Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rumour has it that…

Rumour has it that…
(Satire) By Stephen J. Gray

Rumour has it that….

A number of North American political leaders along with some European political leaders, and the rest of their political allies elsewhere, are going to parachute into Syria. They reportedly want to lead by example and have their boots on the ground. After all, leaders are supposed to lead and who better to lead the charge than these respected leaders? They will be dressed in full combat gear and hope to link up with the rebels some of whom are reportedly Al-Qaeda members and Jihadis.

When asked why they were joining up with supposed enemies, spokespersons for the honourable politicians were quoted as saying: “We need to bring some accountability to this mess, and issue a firm response and make a judgement call that will send a message that we have a responsibility to protect.  Therefore, we propose plenty of backup with Cruise and Hellfire missiles which we will direct from our base on the ground along with our Al-Qaeda allies.”  A press release from the honourable ones also reportedly said: “the enemy of our enemies is our friend. And at the moment Al- Qaeda is our friend.”

These brave politicians are calling themselves “Friends of Syria” and it is hoped that the unselfish sacrifice they are making by taking part in the battle for democracy will be recognized. Their supporters have already started a petition in the hope that these courageous politicians will get a prize for peace.

These peaceful politicians have an impeccable record. Along with Al-Qaeda and NATO they liberated Libya. [1] Now Libya is in a state of civil war. But, you can’t blame these respectable politicians. After all, they called themselves the “Friends of Libya.” And if friends cannot intervene on behalf of friends, what’s the point of it all?  Libya is now in chaos, but these honourable politicians at least tried, and bombed it into the dark ages. You cannot fault them for trying, can you? Some cynical persons are calling them “war criminals.  Still, they were bringing democracy even though it failed. Remember the old motto: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” And that’s what our brave political leaders will be doing in Syria with the help of Jihadis and al-Qaeda.

We will be giving air support to Al- Qaeda [2] and some are criticizing this. But hey, we did it in Libya [1] as well, so what’s the big deal? Anyway, I’ll close for now and stress that rumours of politicians taking part in war themselves and being in the front lines, is just rumours. So hold those Medals for Political Bravery in abeyance.

Stephen J. Gray

August 29, 2013.



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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The ‘Great Satan’and his Helpers

The ‘Great Satan’and his Helpers
By Stephen J. Gray

The “Great Satan” and his helpers are ready for another war
They have Hellfire missiles all ready to score
Any day now he will order death and destruction
And his helpers can’t wait, to get in, on the action

They all are slavering at their hypocritical mouths
They just can’t wait to take their bows
A “coalition of the willing,” ready for more killing
Perhaps they find it all exciting and thrilling

They will be able to watch it all safely in their bunkers
This gang of self appointed “humanitarian” killers
The ‘Great Satan’ has already killed children with drones
So what if his missiles should demolish some people and their homes!

He will call it “collateral damage” and perhaps apologize
As he sends death and destruction down from the skies
This is “democracy” and “responsibility to protect”
Who cares what will happen and its effect?

Setting the world on fire could be the result
As they all cheer, give high fives, and exult
Safe in their bunkers amidst all the devastation
The ‘Great Satan’ and his helpers from a number of nations

Could these be the creators of Hell on earth?
These devilish lunatics will have given birth
To more violence, killing and slaughter
The ‘Great Satan and his mad helpers will make the world hotter

Stephen J. Gray
August 28, 2013.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

An Imaginary Speech to the Global Elite

An Imaginary Speech to the Global Elite
By Stephen J. Gray

 Greetings, respected and eminent persons, of the world community, it is so nice to see you all gathered in our favourite offshore tax haven for our yearly confab on world affairs. Let me start by giving you an update on our progress.
We are having undreamed of success in pushing that alternative lifestyle, that we marketed under the banner of “same sex marriage.”  Our marketing experts and our multi-national corporations have also helped. It has been legitimized by many governments and politicians. In fact, some are here today amongst the audience.  (Applause takes place and shouts of “bravo” are heard.) We must also give credit to our corporate owned media who have been pushing this same-sex lifestyle frenziedly and relentlessly. And of course many of the trade union bosses who use their captive member-ships compulsory union dues to also push this way of life. Talking about life, our world wide agenda on depopulation is coming to fruition. With “same sex marriage” becoming normalized there can be no children born to these sterile relationships. (another round of applause and a standing ovation ensues.)

