Monday, July 29, 2019

Cross Country Speak Up

This week we are going country wide with an important question. As you know, we at the Collective Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) are funded by millions of dollars of your taxes; therefore, we thought it appropriate a question should be asked of a taxpayer in each of the provinces.

The question is as follows: “This country is a country of equality; therefore, should a man that says he is a woman have a genitalia wax job in a female-only business?  We will take answers from one taxpayer in each province, and in equality fairness, start the calls in alphabetical order by province.

Hello Doug in Alberta, what do you think?
Doug: I believe if he has a penis and testicles he is definitely a man. So I say no forced wax job by a female business worker; but perhaps he/she should get some help for wrong thinking. Perhaps he needs his brain waxed.
Hello Charlie in British Columbia, what do you say?
Charlie: I say if he is a man/feminist like the PM, then he is entitled to act out his fantasy. I don’t like to see anybody get a bum rap. Justice delayed is justice denied. He should-- oops, I mean, she should take her/his case to the Human Rights Commission for a verdict on this pressing and important matter. That will open up this whole ball of wax. Did I just wax eloquent?
Yes, you did Charlie, thanks for your pun and wisdom.

Hello Angus in Newfoundland and Labrador, it’s your turn.
Angus: I see this as a Charter challenge on equality. After all, the Charter says “everyone”; therefore, everyone, in my opinion, means everyone. Man or woman, boy or girl. I say, give the guy/girl his/her wax job and let us all come together in unity and brotherhood/sisterhood. I’m sure the unions would agree. They are big on “equality.” So let’s all sing “Solidarity Forever” for a waxing. And hey, it might even create some new jobs and new businesses and products, and it could be unionized.
Thank you Angus very well put.

Hello Nora in North West Territories, what’s your opinion?
Nora: I don’t believe a man can be a woman. You are either a he or a she. And no woman business owner should have to wax a man’s genitals. I think it is obscene and makes our country a laughing stock. Have we gone mad? Or are we already mad?

Hello Harry in Nova Scotia, what do you think?
Harry: I like that saying: “I think therefore I am” and I believe this person thinks he is a woman even though he has the gonads of a man. So, I think if he has a pair of nuts and a tool, then he is a man. Therefore, sorry, no wax job for him, unless someone volunteers.

Hello Ossie in Nunavut, what are your thoughts?
Ossie: I think the country is going nuts about a person’s nuts. What is going on in this country? People are struggling to make a living and put food on the table and this guy wants a wax job?! Could the cause of all this confusion be climate change? I know it’s happening here. I mean climate change, not wax jobs.

Hello Olive in Ontario, it’s your turn to speak.
Olive: We need a thoughtful climate change in this country that brings back sanity, decency and truth. The truth is this guy has a member and a pair of testicles, so he is a man according to bodily evidence. Enough said. I believe the country is going nuts. No pun intended.

Hello Francois in Quebec, any input for us?
Francois: This question makes me feel like separation would be a blessing. What is happening in this country when taxpayers’ monies finance Human Right Commissions to investigate a right to have a wax job?

Hello Bill in the Yukon, what do you say?
Bill: I think Francois was right on the mark.  There are more important things needing discussion in this country than whether this man/woman has a pecker or balls on his private parts.  A man is a man and a woman is a woman. Definitely no wax job unless ordered by a Supreme Court judge that says it is a right under the Charter.

Hello Sheila in Saskatchewan, you have the last word or words.
Sheila: If this gentleman has male genitalia he is a man. Still, I believe we should feel sorry for this confused and mixed up person. We live in a land that has lost its moral compass. When men and women can parade and march naked in the streets, and the parades are led by politicians and police, then is it any wonder bizarre things are claimed as a right. Children are told they can be a girl or boy, we murder people legally and call it assisted dying. We kill our young and call it a choice. I could go on and on with examples of a country that has become degenerate and depraved. It all starts at the top where perversion is enshrined in law and called a right by those in power.
I believe this waxing insanity should be an election issue, so that it can be debated across the land. So let’s have all the parties tell us their stand on wax jobs for men that claim to be women.  That’s all I have to say.

Moderator: Thank you all. I hope the country enjoyed your input on this delicate and important matter. That concludes our Cross Country Speak Up for this week.

