Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Pretend Democracy

If political, judicial, and other elites wanted to impose their twisted agendas on a country, what would be the best way to do it? Their first objective would to be to find a way to deceive the people. How could this be done? Very easily. Tell the people that you are going to give them a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Give the people some input on this by way of country wide hearings. (Doing this makes the people think that this is their Charter.) Then after all the hearings are over, in step the elites--the lawyers, the politicians, and the “eminent persons” who “know best” what is good for the country. They bend the charter into the shape they want. Then it is time for the big show of giving the people “freedoms” in the new “democracy.”...

This “democracy” in this country is ruled by a document called “the Charter.” The people did not get to vote on whether they wanted this “charter.” It was imposed upon them by the political elites of the day. Yet, very few people here ask the question: “How can this document be legitimate when the people were not allowed to vote individually on its acceptance?”...

The unelected give approval:
Quite simply really, unelected lawyers called “judges” get appointed to the Supreme Court by elected politicians. The unelected judges then issue an ultimatum to the elected politicians to bring in a law on Euthanasia. Then the legislation approved by parliament goes to the unelected Senate for approval.

The system at “work”
The judges that sit on the court are declared “Supreme”
They “read in” what is “acceptable” even if it is obscene
Euthanasia is approved if you sign and are willing
The law has been perverted to allow this type of killing

The pre-born are also killed under the banner of “Choice”
And those that support this atrocity applaud and rejoice
The parliament of this country even gave a standing ovation
To those that support this hellish killing within their nation

Many of the professions are forced to take part in the killing
An edict has been approved, even though the decent are unwilling
This sick society wants everyone complicit in its evil acts
This is what is happening and that is a filthy, dirty fact...

In summing up, one has to say, the people of Canada are being forced to ride along with this motley gang of unelected appointed judges and human rights commissions; trade unions with compulsory membership and jackbooted thugs on Canadian university campuses, and cowardly politicians who will not defend freedom. There is no freedom if you are not politically correct. The so-called Charter of Rights is a farce. This farcical Charter has become a judicial monster that devours freedom, morality and decency and vomits compulsion, filth and depravity. We now live in a pretend democracy, and we are seeing the continual debasement and destruction of freedom in Canada....

Stephen J. Gray
July 14, 2019.

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