Monday, July 6, 2009

The Planned Killing

The professional killer had made his decision: He would kill another innocent victim. He had watched and studied his victim on camera where he'd seen the young victim moving around in her abode. She was sucking her finger as she peacefully relaxed in her safe haven. The victim was unaware of being watched, or of her impending doom. She was now sleeping peacefully, innocently unaware of what was to come.

The killer put on his gloves and arranged his instruments of death. He had committed this deadly deed many times before and felt confident of having another successful killing. He had killed younger victims than this one using other methods. The killer made his move. His victim tried to move away from the executioner’s deadly weapon, but to no avail. This licensed professional killer was stronger, and the victim had no place to escape to. The assassin struck and the little victim thrashed in agony and pain. Her young heart beat faster in her death throes; then it stopped. The killer started cutting her small body, disemboweling, dismembering and decapitating her. Finally the atrocity was completed. The little hands and feet, the head, and the torso were bloodstained evidence of this slaughter of an innocent by a professional killer.

The human butcher removed his bloodstained gloves and threw them into the garbage bucket that also contained the human remains of the slaughtered victim. There would be many more victims of this licensed killer. He would be paid for his deadly work and endorsed by some in the media who would call him a hero. The politicians and courts would consider his behaviour legal and it would even be paid for by the citizens' taxes. For in this sick and perverted land the killer and his killings were called “freedom of choice.”

Stephen J. Gray
July 6, 2009.

Note: See the innocent victims slaughtered by abortion at: