Friday, November 27, 2009

Harper’s “Conservatives”

I wrote this in October 2008. SJG.

“He [Harper] can be slippier [sic.] than a greased pig” (Paul Wells, Maclean’s Magazine, September 17, 2008).

Conservative leadership is the buzz word of the election campaign. And Mr. Harper is being touted as a “leader.” So let us examine what Mr. Harper the leader says and does on a number of issues:

Free Speech: “Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society,” says Stephen Harper, president of the National Citizens' Coalition. “It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff.” [1]

Yet, the Harper government intervenes against free speech: “The Attorney General of Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and B'nai Brith Canada will be intervening in the Lemire case in support of Section 13, arguing that it is a reasonable restriction on freedom of speech” (Canadian Constitution Foundation Letter of April 28).

Bilingualism: “As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity, and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions.” (Stephen Harper) [2]

Now Mr. Harper says this: “My friends, for me a prime minister should speak French,” Harper said, calling French “the founding language of this country” (Source: The Gazette, Sept 8, 2008 [3]).

Same-sex marriage: “I don't see reopening this question [of same-sex marriage] in the future.” (Stephen Harper, CTV News Dec. 7, 2006 [4]).

Sexual orientation and its illegitimate offspring “same-sex marriage” were never in the Charter, yet we had the silly spectacle of a supposedly “conservative government introducing a motion on this that they knew would be defeated. A government with principles would have used the not-withstanding clause to return sanity to this country. But unfortunately Mr. Harper is on record as saying, regarding this nonsense called same-sex marriage, “I will never use the notwithstanding clause on that issue” (Lifesite News December 16, 2005, [5]).

The Status of Women: This group achieved increased funding under the Harper Conservatives as witness the following quote from a minister’s speech: “As a demonstration of our firm commitment to the success of Status of Women Canada, Budget 2007 provided $10 million in funding to the Agency, bringing the total budget to $29.9 million, a record for Status of Women [emphasis added] Canada” (Speech for The Honorable Josée Verner, P.C., M.P., Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, on the occasion of an appearance before the Standing Committee on the Status of Women, House of Commons, Ottawa, February 5, 2008, [6]).

Abortion: “The Conservative government won't be initiating or supporting abortion legislation, and I'll use whatever influence I have in Parliament to be sure that such a matter doesn't come to a vote…” (Stephen Harper, [7]).

And we thought we lived in a democracy? Or is it a hypocrisy?

And talking about hypocrisy, based on the evidence we have seen from Mr. Harper’s government, are they really a conservative government? Or is it back to the days of the Red Tories and the Mulroney government? A former Reform party member and MP had this to say about Mr. Harper: “he will be remembered as an opportunistic, masterful tactician who, in the course of only three years completely purged the Conservative party of its Reform ideals and restored the Mulroney model of government.” (Lee Morrison, former Reform M.P. in the Calgary Herald, September 14, 2008 [8]).

Furthermore, a former Mulroney supporter is now in “charge of various files…” Read this:

“[Senator] Ms. LeBreton is one of the women Mr. Harper put in Cabinet and trusts. She was a staunch Progressive Conservative, most closely tied to Brian Mulroney, and made it into Mr. Harper's inner circle despite her vocal opposition to his vision to unite the right (the former Reformer Party/Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservatives). Mr. Harper appointed her Conservative leader in the Senate and put her in charge of various files,...” (National Post, September 22, 2008).

This makes one wonder, is Ms. LeBreton now in charge of the abortion “file?” Ms. Breton has said this on abortion:

“… there are certain issues, particularly those that concern women and children, and those of particular concern to women, and here I will use the abortion issue as an example, where even if 99.9 per cent of the members of my party were going one way, I would not support any policy that did not give women the right to choose” (

And on the “right to choose,” Mr .Harper is on the record as saying this: “Let me be very clear on the positions I’ve have taken on that. I want there to be no misunderstanding. I’ve said repeatedly, that I will not, that my Conservative government will not be tabling any legislation impacting in any way a woman’s right to choose” (June 27, 2006, LifeSiteNews,

Mr. Harper is heading for a majority government. But on moral issues is there really any difference between the “conservatives” and the other parties? Are we now immersed in “throw the dogs a bone politics” where we are being promised all kinds of goodies with our own tax dollars and moral issues are not even discussed? Are we back to what a former Reform M.P. called in his Calgary Herald article, “Liberal, Tory, same old story?” And will social conservative people buy the “story” that we have a “conservative” party to vote for and allow themselves to be fooled a second time by the Harper “conservatives?”