Stephen J. Gray
July 29, 2019.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Propaganda TV (PTV)

“The effective propagandist must be a master of the art of speech, of writing, of journalism, of the poster and of the leaflet. He must have the gift to use the major methods of influencing public opinion such as the press, film and radio to serve his ideas and goals, above all in an age of advancing technology.”  Josef Goebbles

The other night while flicking through the TV channels I watched some bits of “news” from PTV. One story was about a man that wanted his genitals waxed and had taken his case to the Human Rights Commission (HRC). It appears he was refused by a business that served women, because they don’t do this kind of waxing on men. It seems this man claims that he is a woman, and he says he is transgendered, even though he/she has male genitalia. The PTV news anchor kept referring to the man as a “She” even though he is a “He.” Anyway, Global TV told us He was a “She.”

I then moved on to another TV Chanel called CTV. The “news” anchor, used to work at CBC, he was now with CTV. His reading of the “news” had a story about Syria and how the poor “rebels” also known as ISIS and Al-Qaeda were being bombed in their last terrorist holdout. Pictures were shown of a group called the “White Helmets” rescuing children from ruined buildings. No mention was made that this city, Idlib, is where the terrorists are making their last stand and that the “White Helmets” are reportedly ‘terrorist militants’. And that some of their members have been settled in Canada. [1] Still, the “news story” made sure that the “White Helmets” names on the backs of their nice clean shirts were clearly legible. Too bad CTV did not tell us who the “rebels” really were, [1a] or that the “White Helmets” reportedly associate with the terrorists. [1b]

Another story from PTV was about the move, “Unplanned,” the “media” called this movie “propaganda” even though it is a true story regarding atrocities about abortion. But, when the media are terrified of the truth [2] and have been covering up the criminality of the abortionists, then they are “consistent” in their propaganda. And that is why we have Propaganda TV (PTV).

Stephen J. Gray
July 27. 2019.


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Friday, July 26, 2019

When Depravity Rules

“Depravity is an intense form of immorality, a moral perversion”
When depravity rules a country then it is in a bad way                  
And the perverted and the degenerate get to hold sway
The political class are responsible for what happens to the land                      
And filth and corruption are acceptable because of “their stand”

Orgies are okay as long as no “harm” is done
So says a “respected” judge: Is debauchery just harmless fun?
Another judge “reads in” a product of their imagination
Are these people fit to judge and force rules on the nation?

The rule of law becomes the rule of the lawless, and the obscene
And people parade and walk naked in a number of street scenes
Grovelling politicians and police lead these sad and sexual parades
Do the depraved and the decadent, the city streets invade?

Young children are given lessons in perverted sex education
Mandated by mad governments with power infatuations
If parents object and protest this dirty, filthy insanity
They are mocked and laughed at by the ruling profanity

The morally sick and sleazy dictate their evil wants
And most of the compliant media support all their stunts
Propaganda is the forte of deviant and twisted journalism
That makes one wonder: does their message sounds like nihilism?

The media bray their B.S. twenty four hours a day
And some of the brainwashed accept whatever they print and say
The government is handing over millions of taxpayers’ monies
So that the “media” can propagandize more “news” and the “funnies”

The so-called “free press” is not really “investigative” and “free”
Many of them pay compulsory union dues and are captives you see
They promote and support, most of the happenings of the politically correct
As do the trade unions to whom the media are compulsory union subjects

The country therefore, I believe, has a fictitious “free press”
And the news can be propagandized, oh what a dirty mess
The media control the “news” and have the broadcasting tools
Saying nudity and obscenity is “family friendly” then depravity does rule

Stephen J. Gray
July 26, 2019.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Them or Us

Is it all coming down to them or us?
Will we continue to be silent and not make a fuss?
Will we allow them to pervert our childrens’ young minds?
In government sanctioned sex education about mankind

They are telling young children they can be a girl or a boy
And that gender can be changed just like a new toy
That the words man and woman don’t mean what they say
Will we allow them to continue to postulate, and will we continually give way?

How did society reach this state of madness and perversion?
And allow the sick and degenerate to dictate to the nations?
In a normal land these disordered people would be institutionalized
Now we allow them to march naked, dictate and proselytize
Are the lunatics in charge and running the system?
Is there a virus eating brain cells and destroying wisdom?
Have those that rule over us lost their senses and minds?
Are they listening to them: Is “the blind leading the blind”?

Have the Houses of Power become degenerate and depraved?
Has the “rule of law” become deviate, debauched and debased?
Has a minority called them taken the reins of power?
Have the political rulers surrendered, and cringe and cower?

It now is a “hate crime” to speak and use your free speech
Those that are them are allowed to squeal and screech
What used to be called the “abnormal” and a form of “perversity”
Has now been camouflaged as a “good” and called “diversity”

Will pedophilia be the next perversion enshrined in “law”?
As those in power continue defining society, and attempt its redraw
They have already with them made the abnormal sound “happy”
Proving that all kinds of filth can be acceptable and made classy

Are we seeing madness and insanity displayed as normal?
Are we losing everything that is principled, good, and moral?
Are we allowing them to destroy all that is true and precious?
Or have we had enough because: “It is them or us”?

