at:

These HRCs have become a weapon to suppress and oppress the people of Canada. Yet, a “conservative” government is an intervenor against free speech. Is this why they sent out a memo about being “noncommittal” about “Liberal MP Keith Martin's motion M-446 which would put an end to the growing and dangerous abuse of human rights commissions….”? Are they political hypocrites who say one thing and do another?

“Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society … It is, in fact, totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff” (Stephen Harper).[1]

Stephen J. Gray
May 2, 2008.

[1] Stephen Harper quote from article by Gerry Nicholls at:

Does the Moral Collapse Precede the Economic Collapse?

“History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.” Douglas MacArthur

The Moral Collapse: (some examples)

We have seen the disaster of moral collapse happening before our eyes. We kill our young and call it “choice.” We have men “marrying men” and women “marrying women.” This corruption of words is called “same-sex marriage.” The politicians pass a “law” saying this is “legal.” Now the people know the meaning of the saying: “The law is an ass.” A lifestyle that brings disease and death to many of its practitioners is described as “happy.” Politicians march in parades of “pride” and some of the people in the parades are naked and make obscene gestures. Corporate logos can be seen in the parades as supporters of this debauchery. And the corporate media give pride of place to these disgusting parades on the evening “news.” Some of the representatives of law and disorder, oops, I mean law and order march in these naked outdoor spectacles and try and recruit some of the participants for the “police force.” A judge declares that criminals are “morally worthy” to vote. An “esteemed” judge declares orgies are okay as long as no “harm’ is done and another “respected” judge says a pervert’s work has “artistic merit.” Another judge says that anal sex is "a basic form of sexual expression for gay men,"
A political “leader” meets in secret with two “gay men” one is described in the media as the “husband” of the other man.” These two people want; “Queer History” taught in the schools. Thousands of parents protest against this, and this political “leader” makes himself unavailable or goes into hiding. Meanwhile the scientists are not hiding, and in one country, are in the process of creating half human, half animal hybrids. Is this a world engulfed in its own madness? Is there a virus out there eating brain cells? Or has the abnormal now become “normal?” And is that old saying coming true? “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive mad.”

The Money Collapse?

There is now monetary madness in the marketplace. Those who trumpet the virtues of the free market are now receiving government welfare. Billions of taxpayers dollars from a number of countries central banks are being pumped into the system to stave off economic collapse. And some of the CEO’s whose firms made massive losses get paid multi-million dollar severance packages. A news article had this to say, “some corporate executives have made huge profits from the country's mortgage crisis.” Therefore, one has to ask the question: “Was the monetary system used and abused by financial shysters selling debt, packaged in fancy names? A number of these “ financial institutions” were selling this useless paper while bailing out of it at the same time, and some made huge profits from it. Now some of these same financially “respected” institutions are circling like vultures, the homes of the evicted people, looking to pick them up at dirt cheap prices. Ah, the “morals” of the marketplace! But hey, these are “financial experts” and “pillars” of the financial community. And now some of these “pillars,” are being bailed out by taxpayers dollars. And some of the taxpayers lost their homes. No bailouts for them! Billions in profits were made but the people only hear about the losses.

When money speaks, the truth keeps silent. - Russian Proverb

Truth has indeed been silenced and the monetary losses of financial conglomerates are called “write downs.” The only people who are not allowed “write downs” of their debt are the ordinary taxpayers. But, they are the ones who will pay for this financial chicanery in the long run. Those who trumpeted the slogan: “Get the government off the backs of the people.” Are now receiving government money from the peoples tax monies.

Money is invested by multi-national corporations (who shut down plants in democratic countries) in a communist dictatorship that rips the organs from its own people. Some of the people are used as slave labour and the corporate money manipulators make massive profits. This is called the “free market” at work in a dictatorship. But never mind the dictatorship is hosting Olympic Games and the logos of the monied corporate elites will be flying proudly as sponsors under a communist flag.