We are also involved in the world wide abortion industry which has killed millions and is killing millions daily and this also helps our depopulation agenda. We are involved in financing and supplying arms to despots and dictators and financing both sides in wars. All this bloody mayhem also gets rid of the surplus people and helps our depopulation agenda tremendously. We are driving up the price of food and our speculation on this has made us massive profits. This has caused starvation in poorer countries, but this is another plus for our depopulation agenda. We have imposed austerity on a number of countries and this also deters some of the people from having children.

We crashed the financial system and some of us got bailed out by the peoples’ tax dollars, though some persons were saying the people who lost their houses should have been bailed out as well. Which is just silly, bailing them out would have been a form of socialism, and we cannot have that. (a huge burst of applause and a standing ovation takes place, and shouts of, “Let the marketplace decide,” are heard.

We continue our globalized marketplace strategies and our puppet political friends in many governments are only too willing to take our advice on trade deals, partnerships and globalization. They sell it to their people as “creating jobs,” and that slogan is always a winner; our corporate marketers tell us. With globalization and world wide trade deals we can have the people competing for our business and the lowest wages and working conditions offered will win the deal. We will be making more and more money. Our profits will go through the roof and the people will count themselves lucky to have a roof over their heads.

In closing let me say this. Our depopulation and other strategies are working well. One of our marketers says the people can be convinced of anything if you market the language properly, and scare them enough. The war on drugs, the war on poverty and the war on terror have been great slogans. It pays to have endless enemies and that is why the war business is so profitable. And it is all paid for by the peoples’ tax dollars. What could be more appropriate than that? Till next year keep smiling and remember our motto: “Globalization is the end of nations and depopulation will bring some correlation.”

Stephen J. Gray
August 24, 2013.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Media Frenzy Over Press Release by Real Women

The airwaves, the newspapers and the TV news and others went apoplectic over a press release by Real Women. If words could kill, [1] Real Women would be dead and buried.
The National Post of August 7, 2013 in an article headlined: “John Baird’s defence of gay rights ‘highly offensive,’ conservative women’s group says” by Jake Edmiston. The article stated:
 “Last week, Mr. Baird revealed that he had attempted, in eight closed-door meetings, to convince the Russian government not to move forward with a law that banned gay pride rallies and the spreading of information about gay choices to minors.” The article went on to quote Mr. Baird as saying:  ‘It is an incitement to intolerance, which breeds hate,…’  Baird is not a Russian politician and is not elected by the Russian people. But, he is Minister of Foreign Affairs perhaps that gives him the right to criticize other countries? Still, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, as the saying goes.

Here in “civilized” Canada people are not allowed to “propagandize” within a certain radius, outside abortion clinics even though human lives are being cut to pieces, suctioned out or decapitated. Is that not a “hate” crime and does it not smack of “intolerance” and protection of depraved acts? So far I haven’t heard Mr. Baird speak out on that or the so-called mainstream “investigative” media either, they are too busy criticizing Real Women.

In fact, Anthony Furey in the Ottawa Sun of August 10, 2013 wrote this:
“REAL Women of Canada need a reality check….
Drop the double standard and just accept that Canada stands up for all human rights.” [2]

I believe it is Mr. Furey who needs a “reality check.” He says, “…Canada stands up for all human rights.” Anybody with half a brain knows this is baloney. 491 babies were born alive after abortionists failed to kill them [3] and most of the media in Canada have buried the story. No “human rights” for these little ones or the other innocents slaughtered in the name of “choice.”  No media frenzy over rights for them, only hypocrisy from the media and most of the politicians.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper chose to speak out on human rights in Canada and Russia. This headline:  “Harper speaks out against Russia’s anti-gay law” [4]

“Stephen Harper has waded into the controversy over Russia’s new anti-gay law.
Speaking in Miramichi, N.B., the prime minister said Canadians expect his government to defend human rights….” [4]
 “I think it’s important to recognize there are some controversies in this matter, but the reality is that our position is that we don’t imprison or kill people for acts committed freely between adults,” [4[
“We don’t imprison people for their expressing political positions….”[4]
(What about the human rights of Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons who have been imprisoned many times for merely protesting the killing of babies outside abortuaries.)