For, as Andrew Coyne wrote in MacLean’s of September 10, 2008,
“…Harper's whole time in office has been spent reassuring the public he has no plans to lead them anywhere, that under a Conservative government nothing much would change — they would govern much like the Liberals,…” [9]

Stephen J. Gray
October 6, 2008.

[1] B.C. Report, magazine article by Terry O’Neill)








Monday, November 23, 2009

Tax Addicted Politicians

There are dangerous tax addicts ruling our land. The junkies are politicians of all political stripes who are hooked on confiscating money from the people. The people are being burdened by all kinds of taxes, the GST and the PST are some examples, and now the latest one being proposed is the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

The Ontario and B.C. Liberal governments intend to impose this new tax on July 1, 2010. This Hammer the Serfs Tax, pardon me, Harmonized Sales Tax will be a tax-grab of massive proportions.

An article by CBC news of October 7, 2009 said this:
“…the fact is the federal government is aiding and abetting the provinces. It plans to pay B.C. and Ontario almost $6 billion to ease the transition to the HST.” [1]

So there you have it, “$6 Billion” of our tax dollars are being handed over to the Liberal governments of Ontario and B.C. by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “conservative” government to bring in the HST. Could this be called political bribery paid with our own tax dollars?
And Stephen Harper, leader of the “conservative” government, is on record as saying this: “I don’t believe any taxes are good taxes.” [2]

Mr. Harper is not the only politician to say one thing than do another. CanWest News Service, June 4, 2007, had this headline: “No taxes if re-elected McGuinty promises, honest” the article went on to say, “Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty promised Sunday that he won't raise taxes if he is re-elected this fall and insisted he really means it this time.

“The premier, who ran on a no-new-taxes platform in the 2003 election and then introduced one of the largest income tax increases in provincial history, said Ontarians should believe him now ‘because I'm in charge.’” [3]

The Liberal government in Ontario is not the only government to say one thing then do another.

The Liberal Government of B.C., which some people are calling deceitful, are also going to bring in the HST. Yet, they reportedly said this during the election campaign:

“The [B.C.] Liberals provided written statements during the spring campaign to restaurant owners and home builders that they had ‘no plans’ to implement the controversial HST.”
(Journalist, Kent Spencer, in the Province newspaper of July 28, 2009.)

Still, they had an excuse for this change of plans after being elected.
Gordon Campbell’s finance minister said this about the HST: “It was not on our radar before the election…” Isn’t it amazing how this plan to impose the HST just appeared on their “radar” after being elected? A cynic might call this political deceit.

We have reached a stage in this country that no matter who is in power, we cannot trust any of the political class. They are tax addicted, and we are their victims. They are stiffing us every chance they get for more and more taxes. We are being held in political bondage by taxaholics. Sooner rather than later we have to break free. These political parasites are feeding off everything we buy or sell. They have infested the system; therefore, one has to ask: can we afford the money-seizing habits of tax addicted politicians?

Stephen J. Gray
November 23, 2009.





Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too Big to Fail: Too Powerful to go to Jail?

Based on the evidence available regarding the financial mess created by those who were literally selling junk packaged as assets, one has to ask the question: should some jail time be in order? Or are some of those who run the “financial order” too powerful to go to jail? Do they in fact run and control the system? There were those in this system who were giving triple A ratings to this junk. They were also getting paid big fees for giving it an excellent rating. Which begs the question: How could “respected” rating agencies do such a thing? After all, these people are the so-called experts in the ratings field.

Meanwhile out in the muddied financial field, the brilliant financial minds were selling this manure as safe and solid investments. These “investments” were sold to pension funds, mutual funds, numerous investors and anybody and everybody who would buy this financial dung. Some of the dung-sellers were paid millions in bonuses, proving that old saying rings true: “where there is muck, there is money.” Unfortunately, the people getting the muck were those who bought the useless waste from the money changers and the money changers got their money.

