Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Money Printers and Their Puppets

The Money Printers and Their Puppets
By Stephen J. Gray

They print money for their banker friends
These are the central bankers who to governments lend
Puppet politicians pay them homage
Some of them have an austerity message

They can create money out of thin air
These are the money printers that have no care
The people will pay for all their bills
Taxed to the max for these moneyed shills

Should some of these money changers be in jail?
“No” say some: They are “too big to fail”
Instead they advise the political dumbbells
Making sure the austerity message sells and sells

The people must learn to lower their expectations
Is the communication given too many nations
Meanwhile the evil financiers of war and gore
Build up their tax free profits safely offshore

The taxpayers everywhere pay more; and plenty
While the bankers’ puppets are the Gang of 20
A multi-nation politburo in expensive attire
Are they useless entities? Could some be liars?

Lined up and waving for their group photograph
Taxpayers are forced to pay for this gang of the daft
Then they will issue a statement fashioned to fit
A self serving message of political bullsh-t

Oh here comes a “right honourable” one!
Did you vote for that son of a gun?
Did you see, “His Excellency” appear?
Yes, he was at the expensive dinner my dear

They feed our “leaders” well at these meetings
And the taxpayers pay for all their grovelling greetings
Aren’t we lucky to have money printers and their puppets?
Perhaps they will make a movie of this gang of muppets

This is the “world stage” and the cameras are rolling
The gangs all here and the bells are tolling
The people are prisoners of this Gang of 20
And make no mistake it will cost the people plenty

Austerity and more austerity is the solution for the masses
While the money printers and politicians get free passes
But the role of the people is to be tax paying serfs
The money printers and their puppets rule the earth.

Stephen J. Gray
June 19, 2012.