Friday, March 9, 2012

Imagine If…

Imagine If…
By Stephen J. Gray

Imagine if the truth about the killing by abortion was no longer censored.
Imagine if the TV News Stations and all the corporate owned newspapers in this country ran pictures of slaughtered innocents murdered by abortion instead of suppressing them.
Imagine if the headless torsos, the body parts of little hands and feet and the bloody remains of these innocent little humans were shown for all to see.
Imagine if this same “investigative media” had the headline: “Abortionist awarded the country’s highest honour. This is a national disgrace.”
Imagine if the media displayed this killing by abortion night after night and day after day. And stated: “We will not stop exposing this monstrous injustice until this killing by choice is ended.”
Imagine if the politicians of all political stripes said: “We will no longer tolerate this killing of the innocents in this country. We have allowed this heinous crime to be covered up for too long.”
Imagine if the companies who supply the “medical” weapons to kill the child in the womb refused to make them.
Imagine if hospitals doing abortions refused to participate in the killing.
Imagine if medical professionals said: “We will not participate in the killing of human life. We are here to cure not to kill.”
Imagine if the huge amounts of tax monies that are being used to finance the killing of the innocents were put into real medical care.
Imagine if trade unions who boast they are here to help the weakest of society, stopped using their memberships’ compulsory dues to support abortion and an abortionist. [1]
Imagine if the slogan: “Freedom of Choice” to kill the child in the womb was finally seen for what it is: a perversion of language to cover up the heinous act of killing called abortion.
Imagine if the police stopped arresting people protesting outside abortion chambers, and instead went inside and arrested the perpetrators of this obscene violence against innocent human life.
Imagine if the slogan, “Justice for all” was true instead of a big lie.
Imagine if all of the above happened, and truth, morality and justice prevailed in society.

But alas, in this world today, most societies, if not all, have a dead conscience. They babble on about “human rights” but deny the right to life to the little innocents slaughtered by abortion. They care more about animals than they do about humans. Dead slaughtered seals, eagles, whales, owls, dogs, and sled dogs, cats, horses, ducks, grizzly bears etc. get headline coverage, and all hell breaks loose if it is seen that that these non-humans have been subject to cruel and atrocious practices. (and rightly so.) Numerous written media and TV programmes will display and publicize the attacks and killing of these non-humans. But, the hate crimes against the tiny humans who are unwanted and slaughtered by abortionists are covered up by the so-called “investigative media.” Condoned by governments and approved by judges and by many of the populace. These innocent victims of societal violence are hidden from view. No pictures are shown, and this abominable criminal slaughter is called a “choice.”
One does not need to imagine where this killing of the innocents has led us. Now our “intelligentsia” are proposing the killing of babies after birth. [2] This is where “freedom of choice” to kill the child in the womb has “progressed.” Evil begets more evil and the horrendous killing continues, protected, promoted and approved by those in positions of power.

Stephen J. Gray
March 9,2012.



Note: See the slaughtered victims of the hellish slogan called “freedom of choice” at: