Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Is Something Big?

Is something big going to happen or erupt?
Power appears to be in the hands of the mad and corrupt
The world stage is overloaded with idiots and fools
They are the decision makers that start wars and rule

Never have so many crackpots and warmongering thugs
Appeared, and proclaimed their “sick wisdom” amongst us
Some of them rule in so-called “democratic” lands
Others are dictators and despots and other brigands

“Respectable” gangsters with fancy titles to their names
They have no ethics, principles, morals or shame
They are the “leaders” that don’t fight in their planned wars
Their partners in their crimes have trillions in tax havens offshore

The profiteers and warmongers have slaughtered millions in illegal wars
Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen are some of their victims, galore
Now Iran appears to be the next victim, chosen for another criminal war
If it happens, there will be more victims, of our “leaders,” rotten to the core

There is no justice in this war criminal, and gangster ruled world of today
When countries can be destroyed, and war maniacs have their way
Will nuclear war be the final solution by warmongering prigs?
Because these insane “people” are capable of something very big

Stephen J. Gray
June 18, 2019.

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Monday, June 17, 2019


Everything that once was normal, moral, and good
Has been replaced by the abnormal, immoral and lewd
The law has been perverted to “legitimize” the unnatural
And words “man” and “woman” are no longer factual

The children are taught that they can be a girl or a boy
And if anybody objects they are attacked and destroyed
The language is twisted and words are debased
Genders are now “fluid” in today’s human race

Marijuana is legalized as the country goes to pot
Weed edibles can eventually be sold and bought
Drug candies and cookies will be soon available to crunch
Here’s hoping the children don’t get them for lunch

People march naked and call this their “culture”
Obscenity is now accepted as a “lawful” gesture
The politicians and police take part in this lawbreaking farce
Giving credence to the words that “The law is an Ass”

The judges that sit on the court are declared “Supreme”
They “read in” what is “acceptable” even if it is obscene
Euthanasia is approved if you sign and are willing
The law has been perverted to allow this type of killing

The pre-born are also killed under the banner of “Choice”
And those that support this atrocity applaud and rejoice
The parliament of this country even gave a standing ovation
To those that support this hellish killing within their nation

Many of the professions are forced to take part in the killing
An edict has been approved, even though the decent are unwilling
This sick society wants everyone complicit in its evil acts
This is what is happening and that is a filthy, dirty fact

This is a nation that gives other countries billions of taxpayers’ cash
While thousands of its own homeless are digging in the trash
Many thousands attend food banks in search of food to eat
Is there something very wrong in this land of debauchery and deceit?

People from other countries are illegally crossing our border
Then they are housed in hotels by government order
Meanwhile, many citizens of this country sleep on the streets
No hotels for them, from the ruling government elites

Meanwhile “the media” promotes perversion and propaganda
They are to get “600 million” from the taxpayers’ monies “bonanza”
The so-called “free press” pays compulsory union dues
And now the journalists’ unions have more taxpayers’ money to use

Will the tax slaves of this land ever wake up?
And finally state and say “They have had enough”?
Or will this ruling insanity continue its crazy mad fling?
That destroys decency, morality and the good in everything

Stephen J. Gray
June 17, 2019.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Billions of Tax Dollars Given Away

Billions and millions of tax dollars are given away
Extorted from taxpayers who don’t have a say
Is this a country in the hands of a political fool?
Does nonsense and hypocrisy from his lips drool?

Billions are sent to countries overseas
To pay for their abortions: if you please!
What an obscene use of money to kill the pre-born
Is this, disgusting, sick, and definitely, a terrible wrong?

Millions of dollars are being handed to the unionized media
And corporate chieftains also, will get some of this tax monies utopia
The propaganda pushers will now have the peoples’ tax dollars to fund their “news”
And the “journalists” unions can spend more money, from forced union dues

Mandatory union dues, support and finance many non work issues
Now “$600 million” of taxpayers’ dollars could be also misused
Should there be a public inquiry into the dispersal of union dues?
This is the memberships monies and can be subjected to abuse

Millions of membership dollars have been given away over the years
To numerous organizations, and various parties; from union overseers
All this money given away comes from members compulsory union dues
Is this really “democratic” and do the union members get to freely choose?

