Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rumour has it that…

Rumour has it that…
(Satire) By Stephen J. Gray

Rumour has it that….

A number of North American political leaders along with some European political leaders, and the rest of their political allies elsewhere, are going to parachute into Syria. They reportedly want to lead by example and have their boots on the ground. After all, leaders are supposed to lead and who better to lead the charge than these respected leaders? They will be dressed in full combat gear and hope to link up with the rebels some of whom are reportedly Al-Qaeda members and Jihadis.

When asked why they were joining up with supposed enemies, spokespersons for the honourable politicians were quoted as saying: “We need to bring some accountability to this mess, and issue a firm response and make a judgement call that will send a message that we have a responsibility to protect.  Therefore, we propose plenty of backup with Cruise and Hellfire missiles which we will direct from our base on the ground along with our Al-Qaeda allies.”  A press release from the honourable ones also reportedly said: “the enemy of our enemies is our friend. And at the moment Al- Qaeda is our friend.”

These brave politicians are calling themselves “Friends of Syria” and it is hoped that the unselfish sacrifice they are making by taking part in the battle for democracy will be recognized. Their supporters have already started a petition in the hope that these courageous politicians will get a prize for peace.

These peaceful politicians have an impeccable record. Along with Al-Qaeda and NATO they liberated Libya. [1] Now Libya is in a state of civil war. But, you can’t blame these respectable politicians. After all, they called themselves the “Friends of Libya.” And if friends cannot intervene on behalf of friends, what’s the point of it all?  Libya is now in chaos, but these honourable politicians at least tried, and bombed it into the dark ages. You cannot fault them for trying, can you? Some cynical persons are calling them “war criminals.  Still, they were bringing democracy even though it failed. Remember the old motto: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” And that’s what our brave political leaders will be doing in Syria with the help of Jihadis and al-Qaeda.

We will be giving air support to Al- Qaeda [2] and some are criticizing this. But hey, we did it in Libya [1] as well, so what’s the big deal? Anyway, I’ll close for now and stress that rumours of politicians taking part in war themselves and being in the front lines, is just rumours. So hold those Medals for Political Bravery in abeyance.

Stephen J. Gray

August 29, 2013.



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