Big profits were made by some of these financial sharks who were touting this financial toilet paper as a good investment, and some of them were selling themselves out of this “good investment” and passing it on to others. One wonders, does this constitute a fraud? Or was this an “honest fraud,” whatever that means, in today’s society of mangled language? Still, one banker did say they did “wrong.” He also said they were doing the work of God. Which makes one wonder, how can one do wrong and be doing God’s work?

Meanwhile, the “working” political elites are travelling around the world at taxpayers’ expense, holding talks on fixing the monetary system. The solution is staring them in the face. They could start by jailing these paper-passing fraud artists and try finding out just how much money is stashed away in their offshore banking and tax-free havens and confiscate it all. But, that will not be done; the powerful are too powerful and the politicians are their dumb lackeys who have provided taxpayers' dollars to the exploiters of the system. Bailouts of billions of taxpayer dollars, called stimulus packages, were handed over to these manipulators of money. Now, the taxpayers everywhere will be paying and suffering for years and years while those who benefited from their tax dollars are allowed to walk away free.

These financial con artists are responsible for people losing their jobs, their homes, their savings, their investments and their peace of mind. In my mind, I believe, a fraud of massive proportions has been perpetrated. The fraud artists have been compensated with taxpayers’ dollars and the losers are the decent people everywhere who believed in the honesty of the financial system.

Stephen. J. Gray
November 19, 2009.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Open Letter to the “conservative” Party

I recently received a letter from you asking for a donation. Quite frankly, I have to say I thought your letter was an insult to those of us who believe in the sanctity of human life, the traditional family and freedom of speech. This so-called “conservative” government of yours has intervened against free speech and sided with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) and other powerful special interests against free speech. (The Lemire Case) Yet, your “leader” before he came to power said this:
“Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society … It is, in fact, totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff” (Stephen Harper)
It would appear, your “leader” says one thing then does another. Dare one, call this hypocrisy?

On another matter the killing of the unborn child by abortion, your leader is on record as saying this: “The Conservative government won't be initiating or supporting abortion legislation, and I'll use whatever influence I have in Parliament to be sure that such a matter doesn't come to a vote…” (Stephen Harper) [1]
So much for democracy in “conservative” Canada!

Another example of, “conservative values” is this:
Your government recently gave $400,000 dollars to the Toronto Gay Pride parade where men and women have been known to march naked and make obscene gestures. The Gay and Lesbian newspaper Xtra of Toronto June 16, 2009 said this:
“In what is surely an effort to make Toronto's Pride festival as fabulous as possible Canada's federal government has announced a plan to dish over $400,000 to Pride Toronto.”

The leader of your government says he believes in “family!” He and his government did not have the courage to defend the traditional family on the nonsense called, “same-sex marriage.” Oh sure, he and most of his government voted against it in a lukewarm motion in Parliament. The truth is so-called “same-sex marriage” was never in the Charter and is an invention of nonsensical words. Mr. Harper and his government could have used the not-withstanding clause. But, he is on record as saying the following regarding this nonsense called same-sex marriage, “I will never use the notwithstanding clause on that issue” [2] (Lifesite News December 16, 2005.)
It takes courage to stand up and do the right thing, this I believe, is sadly lacking in the “conservative” party and its leadership.

Still, your “leader” is on record as saying this:
“Individual freedom is something Conservatives value…
What exactly are those conservative values?
I think we all instinctively recognize them when we see them, although it is sometimes difficult to define them. I like to summarize my idea of conservatism in three "Fs" --freedom, family and faith.” (Stephen Harper )

In closing, I have had enough of politicians who I believe are hypocrites, and are a danger to democracy. Please do NOT send me anymore letters asking for donations. I do not believe there is a “conservative” party in Canada.

Stephen J. Gray
November 14, 2009.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Grateful Financier Thanks the Taxpayers

Dear Taxpayers,

As I languish by the pool, martini in hand, in my favorite offshore tax haven, I want to give you the ordinary people, the backbone of society, some recognition. You taxpayers are paying to keep our free market system afloat and the financial industry in business. Your hard earned tax dollars were there for us in the financial system when we needed them most, and for that we are eternally grateful. I know many of you have lost your jobs and your pension funds are in the dumpster. Some of you have lost your homes and are in debt to the banks. Still you soldier on amidst all these negatives. But do not worry, be happy, the day of recovery is coming soon, and once again it will be back to business as usual in the market.

