Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Tony, Former Gangster Talks with the Godfather

Big Tony, Former Gangster Talks with the Godfather
(Satire) By Stephen J. Gray

Big Tony: “Boss I would like to thank you for taking the Mob Family legitimate, and joining the Wall St. elites. I feel we are now productive members of society and gainfully employed. I also realise honesty is the best policy.”

The Godfather: “Thank you Tony. There comes a time when we must assimilate into society and put our past behind us.”

Big Tony: “Right on boss, I feel right at home doing business in the financial industry and selling securities and mortgages. Our company has done well and we have many friends on Wall St.”

The Godfather: “Yes, Wall St. is a fine place to do business and we have met many respectable people.”

Big Tony: “Very true boss. Though I must admit some of their ethics puzzle me.”

The Godfather: “Why is that Tony?”

Big Tony: “Well Boss, I remember when we were running our thing, selling phony securities and committing fraudulent acts, some of the Family got jail time. Now fraudulent acts, and thieving and robbing have become legitimate, and those who commit fraud get bailed out with tax-payers dollars. And some have been known to advise the government.”

The Godfather: Tony, I wish you would stop using words like fraud, thieving and robbery. These are honest people you are talking about and everything they do is sanctioned by the government.

Big Tony: “Gee boss, I guess maybe, I am confused. But, I still believe, if we had lost money to these sharks somebody would be getting whacked.”

The Godfather: “Tony, please stop calling respectable businessmen and financiers sharks. These people help run the system. And for goodness sake stop using words like whacked. We don’t do that kind of stuff anymore.”

Big Tony: “Okay boss. I’m sorry. But hey, maybe we could have the fraudsters and thieves droned.”

The Godfather: “What do you know about drones?”

Big Tony: “I read somewhere that the government has these weapons called drones and that a person operates them from miles away resulting in a nice clean hit. We sure could have used them in the old days for killing.”

The Godfather: “Tony. You must stop talking about hits and killing. We are respectable now and work within the law. The government uses drones to maintain law and order in the world.”

Big Tony: “Whatever you say boss, but these drones scare me. They can blow people away in an instant and nobody knows who done it. They have even killed children and other people by mistake. At least when we were in the killing business we had the guts to appear at the scene of the hit. Now they send drones. Where is the ethics?”

The Godfather: “Tony, ethics are when you have the power, and the government gets its power from the people who vote them into power. Just like the Family voted me into power. Therefore, when you have the power anything goes. Does that answer your question?”

Big Tony: “No offence boss, but I am still puzzled about this power thing. Does this mean that the government has the power to kill people it does not like? We used to do that before we became respectable. Are we ruled by government gangsters?”

The Godfather: “Tony, Tony, Tony, stop using that word gangster, these are decent people you are word abusing. Can’t you get it through your thick head that the government is a law unto itself? It can do anything it likes and does so, that’s why we live in a free country and that’s why we became legitimate businessmen and moved to Wall St.”

Big Tony: “Boss, I have no problem with Wall St. In fact, I wonder why it took us so long to get here. First they sell homes and mortgages to people and sell the debt back and forth. Then they foreclose on the people when they go broke. But, the Bankers get bailed out by tax-payers dollars including the taxes paid by people who lost their homes and jobs. Then they buy up the foreclosed homes at bargain prices and then prepare to sell the homes all over again. I sometimes wonder why the ordinary person cannot get bailed out. I guess that would be socialism. But I’m not complaining, this free enterprise system is wonderful, and we let the marketplace decide things and if the market needs money it gets bailed out too. Sometimes I think these honest financiers have copied our ideas on scamming the stiffs. Anyway, these are just my opinions. Wall St. is just a big Family like us and now we are all one Big Family together. Let’s go celebrate.”

Stephen J. Gray
March 22, 2012.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Secret Talk in Praise of the New World Order(NWO)

A Secret Talk in Praise of the New World Order(NWO)
(Satire) By Stephen J. Gray

The respected members of the “international community” are all gathered at one of their private retreats for an update on the progress of their NWO.

Mr Unctuous Evil, this years Chairman of the group begins his speech.
Welcome, my friends and members of the international community, eminent persons, financial leaders, political leaders, armed forces leaders, media moguls and everyone associated with our movement to control and rule the world.
We are gathered here today for our yearly update. Things are going extremely well. The financial crisis that we caused has enabled us to scare the people into subjection, and we even got bailed out by their tax dollars. Is their a finer free enterprise example than that?

Austerity imposed by our International Moneychangers Fund (IMF) has a number of countries subservient to our wishes. And appointed Technocrats have taken the place of some democratically elected leaders to impose austerity. The beauty of austerity is that it is the peoples’ taxes that finance the IMF and pay the salaries of those who impose it. We also have had our political friends impose or try to impose censorship of the internet. There has been some rebellion by the serfs, oops I mean the masses, but pretty soon we will have the internet under control. We just need to start a few false flag operations and scare the stiffs, oops I mean the people then they will accept their servility with thanks.

