Sunday, June 24, 2012

Austerity and other plans…

Austerity and other plans…
By Stephen J. Gray

The austerity message is that to save the system
Everybody, everywhere really must listen
The unelected Central Bankers and their puppet politicians
Will tell everyone they have made a decision

The people must learn to do with less
That is their solution to clean up their mess
More austerity, more taxes for the taxpaying masses
And total obedience to these “leadership” asses

They tell us the “market” will save us eventually
Though it might be in the next century
So forget all your retirement plans and expected pensions
And if you object you could be in detention

The system is run by and for, a select few
Now they are openly telling us what to do
Produce and produce and “free trade” is in store
Our old age security will soon be no more

A “partnership” will be signed, with a number of countries: but the contents are secret
Parliaments are bypassed and democracy is forfeited
Political despots love having power to rule
And the people are lied to by these undemocratic fools

Selling out sovereignty is the name of the game
These devious bandits would put the devil to shame
Treasonous behaviour is out in the open
And objecting to their agenda is definitely verboten

Did you notice there is plenty of money for wars and weapons?
There is no austerity for the warmongers “blessings”
These destroyers of lives and human habitation
Are surely a curse upon every nation?

Go fight your own bloody evil wars
You parasites of finance and war mongering whores
Come out of your bunkers and palatial estates
And do some service for the human race

Repatriate your fortunes from your offshore tax havens
Show some patriotism instead of being craven
You have had it too good for so very long
We’re tired of listening to your austerity song

The people of Greece have taught us a lesson
That to obey your austerity dictums is to lose our possessions
Are the people getting ready to refuse all the proclamations?
Have the people had enough of the B.S. in all the nations?

They know who is causing all the pain and suffering
Financial gangsters and their devious workings
Now some are advising the puppet politicians
And so the farce continues with their plans and austerity missions

Stephen J. Gray
June 24, 2012.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Money Printers and Their Puppets

The Money Printers and Their Puppets
By Stephen J. Gray

They print money for their banker friends
These are the central bankers who to governments lend
Puppet politicians pay them homage
Some of them have an austerity message

They can create money out of thin air
These are the money printers that have no care
The people will pay for all their bills
Taxed to the max for these moneyed shills

Should some of these money changers be in jail?
“No” say some: They are “too big to fail”
Instead they advise the political dumbbells
Making sure the austerity message sells and sells

The people must learn to lower their expectations
Is the communication given too many nations
Meanwhile the evil financiers of war and gore
Build up their tax free profits safely offshore

The taxpayers everywhere pay more; and plenty
While the bankers’ puppets are the Gang of 20
A multi-nation politburo in expensive attire
Are they useless entities? Could some be liars?

Lined up and waving for their group photograph
Taxpayers are forced to pay for this gang of the daft
Then they will issue a statement fashioned to fit
A self serving message of political bullsh-t

Oh here comes a “right honourable” one!
Did you vote for that son of a gun?
Did you see, “His Excellency” appear?
Yes, he was at the expensive dinner my dear

They feed our “leaders” well at these meetings
And the taxpayers pay for all their grovelling greetings
Aren’t we lucky to have money printers and their puppets?
Perhaps they will make a movie of this gang of muppets

This is the “world stage” and the cameras are rolling
The gangs all here and the bells are tolling
The people are prisoners of this Gang of 20
And make no mistake it will cost the people plenty

Austerity and more austerity is the solution for the masses
While the money printers and politicians get free passes
But the role of the people is to be tax paying serfs
The money printers and their puppets rule the earth.

Stephen J. Gray
June 19, 2012.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Obituary of Democracy

The Obituary of Democracy
By Stephen J. Gray

Democracy is dead buried by the “Great Leader” and his political sycophants. Its funeral service was held in a House of No Shame. The funeral service lasted throughout the night. There were many speakers at the service. Cheering and applauding its death were the majority “family” of the House. The last rites were performed and the funeral procession trooped out of the House, proud of their role. No tears were shed, for this was a callous and indifferent gathering of hypocrites who lacked the courage to speak out and try to save democracy. Those who had at one time preached “accountability” were now unaccountable to the real owners of the House the people who paid for its upkeep. The people who paid for this House of No Shame would pay all the expenses for the death of democracy.

The killers of democracy were subservient and did as they were told. Some of them could have saved democracy but were afraid. The wrath of the “Great Leader” kept them in perpetual fear. One of them had attempted to speak out but succumbed to fear and helplessness. There were those who called him a coward, if that was true then he was a coward in a collection of cowards. For cowards do not like democracy, nor do they like people who have principles.

