Saturday, August 24, 2013

An Imaginary Speech to the Global Elite

An Imaginary Speech to the Global Elite
By Stephen J. Gray

 Greetings, respected and eminent persons, of the world community, it is so nice to see you all gathered in our favourite offshore tax haven for our yearly confab on world affairs. Let me start by giving you an update on our progress.
We are having undreamed of success in pushing that alternative lifestyle, that we marketed under the banner of “same sex marriage.”  Our marketing experts and our multi-national corporations have also helped. It has been legitimized by many governments and politicians. In fact, some are here today amongst the audience.  (Applause takes place and shouts of “bravo” are heard.) We must also give credit to our corporate owned media who have been pushing this same-sex lifestyle frenziedly and relentlessly. And of course many of the trade union bosses who use their captive member-ships compulsory union dues to also push this way of life. Talking about life, our world wide agenda on depopulation is coming to fruition. With “same sex marriage” becoming normalized there can be no children born to these sterile relationships. (another round of applause and a standing ovation ensues.)

We are also involved in the world wide abortion industry which has killed millions and is killing millions daily and this also helps our depopulation agenda. We are involved in financing and supplying arms to despots and dictators and financing both sides in wars. All this bloody mayhem also gets rid of the surplus people and helps our depopulation agenda tremendously. We are driving up the price of food and our speculation on this has made us massive profits. This has caused starvation in poorer countries, but this is another plus for our depopulation agenda. We have imposed austerity on a number of countries and this also deters some of the people from having children.

We crashed the financial system and some of us got bailed out by the peoples’ tax dollars, though some persons were saying the people who lost their houses should have been bailed out as well. Which is just silly, bailing them out would have been a form of socialism, and we cannot have that. (a huge burst of applause and a standing ovation takes place, and shouts of, “Let the marketplace decide,” are heard.

We continue our globalized marketplace strategies and our puppet political friends in many governments are only too willing to take our advice on trade deals, partnerships and globalization. They sell it to their people as “creating jobs,” and that slogan is always a winner; our corporate marketers tell us. With globalization and world wide trade deals we can have the people competing for our business and the lowest wages and working conditions offered will win the deal. We will be making more and more money. Our profits will go through the roof and the people will count themselves lucky to have a roof over their heads.

In closing let me say this. Our depopulation and other strategies are working well. One of our marketers says the people can be convinced of anything if you market the language properly, and scare them enough. The war on drugs, the war on poverty and the war on terror have been great slogans. It pays to have endless enemies and that is why the war business is so profitable. And it is all paid for by the peoples’ tax dollars. What could be more appropriate than that? Till next year keep smiling and remember our motto: “Globalization is the end of nations and depopulation will bring some correlation.”

Stephen J. Gray
August 24, 2013.

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