Monday, March 12, 2012

A political party called Reform

Note: I wrote the poem below in May,2006. But they, ditched Reform for the Red Tories, oops I mean the "Conservative" Party!

A party called Reform
By Stephen J. Gray

Once there was a party called Reform
Good ideas from it were born
But the eastern elites did not like its success
So they created a political mess

We must merge with the Red Tories
And so began this dirty story
Referendum and recall got dumped along the way
Appeasing Quebec was the new mainstay

Copying the Liberals was the new strategy
Hypocrisy was a virtue in large capacity
This was a “new” government in Liberal coats
But,hey Red Tories want liberal votes

Getting a majority is the Red Tory aim
And if they get it, they will have to stay the same
Liberals under a Red Tory Banner
All will be well in Canadiana

The elites are happy, that the two parties are the same
And Ontario and Quebec still control the game
This is what happens, and some did warn
But they paid no heed, they wanted rid of Reform

Stephen J. Gray
May 21, 2006