Principles go hand in hand with courage and courage was lacking in those that killed democracy. It was said that some of the followers did not like what was being done to democracy, but they lacked the courage to oppose the “Great Leader.” Pictures were seen of him, who brooks no dissent, receiving a standing ovation from his grovelling gang. Smiles and handshakes were part of the celebration of this blatant crime against democracy.

It was a nauseating performance that will be remembered for its sickening spectacle of a group in the throes of abject admiration for a leader lacking in principles or moral decency. A leader who had contempt for democracy and who showed his true colors, now out in the open, because he believed he was invincible. But, perhaps he would do well to remember that old saying: “Pride comes before a fall.”

This then is how democracy died. Ridiculed, laughed at, scorned and abused. If you care about democracy, tell others how it died and who was responsible and perhaps someday truth and justice will prevail and democracy’s honour will be restored.

Stephen J. Gray
June 18, 2012.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Did Canadians Vote for ‘Global Governance?’

Did Canadians Vote for ‘Global Governance?’
By Stephen J. Gray

“We need some semblance of global governance” Stephen Harper [1]

When did Canadians agree to ‘global governance?’ Was it on the ballot in the last election? Is Stephen Harper, who was running around electioneering during the last election - sometimes wearing a jacket with Canada emblazoned all over it – really hiding his true intentions and globalist leanings?  Was he just seeking votes? Does he have a hidden agenda to give away Canada’s national sovereignty?  Is he being influenced by powerful people or by people in other countries who are also undermining their own countries sovereignty? (Europe is one example where puppet politicians have signed away national sovereignty and unelected “technocrats” have taken over) Surely, if Mr. Harper cared about Canada and Canadians he would not have said the words below?

“I know some people don’t like it, it’s a loss of national sovereignty” Stephen Harper [1]

How do the people in his party feel about the ‘loss of national sovereignty?’ Do they care? Or do they follow Mr. Harper blindly? Are the speech writers and political flacks who surround Mr. Harper are they okay with the ‘loss of national sovereignty?’ Does the perks of the job mean more than loyalty to ones country? Do the MPs who serve under Mr. Harper and the opposition MPs have any thoughts on Canada’s ‘loss of national sovereignty?’ Do these MPs care about Canada’s ‘loss of national sovereignty?’ Have any of them spoken out in defence of Canada?

What about the Canadian media? Have any of them raised the alarm on the ‘loss of national sovereignty?’ Has it been front page news in any of the corporate owned newspapers? Have any of the corporate owned TV stations who are always boasting that they bring the news to the people: Have any of them done an in depth investigation of the ‘loss of national sovereignty?’ What about the big business elites, do they care about the ‘loss of national sovereignty?’ Does money and profits count more than allegiance to Canada? I guess that question could be easily answered, when we see corporate chief executives investing in China, a country where slave labour has been used and dissidents are tortured and a one child policy and forced abortion are rampant. Still, never mind all that, PM Stephen Harper is forming a “strategic partnership” with the Chinese dictatorship. I wonder could that be called a ‘loss of national sovereignty?’

“Harper also vowed joint efforts with China to address global and regional issues, to safeguard world peace and to boost new progress of global economic governance.” [2]

And of course globalist inclined, Mr. Harper, is hell bent on a “free trade” agreement with the European Union (EU).  National sovereignty in the E.U., as I mentioned earlier has been handed over to unelected “Technocrats” and some countries were taken into the E.U. without the consent of their people. I guess one could also call this a ‘loss of national sovereignty.’ What is really going on? Are we being treated as tax paying slaves, expected to conform to whatever Mr. Harper dictates? Are we expected to sit back and accept the dictum of Mr. Harper: “I know some people don’t like it, it’s a loss of national sovereignty” Or are we going to demand that our country is not for sale by any politician with ‘global governance’ on their agenda?

Stephen J. Gray
June 13, 2012.


Definitions of global and governance:
Global:  “covering, influencing, or relating to the whole world”[3]
Governance: “government, control, or authority” [4]

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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Bootlickers Report

The Bootlickers Report
(Satire) By Stephen J. Gray

Dear Friends,

This report is for those of you who may have missed the latest news on the happenings concerning our Great and Supreme Leader. He had a wonderful visit with the Queen in jolly old England courtesy of the peoples’ tax dollars. There is no truth to the silly rumor that he wants to be addressed as His Highness when he gets back from his journeys. He then proceeded to France to meet with the Socialist President. He sounded off in the media about the Greek elections and the future of the global economy and had a message for European leaders and urged them to act ‘decisively.’ Our supreme leader knows what is best for democracy everywhere and does not hesitate to spread his knowledge.

