Sunday, June 24, 2012

Austerity and other plans…

Austerity and other plans…
By Stephen J. Gray

The austerity message is that to save the system
Everybody, everywhere really must listen
The unelected Central Bankers and their puppet politicians
Will tell everyone they have made a decision

The people must learn to do with less
That is their solution to clean up their mess
More austerity, more taxes for the taxpaying masses
And total obedience to these “leadership” asses

They tell us the “market” will save us eventually
Though it might be in the next century
So forget all your retirement plans and expected pensions
And if you object you could be in detention

The system is run by and for, a select few
Now they are openly telling us what to do
Produce and produce and “free trade” is in store
Our old age security will soon be no more

A “partnership” will be signed, with a number of countries: but the contents are secret
Parliaments are bypassed and democracy is forfeited
Political despots love having power to rule
And the people are lied to by these undemocratic fools

Selling out sovereignty is the name of the game
These devious bandits would put the devil to shame
Treasonous behaviour is out in the open
And objecting to their agenda is definitely verboten

Did you notice there is plenty of money for wars and weapons?
There is no austerity for the warmongers “blessings”
These destroyers of lives and human habitation
Are surely a curse upon every nation?

Go fight your own bloody evil wars
You parasites of finance and war mongering whores
Come out of your bunkers and palatial estates
And do some service for the human race

Repatriate your fortunes from your offshore tax havens
Show some patriotism instead of being craven
You have had it too good for so very long
We’re tired of listening to your austerity song

The people of Greece have taught us a lesson
That to obey your austerity dictums is to lose our possessions
Are the people getting ready to refuse all the proclamations?
Have the people had enough of the B.S. in all the nations?

They know who is causing all the pain and suffering
Financial gangsters and their devious workings
Now some are advising the puppet politicians
And so the farce continues with their plans and austerity missions

Stephen J. Gray
June 24, 2012.

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