Monday, July 13, 2009

Making an Ass of the Law

Who would have believed that in a supposedly law abiding nation, that people would be allowed to parade and march naked, some even simulating sexual intercourse and making lewd gestures. And the reason for their doing so would be that they would be displaying their “pride.” These displays of “pride” have also been known to be led by police chiefs and other police marching in lockstep with the participants. One wonders, whatever happened to law and order and obeying the Criminal Code? Are some people above the law? Still, never mind, one newspaper described these parades as “…in general, laudable for their family friendliness.” But hey, that’s the state of the propagandized “news” in the country today. Some politicians have also been known to take part in these parades of “pride” though so far they have kept their clothes on. But, when our ruling political emperors’ already have no clothes, what’s the big deal! The politicians even take pride in giving taxpayer’s dollars to these parades. Some of them will do and say anything for votes and participating in these types of parades where nudity and grossness is present shows what kind of principles they have in this tolerant land.

This is a land where orgies are okay as long as no “harm” is done, said an Obscene Court, oops, I mean Supreme Court, Judge. And of course another “respected” judge told us a pervert’s work had “artistic merit.” And still other judges declared, “same-sex marriage” was a right under The Charter. And another judge declared The Charter was a “living tree;” now its diseased branches have spread across the land into all walks of life.

Life in this land of The Charter is disposable and there is no law on abortion. The innocent child in the womb can be slaughtered right up to the moment of birth if it is unwanted. This is called “freedom of choice” by the politicians and others who support this type of killing. Now euthanasia has raised its ugly head and the push is on to kill those considered in need of termination, though the killing will be disguised as “death with dignity.” No doubt it will become acceptable, for this is a land that has lost its moral compass. Just about everything that once was decent and true has been replaced by depravity, debauchery and lies.

Speaking the truth can get a person accused of a “hate crime” and free speech has been suppressed by human rights commissars appointed by the political class. Most of the political class, I believe, are a danger to a free people. Why else would they allow these human rights commissars to use their jackboots on the people of the land?

The land is supposedly going to have another election soon, but over 40% of the people don’t bother to vote anymore; perhaps they realize it’s a farce, and those that do vote still believe they live in a “democracy.” In this “democracy” the people are ruled by The Charter, a document the ordinary people did not get to vote on. It was imposed by the political elites and now anything can be found in this document by a judge hallucinating and “reading in” whatever is needed for those who wish to impose their agenda on the country.

In this country criminals are “morally worthy” to vote, so said another “respected” judge. Judges are appointed and park their posteriors on the bench until they are 75 years of age, and the damage some of them can do is irreparable. So can this land be repaired? We are sinking ever deeper into the depths of depravity and perversion, camouflaged as “rights.” One can only ask the question where will it all end? In total tyranny or rebellion?

Stephen J. Gray
July 13, 2009.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Planned Killing

The professional killer had made his decision: He would kill another innocent victim. He had watched and studied his victim on camera where he'd seen the young victim moving around in her abode. She was sucking her finger as she peacefully relaxed in her safe haven. The victim was unaware of being watched, or of her impending doom. She was now sleeping peacefully, innocently unaware of what was to come.

The killer put on his gloves and arranged his instruments of death. He had committed this deadly deed many times before and felt confident of having another successful killing. He had killed younger victims than this one using other methods. The killer made his move. His victim tried to move away from the executioner’s deadly weapon, but to no avail. This licensed professional killer was stronger, and the victim had no place to escape to. The assassin struck and the little victim thrashed in agony and pain. Her young heart beat faster in her death throes; then it stopped. The killer started cutting her small body, disemboweling, dismembering and decapitating her. Finally the atrocity was completed. The little hands and feet, the head, and the torso were bloodstained evidence of this slaughter of an innocent by a professional killer.

The human butcher removed his bloodstained gloves and threw them into the garbage bucket that also contained the human remains of the slaughtered victim. There would be many more victims of this licensed killer. He would be paid for his deadly work and endorsed by some in the media who would call him a hero. The politicians and courts would consider his behaviour legal and it would even be paid for by the citizens' taxes. For in this sick and perverted land the killer and his killings were called “freedom of choice.”

Stephen J. Gray
July 6, 2009.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Revenge of the Aborted?

“Canadian families do not make babies like they used to. A dramatic decline in fertility in recent decades, combined with an aging population, has the potential to transform every aspect of Canadian society, from schools and housing to social attitudes toward family.” [1]

In the National Post there were four articles over four days examining the dearth of a younger generation in Canada. Nowhere in these articles was the issue of abortion raised as a factor in this issue of a “childless culture.” Instead we saw the words “low fertility” used to describe the lack of a younger generation. Abortion in Canada surely has had a role in the cause of “low fertility” and less children going to school.

“With Canadian families producing fewer babies than ever, school officials in every province have to figure out what to do with thousands of empty classrooms built for Baby Boomers and their children but left vacant by the generation that is following in much smaller numbers.” [2]

The issue of schools closing in some places was raised because of declining enrollment. Yet, the teachers unions are on record as favoring abortion. We are also told there is a scarcity of skilled workers, and the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC), which claims to speak for all its members, is on record as supporting “choice” on abortion. One could argue that trade unions which depend on a constant supply of new members are in fact cutting their own throats by supporting the killing of the child in the womb under the banner of “choice.” Are they in fact supporting the killing off of future members?

There are over 100,000 abortions a year in Canada. If one goes back to the year 1992 where there were 102,085 [3] abortions and this number has been increasing yearly ever since, one could say on average from 1992 until 2005 we have killed off at least 1.3 million innocent lives that would have gone to school, perhaps been future union members and future taxpayers in society.

Now governments at the provincial and federal levels are raising the alarm about having an imbalance of elderly people and more retirees, which will put more strain on our healthcare system. “In less than a decade, seniors will outnumber children in Canada; in just 15 years, deaths may outnumber births.” [4]

So what will the solution be if “deaths outnumber births”? How will society deal with the “problem” of too many seniors many of whom could be retired and in poor health? We have seen the issue of euthanasia being raised recently in parliament, but of course that is only for people who want to die. And of course euthanasia could never be “acceptable.” Could it? Well, at one time abortion was considered a heinous crime, and those who practiced it were considered pariahs. Now the abortionists are hailed as “practitioners” of “choice.” And the killing of the child in the womb is sacrificed on the altar of political expediency as a “right.” So will it be “expedient” to exercise “choice” on our burgeoning elderly population and call it “death with dignity”? After all, when the killing of the child in the womb is now “normal” who is to say that killing people out of the womb and in the “golden years” of their lives could not also become “normal.”

There is an old and wise saying, “We reap what we sow.” Over the last number of years we have sown death in Canada through abortion. Society’s acceptance of abortion has given credence to the idea that parents can kill their unborn children if they are deemed to be unwanted. Now, some born children may start killing their parents if they believe them to be unwanted. Could this be called the revenge of the aborted?

Stephen J. Gray
February 25, 2006.

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