Stephen J. Gray
July 24, 2019.

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bailing Out the “Media”

Bailing out the media with taxpayers dollars
“$600” million to subsidize the propaganda horrors
Has the Trudeau government bought the “free press”?
Will the media recipients obviously the truth suppress?

They have already done this on the issue of abortion
Covering up the atrocities by supporting a “choice” definition
491 babies survived attempted killings in abortion chambers
Then were left to die and the media failed to inform their readers

Recently the movie “Unplanned” was subjected to media propaganda
Most of them declared this movie was not spectacular
Despite the fact it was a true story of those that bring death
To the pre-born innocents in the womb as they draw their last breath

The media has also covered up, the training of terrorists by NATO
This important information is censored and is a media no show
The peoples’ tax dollars are paying for this criminal treachery
That surely is a diabolical waste and a bloody dirty mockery

There even is evidence that terrorists were allowed into the country
But, the media did not report any of this traitorous reality
Instead they peddle their B.S. and constant bloody lies
But hey, based on the evidence is that really a surprise?

The media union bosses will have more money to squander
As they play with taxpayers monies: Is that not a downer?
The media corporate owners will also get a free ride with taxpayers’ dollars
Are the people and the unemployed happy to subsidize these monsters?

I believe the “news” system is really a propaganda farce
And the so-called “free press” could be called, “bizarre”
Funded by compulsory union dues and “$600” million of taxpayers cash
I believe, the bailing out of the media will result in more liberal balderdash

Stephen J. Gray
July 20, 2019.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Are Cowards and Crackpots?

Are cowards and crackpots in positions of power?
Are they the people that allow lies to flower?
Persons can be fired for stating the truth
That the words man and woman are a truthful use

Instead the twisted and sick powers that be
Are stating that genders can be fluid by decree
Children are told they can be a girl or a boy
Has truth been perverted in an attempt to destroy?

Are platforms given to the mentally sick and demented?
When in reality society needs to be protected
From those that are running loose and having their way
And dictating to society every hour of the day

Will nobody in power take a truthful and courageous stand?
And say: “We will not allow any misfits to control this land”
Instead they cringe and cower: this politically correct lot
Are some countries ruled by cowards and crackpots?

Stephen J. Gray
July 17, 2019.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Pretend Democracy

If political, judicial, and other elites wanted to impose their twisted agendas on a country, what would be the best way to do it? Their first objective would to be to find a way to deceive the people. How could this be done? Very easily. Tell the people that you are going to give them a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Give the people some input on this by way of country wide hearings. (Doing this makes the people think that this is their Charter.) Then after all the hearings are over, in step the elites--the lawyers, the politicians, and the “eminent persons” who “know best” what is good for the country. They bend the charter into the shape they want. Then it is time for the big show of giving the people “freedoms” in the new “democracy.”...

This “democracy” in this country is ruled by a document called “the Charter.” The people did not get to vote on whether they wanted this “charter.” It was imposed upon them by the political elites of the day. Yet, very few people here ask the question: “How can this document be legitimate when the people were not allowed to vote individually on its acceptance?”...

The unelected give approval:
Quite simply really, unelected lawyers called “judges” get appointed to the Supreme Court by elected politicians. The unelected judges then issue an ultimatum to the elected politicians to bring in a law on Euthanasia. Then the legislation approved by parliament goes to the unelected Senate for approval.

The system at “work”
The judges that sit on the court are declared “Supreme”
They “read in” what is “acceptable” even if it is obscene
Euthanasia is approved if you sign and are willing
The law has been perverted to allow this type of killing

The pre-born are also killed under the banner of “Choice”
And those that support this atrocity applaud and rejoice
The parliament of this country even gave a standing ovation
To those that support this hellish killing within their nation

Many of the professions are forced to take part in the killing
An edict has been approved, even though the decent are unwilling
This sick society wants everyone complicit in its evil acts
This is what is happening and that is a filthy, dirty fact...

In summing up, one has to say, the people of Canada are being forced to ride along with this motley gang of unelected appointed judges and human rights commissions; trade unions with compulsory membership and jackbooted thugs on Canadian university campuses, and cowardly politicians who will not defend freedom. There is no freedom if you are not politically correct. The so-called Charter of Rights is a farce. This farcical Charter has become a judicial monster that devours freedom, morality and decency and vomits compulsion, filth and depravity. We now live in a pretend democracy, and we are seeing the continual debasement and destruction of freedom in Canada....