I believe Harper’s words should win him a prize for hypocrisy.
Mr. Harper along with Mr. Baird and other politicians in Canada voted against finding out when human life begins and will not even defend the human rights of the 491 babies born alive after failed killings. [3] Then were left to die.
It takes courage and human decency to do the right thing, I believe this is lacking in the Harper government and in most of the politicians in Canada’s parliament. They are selective when it comes to “human rights” as are most of the media as witness their latest frenzy against Real Women.

Stephen J. Gray
August 11, 2013.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Are “Trade Deals” a Camouflage for Treason?

Treason: “A betrayal of trust or confidence.” [1]

Can the people of any country have any ‘trust” or “confidence” in a government that is involved in “hidden” [2] and “secretive” [3] trade deals? Why all the secrecy? Yet, this is happening here in Canada and in other countries as well. Canada is in the process of signing a free trade deal with the E.U.  The Montreal Gazette of April 28, 2012, had the headline, “Tories pitch EU free-trade deal online…text of pact remains hidden from public” The article went on to state: “The deal is not just about free trade, which eliminates tariffs at the border, but greater economic integration with the EU.” [2] (emphasis added)

Canada is also a member of the “secretive” Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) still in the negotiation stage, which has been described as a “Stealth Corporate Coup d’Etat[4]
All these “free trade” deals are always heralded by nice sounding press releases telling the masses they will “create jobs” and “billions if not trillions in economic activity.” Meanwhile the “deals” are all being done in “secret” and the people are expected to believe what they are told by their political masters. But hey, we know we can trust politicians and their big multi-national corporate friends; don’t we? I mean, they would not sign national sovereignty away, would they? An article in the Toronto Star of August 1, 2013, by Thomas Walkom, had this headline: “Surprise. Stephen Harper’s U.S. border deal does imperil Canadian sovereignty: Walkom” [5] And the Huffington Post of August 2, 2013 had this headline: “U.S. 'Homeland' Includes Canada And Mexico On NSA Map (PHOTO)”  

One of the most influential business writers, Peter F. Drucker had this to say on the economic integration of Canada, Mexico and the United States Of America: "The economic integration of the three countries into one region is proceeding so fast that it will make little difference whether the marriage is sanctified legally or not."[8]
Note: The “three countries” were Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.
So there you have it “integration” is happening and the masses are not being consulted, are they? This is the same kind of “integration” that happened with the European Union (EU) and the people were not consulted. But hey, who needs a parliamentary system of “democracy” these days?  Or who needs national sovereignty? In fact our great “free trade” leader is on record as saying about national sovereignty.

“I know some people don’t like it, it’s a loss of national sovereignty” Stephen Harper [9]

Is there any Canadian prepared to give up the national sovereignty of our great country? I don’t believe there is. Yet, Stephen Harper says “some people don’t like it.” I would say all of the people do not want to lose our country’s sovereignty, and Stephen Harper has no mandate to sign away our sovereignty. Yet, it appears to be happening in broad daylight, as witness the evidence in this article. The words below should make us wonder what is happening to our country.

“A few years ago, Stephen Harper told us that by the time he was done in office, we wouldn't recognize Canada. How true, and troubling, those words have become.” [7]
Sean Casey, Liberal MP for Charlottetown, P.E.I. in Huffington Post, August 2, 2013.

One must also ask do thinking people really believe the nice sounding words in the press release listed below?

“Beyond the Border: a shared vision for perimeter security and economic competitiveness”

“A declaration by the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States of America”

4 February 2011
Washington, D.C.
“We intend to work together to promote the principles of human rights, privacy, and civil liberties as essential to the rule of law and effective management of our perimeter.”…

The above words by the politicians sound good but are they truthful? Where are the “human rights” when American drones kill innocent children? [10] Where are the “privacy” rights when the American, NSA is spying on everybody world wide. [11] Where is the “rule of law” when the American government has an “assassination program?” [12] Where are the “civil liberties” when the American government uses torture and passes legislation like the NDAA. [13] Are Canadians okay with this kind of stuff? Does “Beyond the Border trade and security” deal pass the smell test for them? Does any of these “trade deals” pass the smell test?  Are these “trade” deals going to be imposed upon us, and are these deals a camouflage for loss of sovereignty and political treason?

Stephen J. Gray
August 8, 2013.


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