Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the Final Days of the Human Race

In the final days of the human race
Chaos reigned in the marketplace
The money system was in a state of collapse
And any morality had long since lapsed

The killing of children by abortion and wars
Was commonplace amongst the ruling curs
The slaughter explained as “legitimate choices”
And they called this “democracy” with hypocrisy voices

Politicians spread their meaningless nonsense
Do these political hypocrites lack any conscience?
Vote for me is their cry
And all their promises are pie in the sky

The arms dealers were no longer heard
They had no place to hide and justice was served
Finally they were getting what was their due
Now they know the meaning of, “you reap what you sow”

The money changers could not buy or sell
And that to them was a living hell
They profited from death and bloody destruction
Is there a price to pay for evil and corruption?

Capitalism and communism
Were birds of a feather
And both of them had thought
They could rule forever

“There was weeping and wailing
And gnashing of teeth”
And nothing to eat
And no relief

The poisoned earth was all aflame
And nothing would ever be the same
Filth and corruption had run rampant
Degenerate behavior has brought extinction

Only those who prayed and had repented
Would find themselves fairly represented
The day of judgement had finally come
And it was over; because God had won

Stephen J. Gray
March 15, 2009.