In other news a motion on abortion was in the news here at home.  It is possible our great and supreme leader could be angry over this and may vent his anger when he gets back. I suggest all office chairs be removed from offices. We do not want anybody being injured should some chairs be thrown around, just kidding of course. Still, dissent has mostly been silenced and most of the boys and girls of the party know their place in the scheme of things. Don’t speak until told to do so.

Thank goodness we have Gordy the whip-master to handle some of these miscreants who have the temerity to bring motions before parliament that the Supreme Leader does not like. We also have backup, as the Supreme Leader’s “pit bull” is always available to bark and snarl on cue. He is chewing on a bone at the moment and feeling quite content. Though a bone of contention, (is that a pun or what?) with some democracy proponents is the fact the “pit bull” called communist China a friend an ally. But hey, he is minister of foreign affairs and knows his stuff. Still, I think he missed the supreme leader while he was over in Europe.

Meanwhile, there are some complaints about the Omnibus Bill being rushed through parliament. Some noisy people are questioning its content and want it broken up into separate pieces, so that all these different issues can be debated separately. They call this democracy. Can you believe these people?  Don’t they understand democracy is whatever the supreme leader says it is and he surely knows?  There are also some complaints about employment insurance changes. Some people don’t want to move to look for a job. Well, isn’t that too bad!  Times are changing and we all must change with the times. No dissent will be allowed now that we are running the show. Another complaint from enemies of the party was the thousands of taxpayers dollars spent on limousines in Davos.  Hey, when you are in power you have to move in style, and Davos is style, that’s where the supreme leader announced changes to Old Age Security to a meeting of billionaires. Still, some unhappy campers think he should have announced this in Parliament first. But, these are just the usual losers who whine about democracy.

Our great democratic leader learned a lot from his recent trip to China, they have a migrant workforce that follows the work and do as they are told. We are going to have a “strategic partnership” with China. The old ways of doing things are gone. Now capitalism and communism are birds of a feather, as the saying goes. Anyway we are getting two pandas on loan to seal the deal, though some cynical people are saying: “We are in bed with the Reds.” They just don’t understand how partnerships’ and free trade work.
Talking about free trade the Supreme Leader is signing free trade deals at a pace unrivalled anywhere. His pen is on fire, inking all these deals. Still, some of the usual suspects are saying all this should be debated in parliament. Yes, I know he trumpeted accountability. But hey, that was to get the suckers, oops I mean people to vote for him. Still, they don’t get it the supreme leader does not need parliament now that he has a majority. Others are saying he is signing national sovereignty away. Sure, he is. He is on record as admitting to that. When you have power, you can do anything and anything is possible from our Supreme Leader. I’ll close for now as my limousine is waiting.

Sincerely Yours.
A.  Bootlicker.

Stephen J. Gray
June 8, 2012.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Do we care…?

Do we care…?
By Stephen J. Gray

Do we care if our Country’s sovereignty is signed away?
Does it matter that treacherous politicians are having their way?
Should we be consulted on this most important matter?
Do we prefer just to listen to devious political chatter?

Are we too busy watching hockey games and TV shows?
As deals are signed: Do we even want to know?
The political con artists tell us it’s about “creating jobs!”
While keeping us “safe” is also in their words

Who could be against jobs and security?
As they spy on us: and do they lie to us indiscriminately?
Do the politicians believe we are too stupid to be aware?
As they impose their agendas: Do we really care?

Are Parliaments’ and Congress houses of ill repute?
Are freedoms being trashed, are sane voices mute?
Politicians are supposed to be “servants of the people”
Have the people become serfs, and have they become politicians’ sheeple?

Are the people herded, conditioned and controlled?
Many don’t realize their sovereignty is being sold
Is treason dressed up in a suit, and a smile that glows?
Do the people realise, “the Emperor has no clothes?”

But hey, we are told that everything is great and serene
It’s only about ‘peameal bacon’ and the “size of jelly beans!”
And two lovely pandas will soon be here
And they’ll only cost us a million or two a year

So let’s not be negative and cynical too
A political feast is coming to you
“Security” and “free trade” is in the political air
And Sovereignty is signed away: Do we really care?

Stephen J. Gray
June 3,2012.

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