Stephen J. Gray
July 14, 2019.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Terrified of the Truth


Abortion supporters in Canada are terrified of the truth
They and their media supporters are spreading fake news
They are in a frenzy of fear that the movie “Unplanned” will expose
The abortion industries horrors of how babies are killed and disposed

The movie is not “propaganda” as the media and abortion supporters say
Any thinking person knows babies are slaughtered every day
In abortion clinics and in hospitals and other “health centres” too
Some have even been born alive after being attacked, and this is true

In fact here in Canada there is evidence that babies were born alive
After the abortionists failed to kill them; they lived, instead of died
These little innocents were then left alone to cry and die, and die
This was Canada’s abominable hate crime, and justice has a black eye

So when you see and hear the biased media and the abortion supporters as well
All screaming, “Unplanned” is “propaganda”: That is a chorus from hell
The media have covered up these abortion atrocities, by calling it:
 “Freedom to choose”
Now they and the abortion supporters are terrified of this movie’s deadly truth

“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” John F. Kennedy

Stephen J. Gray
July 12, 2019.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Is Canada Politically and Morally Sick?

“There is nothing politically right that is morally wrong” - Daniel O’Connell

Everything that once was normal, moral, and good
Has been replaced by the abnormal, immoral and lewd
The law has been perverted to “legitimize” the unnatural
And words “man” and “woman” are no longer factual

The children are taught that they can be a girl or a boy
And if anybody objects they are attacked and destroyed
The language is twisted and words are debased
Genders are now “fluid” in today’s human race

Marijuana is legalized as the country goes to pot
Weed edibles can eventually be sold and bought
Drug candies and cookies will be soon available to crunch
Here’s hoping the children don’t get them for lunch

People march naked and call this their “culture”
Obscenity is now accepted as a “lawful” gesture
The politicians and police take part in this lawbreaking farce
Giving credence to the words that “The law is an Ass”

The judges that sit on the court are declared “Supreme”
They “read in” what is “acceptable” even if it is obscene
Euthanasia is approved if you sign and are willing
The law has been perverted to allow this type of killing...

[more info at link below]

“Choice, Choice, Choice”

They scream “choice,” “choice,” “choice,”
In loud, noisy and hysterical voices
Their chosen victims are the pre-born child
Any law to save this innocent drives them wild

In parliaments and other Houses of ill repute
The mostly cowardly politicians say: “choice” is absolute
There is no law to save the innocent pre-born
These tiny, helpless, human beings are treated with scorn

Cut to pieces, suctioned out, or poisoned by a saline solution
These little humans are called, “products of conception”
“Choice” words are used to hide this heinous crime
Truth is sabotaged by abominable “choice” signs...

[more info at link below]

The words “right to choose” are spoken and written by the media, most of the politicians, and others in society. Justin Trudeau has even called people opposed to abortion as “anti-choice.” So what is the “choice” that Trudeau, most of the media, and most politicians advocate? The “choice” to put it bluntly, is to have the “choice” to have the pre-born child killed, if she/he is unwanted. The aforementioned words are those that the squealers of “choice” do not have the courage to say, when they parrot the abominable word “choice” regarding abortion. How sick are people that would give a “standing ovation” to such an evil act that destroys innocent human life? And these people have the title, “Right Honourable” and “Honourable” in front of their names! Ugh!..

Still, one should not be surprised that most of those in Canada’s Parliament would give a “standing ovation” to the “right to choose.” It has already covered up a heinous crime in Canada, where 491 babies were born alive after failed killings by abortion. Then they were left to die. This was: Canada’s Abominable Hate Crime.”...

I believe:

If Jesus were alive today
He would be in jail for having His say
He would be put on trial for telling the truth
By those that peddle lies and are uncouth

If He dared to question today’s filth
And its empires the establishment built
He would be criticized in the dirt-bag media
For promoting hate and hysteria

If He questioned the killing of the pre-born
He would be reviled and treated with scorn
He would be declared an enemy of “choice”
For saying, “Thou shall not kill” with His voice

If He tried to protect the innocence of children
He would be portrayed as a bully and a villain
Because the establishment hates those that speak out
Against the filth promoters, who scream and shout

If He said He created, “Man and Woman”
He would be told, “That’s not a given”
He would be ridiculed by the powers that be
And told by the ruling hypocrites, “There is no he or she”

If He said He came to save us one and all
He would be splattered with venom and catcalls
Because telling the truth about our debauchery and decay
Would get Jesus crucified if He were alive today

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”  Dante Alighieri

Stephen J. Gray
July 11, 2019.

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