Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Them or Us

Is it all coming down to them or us?
Will we continue to be silent and not make a fuss?
Will we allow them to pervert our childrens’ young minds?
In government sanctioned sex education about mankind

They are telling young children they can be a girl or a boy
And that gender can be changed just like a new toy
That the words man and woman don’t mean what they say
Will we allow them to continue to postulate, and will we continually give way?

How did society reach this state of madness and perversion?
And allow the sick and degenerate to dictate to the nations?
In a normal land these disordered people would be institutionalized
Now we allow them to march naked, dictate and proselytize
Are the lunatics in charge and running the system?
Is there a virus eating brain cells and destroying wisdom?
Have those that rule over us lost their senses and minds?
Are they listening to them: Is “the blind leading the blind”?

Have the Houses of Power become degenerate and depraved?
Has the “rule of law” become deviate, debauched and debased?
Has a minority called them taken the reins of power?
Have the political rulers surrendered, and cringe and cower?

It now is a “hate crime” to speak and use your free speech
Those that are them are allowed to squeal and screech
What used to be called the “abnormal” and a form of “perversity”
Has now been camouflaged as a “good” and called “diversity”

Will pedophilia be the next perversion enshrined in “law”?
As those in power continue defining society, and attempt its redraw
They have already with them made the abnormal sound “happy”
Proving that all kinds of filth can be acceptable and made classy

Are we seeing madness and insanity displayed as normal?
Are we losing everything that is principled, good, and moral?
Are we allowing them to destroy all that is true and precious?
Or have we had enough because: “It is them or us”?

Stephen J. Gray
July 24, 2019.

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