Monday, November 23, 2009

Tax Addicted Politicians

There are dangerous tax addicts ruling our land. The junkies are politicians of all political stripes who are hooked on confiscating money from the people. The people are being burdened by all kinds of taxes, the GST and the PST are some examples, and now the latest one being proposed is the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

The Ontario and B.C. Liberal governments intend to impose this new tax on July 1, 2010. This Hammer the Serfs Tax, pardon me, Harmonized Sales Tax will be a tax-grab of massive proportions.

An article by CBC news of October 7, 2009 said this:
“…the fact is the federal government is aiding and abetting the provinces. It plans to pay B.C. and Ontario almost $6 billion to ease the transition to the HST.” [1]

So there you have it, “$6 Billion” of our tax dollars are being handed over to the Liberal governments of Ontario and B.C. by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “conservative” government to bring in the HST. Could this be called political bribery paid with our own tax dollars?
And Stephen Harper, leader of the “conservative” government, is on record as saying this: “I don’t believe any taxes are good taxes.” [2]

Mr. Harper is not the only politician to say one thing than do another. CanWest News Service, June 4, 2007, had this headline: “No taxes if re-elected McGuinty promises, honest” the article went on to say, “Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty promised Sunday that he won't raise taxes if he is re-elected this fall and insisted he really means it this time.

“The premier, who ran on a no-new-taxes platform in the 2003 election and then introduced one of the largest income tax increases in provincial history, said Ontarians should believe him now ‘because I'm in charge.’” [3]

The Liberal government in Ontario is not the only government to say one thing then do another.

The Liberal Government of B.C., which some people are calling deceitful, are also going to bring in the HST. Yet, they reportedly said this during the election campaign:

“The [B.C.] Liberals provided written statements during the spring campaign to restaurant owners and home builders that they had ‘no plans’ to implement the controversial HST.”
(Journalist, Kent Spencer, in the Province newspaper of July 28, 2009.)

Still, they had an excuse for this change of plans after being elected.
Gordon Campbell’s finance minister said this about the HST: “It was not on our radar before the election…” Isn’t it amazing how this plan to impose the HST just appeared on their “radar” after being elected? A cynic might call this political deceit.

We have reached a stage in this country that no matter who is in power, we cannot trust any of the political class. They are tax addicted, and we are their victims. They are stiffing us every chance they get for more and more taxes. We are being held in political bondage by taxaholics. Sooner rather than later we have to break free. These political parasites are feeding off everything we buy or sell. They have infested the system; therefore, one has to ask: can we afford the money-seizing habits of tax addicted politicians?

Stephen J. Gray
November 23, 2009.