Monday, June 18, 2012

The Obituary of Democracy

The Obituary of Democracy
By Stephen J. Gray

Democracy is dead buried by the “Great Leader” and his political sycophants. Its funeral service was held in a House of No Shame. The funeral service lasted throughout the night. There were many speakers at the service. Cheering and applauding its death were the majority “family” of the House. The last rites were performed and the funeral procession trooped out of the House, proud of their role. No tears were shed, for this was a callous and indifferent gathering of hypocrites who lacked the courage to speak out and try to save democracy. Those who had at one time preached “accountability” were now unaccountable to the real owners of the House the people who paid for its upkeep. The people who paid for this House of No Shame would pay all the expenses for the death of democracy.

The killers of democracy were subservient and did as they were told. Some of them could have saved democracy but were afraid. The wrath of the “Great Leader” kept them in perpetual fear. One of them had attempted to speak out but succumbed to fear and helplessness. There were those who called him a coward, if that was true then he was a coward in a collection of cowards. For cowards do not like democracy, nor do they like people who have principles.

Principles go hand in hand with courage and courage was lacking in those that killed democracy. It was said that some of the followers did not like what was being done to democracy, but they lacked the courage to oppose the “Great Leader.” Pictures were seen of him, who brooks no dissent, receiving a standing ovation from his grovelling gang. Smiles and handshakes were part of the celebration of this blatant crime against democracy.

It was a nauseating performance that will be remembered for its sickening spectacle of a group in the throes of abject admiration for a leader lacking in principles or moral decency. A leader who had contempt for democracy and who showed his true colors, now out in the open, because he believed he was invincible. But, perhaps he would do well to remember that old saying: “Pride comes before a fall.”

This then is how democracy died. Ridiculed, laughed at, scorned and abused. If you care about democracy, tell others how it died and who was responsible and perhaps someday truth and justice will prevail and democracy’s honour will be restored.

Stephen J. Gray
June 18, 2012.