The political leaders in our organization are doing a wonderful job, with their passing of the National Deployment Authorization Act (NDAA). We can arrest citizens of any country anywhere. This means anyone with opposition to our plans can be disappeared if we so wish. We can also have them droned, and if we kill some by mistake we can always apologize. (A massive round of applause takes place and some hear, hears are heard.)

We are still involved in many wars and we have been known to finance both sides in some wars. Our profits from wars have been exceptional and it is a good business for us. We continue to prop up and supply dictatorships with weapons and unseat some dictators just to impose new ones. It is a great system and we keep our dictators in line with our National Air Terror Organization (NATO) which of course is financed by the serfs, pardon me, I mean the peoples’ tax dollars. Taxing the peasants everywhere is a monetary goldmine and that’s why we have our experts advising governments. I see many government leaders in our midst, so take a bow and know when you leave politics there will be places for you on some of our boards. I especially liked the initiative of one of our political leader’s who announced changes to old age pensions. He did this first at one of our gatherings instead of in his country’s parliament. This boy has talent and will go far. (Some applause takes place, and shouts of “well done” are heard)

On another matter, free trade is one of our slogans and it is being pushed by us and promoted by our political leaders. They are helped in this by our corporate media who write glowing columns about it. There was one report though that said one of these free trade deals was being negotiated in secret. We will have to talk to that writer and tell him not to use the word secret. The masses might start questioning our motives. Anyway, we are running amok with our agendas and national sovereignties will soon be a thing of the past. The world is ours to shape, control and rule and we are succeeding in our aims. The serfs, pardon me, I mean the people, are too busy watching reality shows, soap operas, sports and games courtesy of our TV networks that most of them don’t have a clue what is really going on. Mind you it does help that we can manage the news when we own the propaganda platforms.

Regarding money, our offshore tax free and banking system is a wonderful oasis for us and we put them to good use. Some of us who were bailed with taxpayers’ dollars had subsidiaries offshore In fact some cynics are saying we sent some of the bail out money offshore. Others are saying we have businesses in a communist country while shutting down operations in supposedly free countries. They don’t seem to understand that this is how our system works. Our money owes no allegiance to any country. The only flag we pay allegiance to is the Jolly Roger, or the pirates’ emblem. Hey, just kidding of course. (Much laughter ensues. and somebody sings out “for we are jolly good fellows.”

Anyway, I’ll close for now. I could go on and on about how we have the world in our grasp. We are in the final stages of our planned takeover. All our systems and people are in place. The New World Order is here and we are ready to take control. The people everywhere are prisoners of our system. The world is ours and all that’s in it. Who can stop us now?

Stephen J. Gray
March 18,2012.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

A political party called Reform

Note: I wrote the poem below in May,2006. But they, ditched Reform for the Red Tories, oops I mean the "Conservative" Party!

A party called Reform
By Stephen J. Gray

Once there was a party called Reform
Good ideas from it were born
But the eastern elites did not like its success
So they created a political mess

We must merge with the Red Tories
And so began this dirty story
Referendum and recall got dumped along the way
Appeasing Quebec was the new mainstay

Copying the Liberals was the new strategy
Hypocrisy was a virtue in large capacity
This was a “new” government in Liberal coats
But,hey Red Tories want liberal votes

Getting a majority is the Red Tory aim
And if they get it, they will have to stay the same
Liberals under a Red Tory Banner
All will be well in Canadiana

The elites are happy, that the two parties are the same
And Ontario and Quebec still control the game
This is what happens, and some did warn
But they paid no heed, they wanted rid of Reform

Stephen J. Gray
May 21, 2006

Friday, March 9, 2012

Imagine If…

Imagine If…
By Stephen J. Gray

Imagine if the truth about the killing by abortion was no longer censored.
Imagine if the TV News Stations and all the corporate owned newspapers in this country ran pictures of slaughtered innocents murdered by abortion instead of suppressing them.
Imagine if the headless torsos, the body parts of little hands and feet and the bloody remains of these innocent little humans were shown for all to see.
Imagine if this same “investigative media” had the headline: “Abortionist awarded the country’s highest honour. This is a national disgrace.”
Imagine if the media displayed this killing by abortion night after night and day after day. And stated: “We will not stop exposing this monstrous injustice until this killing by choice is ended.”
Imagine if the politicians of all political stripes said: “We will no longer tolerate this killing of the innocents in this country. We have allowed this heinous crime to be covered up for too long.”
Imagine if the companies who supply the “medical” weapons to kill the child in the womb refused to make them.
Imagine if hospitals doing abortions refused to participate in the killing.
Imagine if medical professionals said: “We will not participate in the killing of human life. We are here to cure not to kill.”
Imagine if the huge amounts of tax monies that are being used to finance the killing of the innocents were put into real medical care.
Imagine if trade unions who boast they are here to help the weakest of society, stopped using their memberships’ compulsory dues to support abortion and an abortionist. [1]
Imagine if the slogan: “Freedom of Choice” to kill the child in the womb was finally seen for what it is: a perversion of language to cover up the heinous act of killing called abortion.
Imagine if the police stopped arresting people protesting outside abortion chambers, and instead went inside and arrested the perpetrators of this obscene violence against innocent human life.
Imagine if the slogan, “Justice for all” was true instead of a big lie.
Imagine if all of the above happened, and truth, morality and justice prevailed in society.