The market as you all know had a bad and troubling experience. We were all selling loads of useless paper throughout the financial system. Some beneficiaries of our selling expertise were; your pension funds, state governments and everybody and anybody we could suck in. We were selling this crap, oops, I mean collaterized debt opportunities like there was no tomorrow. But, unfortunately tomorrow arrived and you the taxpayers are picking up the bill for our free market fraud, pardon me, I mean errors. Mistakes were made and some of us, the greedy ones, were left holding this useless lousy paper that we were selling. Now it is being called “toxic paper,” though some of our marketing experts are calling it “troubled assets,” in the hope that it can be sold at a later date when the market recovers. And make no mistake the market will recover as long as there are politicians out there to bail out, oops, I mean stimulate the system, with your tax dollars.

Dollars are important in the financial system, and your tax dollars have been a boon to us. A press of a button and we can move money offshore to our tax free haven. As I sit here, and write this, I think of all you wonderful people who are giving up so much to keep us in the style we are accustomed. Without your help, we might all be broke, just like some of you. But hey, you came through for us and I am sure you will again, when the time comes, as it will, and the market once again plunges after we take our profits.

Profits are good and a blessing to us all. That old saying: “profit from your mistakes,” comes to mind. A good example is some of the bankers who made “mistakes” selling the “toxic paper,” I mean, “troubled assets,” now they are profiting from the bailouts, pardon me, I mean stimulus packages of your tax dollars. Big bonuses are being handed out by them, courtesy of your tax monies that helped them stay in business. So we are all raising a glass in your honor and toasting our successes.

Success is important to us all, and I include you the taxpayers. Without successful bailouts, I mean stimulus packages of your tax dollars, we moneychangers would be devastated. Now we are all stimulated and watered and fed by your generosity. So thank you for all you have done for us. Keep smiling, keep faith in the market, think positive and know that we financiers depend upon you for our bread and butter. I will close by quoting one of our esteemed banker friends, who said just the other day that: “We are doing God’s work,” though I am sure that some cynical people will say the false God Mammon is more appropriate. Anyway, thank you all for your assistance in keeping the “free market” functioning and I hope to see some of you at my next investment seminar.

Mr. B.S. Baloney c/o Cayman Islands

Stephen J. Gray
November 11, 2009.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Paper Shufflers

I wrote this over a year ago SJG.

They shuffle their paper around the world
Betting on commodities, “free market” banners unfurled
Speculating on food to make a profit
While the poor go hungry and starve because of it

Boosting the prices in many a nation
This is the game of commodities speculation
Fortunes are made in the wink of an eye
And the price of rice goes sky high

The “free marketers” in food are making a killing
People are dying, while the speculators are living
These financial vultures in their luxury office towers
Are “money managers.” Oh what a shower!

No sweat, no labour: These are societies non-producers
Manipulating currencies and betting on futures
These are the rich and the present day “street people.”
In the French revolution they hanged them from a steeple

But that was in the time of barbarism
Now we call it capitalism
“Let the marketplace decide,” they cry
And if there are losses the taxpayers are standing by

The peoples taxes will bail out any losses
And huge salaries are paid to the financial bosses
These are the new rulers of all they survey
And their motto is: “Make the people pay.”

For financial manipulation is “honest toil?”
And they keep betting up the price of oil
The people will have to learn to survive they say
For this is the paper shufflers day

Stephen J. Gray
June 8, 2008.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The “Good” Corporate Citizens

I wrote the article below in 2007. SJG

Do some of the “good” corporate citizens have no conscience, no morals, no ethics and no principles?
Examples: They invest in countries like communist China where slave labour has been used. They shut down plants in democratic countries in order to take advantage of cheap labour in communist China. Polluted and poisoned goods from China have been exported to other countries. The communist dictators in China brook no dissent. Dissidents have reportedly been tortured, and a one child policy in China results in forced abortions. Some Chinese people have been forced from their homes for the 2008 Olympic Games, but hey, this will be a good venue for the “good” corporate citizens to advertise at, and also celebrate.