Some of the people of this communist land have been kicked off their land to make way for the games and Tibetan protesters are bloodied, beaten and killed. And an Olympic spokesman says, “silent diplomacy” is taking place. Which translated could mean: “Speak no evil of the games.” Meanwhile, the financial games are still being played out world wide. The race never ends in the pursuit of money that has no allegiance to any country. Offshore tax havens house the riches of many ill-gotten gains and the ordinary people are told to “tighten their belts,” because a recession or depression is coming and there is no money. The old saying: “Money is the root of all evil” is surely apt. I believe, we are seeing economic and moral collapse, and I believe, it is best summed up by the quote below.

“Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.” - William Butler Yeats

Stephen J. Gray
March 25,2008.

Decision Makers in Davos

Davos, Switzerland, is where most of the world’s “elites” congregate yearly to discuss and plan their vision of the world. Their latest annual meeting started January 23, 2008. (And people thought they elected governments to do their will. “Dream on Macduff,” as the saying goes.) Anyway, they assemble there in all the luxury befitting their status as a would be world “super species,” and they plot and plan their future “global operations.” There is nothing they do not have a plan for, or a solution to. These are clever people and some of them are “philanthropists” and know how to keep their wealth intact. You, the ordinary taxpaying citizen help maintain their comfort zone. Some of them have tax-free foundations, offshore tax havens and all the other tax-free perks that enables them to live the good life, at your expense; after all, you have to pay taxes and do not have their power or influence. Still, they will be voting on “a plan of action” for the world in Davos: “Through a series of boardroom-style roundtable discussions, the World Economic Brainstorming (WEB) will identify the most pressing threat to growth and then engage participants in a facilitated group discussion to prioritise a plan of action using an electronic voting system” (Daily Telegraph .U.K. 19/1/2008). So, who needs national parliaments of the peoples’ representatives when you have “Davos Man” voting for you?

“...Harvard Professor Samuel P. Huntington described Davos Man (a phrase that first got widespread attention in the 1990s) as an emerging global superspecies — and a threat. The members of this class, he wrote, are people who ‘have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the élite's global operations.’”[1]

Their “global operations” consist of networks, clubs, think tanks and numerous other organizations all designed to bring about the end result of that which they want to achieve: a managed society, which they can control, manipulate and make subservient to their view of the world, and ruled by “Davos Man.”

"Those who go to Davos include many of the top businessmen, bankers, government officials and opinion formers in the world. They and their kind control most international institutions, most of the world's finances and many governments." [2]

Governments of course are elected by the people. Then the political leaders consort with the powerful moneyed elites and when their political days are over many of these same politicians finish up on the boards of the elites, in appreciation for a job well done. The system looks after its own, one might say. And the money masters of the system “know” what’s best for the planet.

“The phony ideas of global warming and poverty eradication, two ‘crises’ devised as rationalizations for endless wealth redistribution schemes, will be on the agenda this week in Switzerland. And make no mistake about it: Davos meetings are about planning actions – far from the prying eyes of the annoying constituents who actually empower these masters of the universe.” [3]

These would-be “masters of the universe” at Davos are just another tentacle of that taxpayer funded un-elected bureaucratic octopus that makes up the United Nations. Investigative journalist, Joan Veon, had this to say: “The World Economic Forum is a facilitator for the goals and objectives of the United Nations-which is world government.” Ms. Veon knows of what she speaks “having covered 64 Global meetings around the world in the last ten years.” [4]

Note: To see all the connections regarding “the global agenda, groups, organizations, players, philosophy, modus operandi and charts” I recommend reading Joan Veon’s book which is called, “The UNITED NATIONS’ GLOBAL STRAITJACKET.” It is an impressive investigative report.

There are many reports available on Davos, but I believe it is best summed up by this statement: “This [world economic] forum was founded in 1971, but did not become a major force until after the Cold War ended. It then became a great social whirl based on the illusion of a harmonious world conjured up by transnational business elites under the rubric of “globalization.” Its real purpose, however, is to use private wealth to corrupt national leaders into betraying the interests of their people” (William R. Hawkins … Senior Fellow for National Security Studies at the U.S. Business and Industry Council).[5]

Stephen J. Gray
January 24, 2008

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