Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Secret Talk in Praise of the New World Order(NWO)

A Secret Talk in Praise of the New World Order(NWO)
(Satire) By Stephen J. Gray

The respected members of the “international community” are all gathered at one of their private retreats for an update on the progress of their NWO.

Mr Unctuous Evil, this years Chairman of the group begins his speech.
Welcome, my friends and members of the international community, eminent persons, financial leaders, political leaders, armed forces leaders, media moguls and everyone associated with our movement to control and rule the world.
We are gathered here today for our yearly update. Things are going extremely well. The financial crisis that we caused has enabled us to scare the people into subjection, and we even got bailed out by their tax dollars. Is their a finer free enterprise example than that?

Austerity imposed by our International Moneychangers Fund (IMF) has a number of countries subservient to our wishes. And appointed Technocrats have taken the place of some democratically elected leaders to impose austerity. The beauty of austerity is that it is the peoples’ taxes that finance the IMF and pay the salaries of those who impose it. We also have had our political friends impose or try to impose censorship of the internet. There has been some rebellion by the serfs, oops I mean the masses, but pretty soon we will have the internet under control. We just need to start a few false flag operations and scare the stiffs, oops I mean the people then they will accept their servility with thanks.

The political leaders in our organization are doing a wonderful job, with their passing of the National Deployment Authorization Act (NDAA). We can arrest citizens of any country anywhere. This means anyone with opposition to our plans can be disappeared if we so wish. We can also have them droned, and if we kill some by mistake we can always apologize. (A massive round of applause takes place and some hear, hears are heard.)

We are still involved in many wars and we have been known to finance both sides in some wars. Our profits from wars have been exceptional and it is a good business for us. We continue to prop up and supply dictatorships with weapons and unseat some dictators just to impose new ones. It is a great system and we keep our dictators in line with our National Air Terror Organization (NATO) which of course is financed by the serfs, pardon me, I mean the peoples’ tax dollars. Taxing the peasants everywhere is a monetary goldmine and that’s why we have our experts advising governments. I see many government leaders in our midst, so take a bow and know when you leave politics there will be places for you on some of our boards. I especially liked the initiative of one of our political leader’s who announced changes to old age pensions. He did this first at one of our gatherings instead of in his country’s parliament. This boy has talent and will go far. (Some applause takes place, and shouts of “well done” are heard)

On another matter, free trade is one of our slogans and it is being pushed by us and promoted by our political leaders. They are helped in this by our corporate media who write glowing columns about it. There was one report though that said one of these free trade deals was being negotiated in secret. We will have to talk to that writer and tell him not to use the word secret. The masses might start questioning our motives. Anyway, we are running amok with our agendas and national sovereignties will soon be a thing of the past. The world is ours to shape, control and rule and we are succeeding in our aims. The serfs, pardon me, I mean the people, are too busy watching reality shows, soap operas, sports and games courtesy of our TV networks that most of them don’t have a clue what is really going on. Mind you it does help that we can manage the news when we own the propaganda platforms.

Regarding money, our offshore tax free and banking system is a wonderful oasis for us and we put them to good use. Some of us who were bailed with taxpayers’ dollars had subsidiaries offshore In fact some cynics are saying we sent some of the bail out money offshore. Others are saying we have businesses in a communist country while shutting down operations in supposedly free countries. They don’t seem to understand that this is how our system works. Our money owes no allegiance to any country. The only flag we pay allegiance to is the Jolly Roger, or the pirates’ emblem. Hey, just kidding of course. (Much laughter ensues. and somebody sings out “for we are jolly good fellows.”

Anyway, I’ll close for now. I could go on and on about how we have the world in our grasp. We are in the final stages of our planned takeover. All our systems and people are in place. The New World Order is here and we are ready to take control. The people everywhere are prisoners of our system. The world is ours and all that’s in it. Who can stop us now?

Stephen J. Gray
March 18,2012.

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