Some of the “good” corporate citizens also like a “good” celebration in North America. Their company logos can be seen in “parades of pride” where men have marched naked and some in the parade can be seen making obscene gestures. One “good” corporate company was even going to give a pornography service on their cell phones. (which they later withdrew after protests by decent people.) Some also sponsor TV programs that promote pornography.

“The once underground pornography industry is now very much aboveground and impossible to avoid.”
“Profiting from that industry now are major corporations and mainstream entertainment companies. Annual revenues for the porn industry are estimated at about $10 billion a year.” [1]

Still, these “good” corporate citizens must believe they are providing a “good” public service?

Some other services the “good” corporate citizens have provided over the years has been investing in the communist Soviet Union before the fall of communism. While they were telling all and sundry about the dangers of communism.

“There is no incentive to place optimistic bets on the future when the companies who are today most committed to the [communist] East are the very same which cooperated with the Nazi system.” [2]

But hey, the corporate communists/fascists have to make an honest dollar somewhere! And during the second world war some of them even had business interests with the Nazis. But, money has no conscience: The Financial Post of December 28, 1996 had a headline, “BIS received Nazi gold stolen from Belgium- and knew it,” the article goes on to say: “The Bank for International Settlements received clearly marked bars of Belgian government gold stolen by Nazi Germany during the Second World War and refused to return it to Belgium unless all future claims for stolen assets were renounced,…”

Money has no allegiance to any country that’s why many “good” corporate citizens use offshore tax havens. There are no tax havens for the working people of today’s society. Sure, they get miniscule tax breaks on their tax returns, but the offshore outlaws get a free lunch at taxpayers expense. ‘…Tax havens are the seedy back street bars of the financial world, where corporations and multi-millionaires huddle in shadowy corners to pursue their business out of sight of respectable citizens.’ [3]

Citizens of many countries supposedly elect democratic governments and expect their political representatives to pursue good policies for their countries. Yet, are we seeing “good” policies? These elected rulers are allowing the “good” corporate citizens to proliferate pornography. They allow them to manipulate the tax system through offshore tax havens. They even bail them out with taxpayers dollars as witness the sub prime mortgage debacle in the United States. And some politicians after leaving politics finish up on corporate boards where they become a part of the “good” corporate citizenry

Stephen J. Gray
August 31, 2007.


[2] Charles Levinson in his book,“Vodka-Cola” page 207.)


(Books worth reading): “Vodka- Cola” by Charles Levinson and “Trading with the Enemy” by Charles Higham)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Debasers and the Destroyers of Freedom in Canada

To understand how freedom is being debased and destroyed in Canada one has to go back a number of years to the beginning.

Trade Unions

The loss of personal freedoms in Canada had its roots in a decision by an appointed Supreme Court judge. His name was Ivan C. Rand. This judge was the instigator of compulsory union dues by a decision he made in 1946, this was known as “The Rand Decision.” A person did not have to “belong” to the union but must pay union dues for collective bargaining.

Now collective bargaining has evolved into collective coercion, and compulsory union dues are being used by the trade unions for all kinds of causes and policies unrelated to the workplace. Some of these issues are as follows: abortion clinics, so-called same-sex marriage, socialism, the abortionist, Morgentaler, National Action Committee on the Status of Women and numerous other organizations unrelated to collective bargaining. Trade union leaders keep insisting that these non-workplace issues are decided “democratically” at conventions. Which begs the question: How can one have COMPULSORY democracy: when the so-called Charter of Rights and Freedoms lists, “freedom of association” as a “fundamental freedom?”

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

This Charter was imposed by the political elites of the day. The ordinary people who are ruled by it did not get to vote on whether they wanted this Charter of Pierre Trudeau’s.

“…the Charter was a ruse. Trudeau wanted to consolidate power in the Supreme Court of Canada and weaken Parliament.” [1]

And weak parliaments have now succumbed to rule by appointed the judges. Here are some examples.

The judges say the Charter is a “living tree” and the people have to live with the rotten fruit it produces.

Then from the “living tree” come the great new “rights” found in the charter.

