Sunday, June 3, 2012

Do we care…?

Do we care…?
By Stephen J. Gray

Do we care if our Country’s sovereignty is signed away?
Does it matter that treacherous politicians are having their way?
Should we be consulted on this most important matter?
Do we prefer just to listen to devious political chatter?

Are we too busy watching hockey games and TV shows?
As deals are signed: Do we even want to know?
The political con artists tell us it’s about “creating jobs!”
While keeping us “safe” is also in their words

Who could be against jobs and security?
As they spy on us: and do they lie to us indiscriminately?
Do the politicians believe we are too stupid to be aware?
As they impose their agendas: Do we really care?

Are Parliaments’ and Congress houses of ill repute?
Are freedoms being trashed, are sane voices mute?
Politicians are supposed to be “servants of the people”
Have the people become serfs, and have they become politicians’ sheeple?

Are the people herded, conditioned and controlled?
Many don’t realize their sovereignty is being sold
Is treason dressed up in a suit, and a smile that glows?
Do the people realise, “the Emperor has no clothes?”

But hey, we are told that everything is great and serene
It’s only about ‘peameal bacon’ and the “size of jelly beans!”
And two lovely pandas will soon be here
And they’ll only cost us a million or two a year

So let’s not be negative and cynical too
A political feast is coming to you
“Security” and “free trade” is in the political air
And Sovereignty is signed away: Do we really care?

Stephen J. Gray
June 3,2012.

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