But alas, in this world today, most societies, if not all, have a dead conscience. They babble on about “human rights” but deny the right to life to the little innocents slaughtered by abortion. They care more about animals than they do about humans. Dead slaughtered seals, eagles, whales, owls, dogs, and sled dogs, cats, horses, ducks, grizzly bears etc. get headline coverage, and all hell breaks loose if it is seen that that these non-humans have been subject to cruel and atrocious practices. (and rightly so.) Numerous written media and TV programmes will display and publicize the attacks and killing of these non-humans. But, the hate crimes against the tiny humans who are unwanted and slaughtered by abortionists are covered up by the so-called “investigative media.” Condoned by governments and approved by judges and by many of the populace. These innocent victims of societal violence are hidden from view. No pictures are shown, and this abominable criminal slaughter is called a “choice.”
One does not need to imagine where this killing of the innocents has led us. Now our “intelligentsia” are proposing the killing of babies after birth. [2] This is where “freedom of choice” to kill the child in the womb has “progressed.” Evil begets more evil and the horrendous killing continues, protected, promoted and approved by those in positions of power.

Stephen J. Gray
March 9,2012.



Note: See the slaughtered victims of the hellish slogan called “freedom of choice” at:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Internet Under Attack

The Internet Under Attack
By Stephen J. Gray

“A new effort to hand control over the Internet to the United Nations is underway as oppressive regimes such as the communist dictatorship ruling mainland China clamor for more censorship and regulation of the World Wide Web” [1]

Does anybody doubt that the “free enterprise elites” and their communist comrades and some of our democracy-challenged political puppets wish to shut down, censor or control the Internet? Just look at all the proposed legislation from various countries, the proposed internet surveillance Bill C-30 in Canada that caused a furore amongst its citizens. This bill has for the moment been sent to committee for changes. A number of countries have signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), including Canada. Another proposed piece of legislation was the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which was stopped after protests in some countries. Then it was brought back again: An article headlined “Ireland Signs Controversial ‘Irish SOPA’ Into Law; Kicks Off New Censorship Regime” can be seen at link below. [2]

Make no mistake, the push is on to censor the internet and perhaps try to shut it down. For the first time in the history of the human race, people around the world are able to interact almost instantly. The powers that be do not like losing control of their propaganda platforms. They no doubt will come up with a plan to control, censor, and tax, and dream up false flag agendas, perhaps using their favourite excuses, “national security” or “not in the public interest,” or “official secrets act” as a reason to censor and control information.

The internet has enabled people to access data that was available only in books or libraries. Getting and researching this information before the advent of the internet was time consuming and some travelling. Now people with a home computer or laptop can access information from their own residences. Before the internet, people depended on information from newspapers, radio, and television, and still do, but the propensity for the news to be managed and controlled or censored is in the hands of the aforementioned sources. A few conglomerate media corporations control the news business. I believe these media corporations are not in the business of upsetting other corporate elites who advertise on and with their media empires. Therefore, the news can be sanitized or suitably massaged to make sure it does not upset those who rule the roost. In fact, people could be fired or let go if they speak and write too many articles upsetting to the elites.

“…we have seen MSNBC on the left purge Pat Buchanan from the network and Fox News on the right eliminate Judge Andrew Napolitano and Freedom Watch for expressing opinions and views that threaten the political institutions, control and goals of the power elite.” Ron Holland [3]

The “power elites” of this world do not like to lose control, or to have the masses having access to alternative media. The internet has seen a massive surge of alternative media and the mainstream media has seen a large decline in newspaper circulation. There are alternative TV news websites, Facebook and YouTube—these have enabled people to get their stories and pictures out that the corporate mainstream media has censored. But, censorship has raised its ugly head even on Facebook and YouTube and there has been some information censored. So the push is on, as I said earlier, to control or censor the internet.

“Any attempts to expand intergovernmental powers over the Internet—no matter how incremental or seemingly innocuous—should be turned back.” [4]
Robert M. McDowell

The internet is the last bastion of real freedom in the world today. But, I believe its days could be numbered. I believe the political puppets and their elitist advisers are working overtime to censor, control and tax it. These people do not like freedom of speech or freedom of expression, that’s why they brought in so-called “human rights commissions.” Now the internet is their next project for suppression of freedom. Make no mistake, the battle is on and we the people are their intended prisoners of a controlled information and spy system that they would like to impose. That is why the internet is under attack.

Stephen J. Gray
March 3, 2012.






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