An abortionist who consistently broke the law was finally given clearance to ply his abominable trade of killing the child in the womb, after a majority of judges struck down the abortion law. Now the country has no law on abortion and the killing of the innocents is declared a “choice.”

Another judge declares that anyone arriving on the shores of the country be they criminals, terrorists, drug dealers or whatever have “rights” under the charter.

Another judge states that criminals are “morally worthy” to vote.

Another “learned” judge has a hallucination and “reads in” words not written in the Charter.

A judicial threesome then “discovers” a “right” in the Charter that men can “marry” men and that women can “marry” women. The politicians then tell the people that under the charter “same-sex marriage” is a “right.” Of course this nonsense was never in the Charter, but what’s a big lie amongst the elites.

Another judge states that orgies are okay as long as no “harm” is done. And the country is now open for orgies everywhere. These are just some examples of the abominations imposed by judges and accepted by politicians as “normal” for the country.

Human Rights Commissions (HRC)

These HRCs have no place in a free society. They have become another form of insidious dictatorship where free speech can be called a “hate crime.”
The Canadian Jewish News of 29 October, 2009 said this:

“The federal anti-hate law that ‘official Jews’ lobbied for and got passed has, 32 years later, backfired, sowing the seeds for political correctness, media chill and censorship…” [2]

And the Canadian “conservative” government has been an intervenor against free speech.

“The Attorney General of Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and B'nai Brith Canada will be
intervening in the Lemire case in support of Section 13, arguing that it is a reasonable restriction on freedom of speech” (Canadian Constitution Foundation Letter of April 28, 2008.)

Freedom of expression is a right guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; yet, the Attorney General of Canada along with others is an intervenor in the Lemire case. Free speech is either FREE or it isn’t. We already have laws on the books if people defame or libel other people, why do we need these HRCs?

We may not like what people say but in the words of Voltaire, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” In Canada today, we are seeing the death of free speech. People are being harassed, and dragged before these undemocratic, appointed HRCs. Some of those who have been persecuted are: Mark and Connie Fournier of the Free Dominion website, Chris Kempling, Scott Brockie, Knights of Columbus, Stephen Boissoin, Bishop Henry, Fr. De Valk, editor of Catholic Insight magazine, the Christian Heritage Party and MacLean’s magazine among others. Nobody is safe from these appointed interrogators of totalitarian bent. Anything you say may be taken down and used against you and reported to unelected, appointed, Human Rights Commissars (HRCs). Those dragged before these Stalinist tribunals have to pay for their own lawyers and their own defence. Meanwhile, their accusers are given a free ride, and the politicians sit back and allow this perversion of democracy.

University Campuses

Free speech on Canadian campuses is constantly under attack; that is, if pro-life people dare to attempt to present the evidence of abortion. Anyone daring to show pictures of the killing of the innocent child in the womb, or to even talk about it, is often subject to having their presentation disrupted, destroyed, broken up, or shouted down by the little jackbooted brown shirts who masquerade under the banner of “choice.” These are so-called students who are in favor of “freedom of choice,” but when it comes to showing the victims of choice, that choice is denied.
See these two videos:

Universities are supposed to be places of higher learning where free discussion and opinion are supposed to exist. But, they do not exist in most of the universities in Canada, if anyone dares to show or speak the truth about abortion. This state of affairs has been going on for years.

The Politicians

Politicians brought HRCs into being and gave them legitimacy. Now the politicians sit back and allow these Human Rights Commissars which they created, to run roughshod over us all. Which makes one wonder just who is really running the country? And why do we bother having elections? Oh, I forgot, we live in a “democracy,” Yeah, sure!

In summing up, one has to say, the people of Canada are being forced to ride along with this motley gang of unelected appointed judges and human rights commissions; trade unions with compulsory membership and jackbooted thugs on Canadian university campuses, and cowardly politicians who will not defend freedom. There is no freedom if you are not politically correct. The so-called Charter of Rights is a farce. This farcical Charter has become a judicial monster that devours freedom, morality and decency and vomits compulsion, filth and depravity. We now live in a pretend democracy, and we are seeing the continual debasement and destruction of freedom in Canada.

Stephen J. Gray
November 3, 2009.

[1] Joe C.W. Armstrong, in his book “Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom” page 75.