Or are they just like all other taxpayers, prisoners of a system
Where money is forcibly taken from them: Is this freedom?
Has “democracy” been hijacked, when people have no say?
As a leader of a country gives billions and millions of taxpayers’ dollars away?

Stephen J. Gray
June 11, 2019.

Links of interest below:
Info below from an informative article in Financial Post, September 11, 2013.
“Unifor: Canada’s new political party — er, union”
Canadians should be concerned and Parliament needs to pass Bill C-377, which would establish standardized financial transparency requirements for unions under the Income Tax Act

“Taxpayers deserve to know how unions are spending their money
In doing so, it is important to remember that unions rely on the forced contributions of member and non-member workers in unionized workplaces for their revenue, and that they enjoy generous tax breaks. Therefore, engaging in politics, community activism, or other activities not linked to collective bargaining requires unions to operate in a transparent manner. Canadians and potential union members have a right to know how much money and time is spent on political activities or social causes versus collective bargaining....

“Bill C-377 would establish new reporting requirements for unions, including the amount of time spent on political activities and financial support for social causes. It will be back before Parliament in October. As the rhetoric coming from Unifor makes clear, this bill needs to be passed without amendment. Otherwise, a huge union larger than most political parties and with hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal will be exerting undue influence over our economy, political system and society without any transparency or accountability....”
Terrance Oakey is president of Merit Canada, which represents open shop construction associations.
[read full article at link below]

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Was This Another Meeting Of the Globalists Political Puppets? Attended by War Criminals, Terrorist Supporters, Child Killers, Money Changers and other Dangerous Hypocrites

“We have to ask ourselves how it can be that the world’s worse criminals—people responsible for the death and displacement of millions of peoples—occupy high office...?” Paul Craig Roberts. The Unz Review, March 9, 2016.

“Top finance and economy ministers of the Group of 20 nations were meeting in [Fukuoka]Japan on Sunday, haggling over issues ranging from taxes to debt and artificial intelligence as China and the U.S. showed no sign of breaking their stalemate over trade and technology.”  Elaine Kurtenbach,  June 9 04:45 pm JST

The latest meeting of the Gang of 20, oops I mean G20, is in Fukuoka, Japan. I wonder how Fukuoka is pronounced or sounds? Would its first four letters (Fuku) sound like an epithet to the taxpayers that pay for their G20 members to attend these extravagant meetings?

The peoples’ taxes pay for this travelling gang of political gossips
As they consort and shake hands with their disgusting membership
Globalist puppets of the elitist and obscene New World Order
People everywhere are prisoners of these diabolical monsters

Countries have been reduced to poverty and rubble
By these warmongering bandits that create hellish trouble
Millions are refugees, and many millions are dead
Victims of these villains whose crimes are widespread

Millions around the world are homeless and live on the streets
Millions are starving and have nothing much to eat
Trillions are spent on weapons, killings, and wars
While people pay the price for these warmongering whores

These war criminals use the words: “rules-based international order”
Yet, these same villains are bombing, killing and creating slaughter
Horrendous hypocrites in expensive suits and fashionable dresses
People in a number of countries are suffering from their hellish excesses...

“The G20 is acknowledged as a central area of CIGI’s expertise — CIGI convened its first G20-focused group in December 2009, when it helped lay the groundwork for the forum to expand from national finance ministers to leaders. Since then, CIGI has proactively engaged with the G20 rotating chairs, contributed to Think Tank Twenty (T20) discussions, and had a presence at the G20 summits with the aim of influencing summit agendas through the provision of high-level, policy-relevant advice and by contributing to global governance discussions through academic research, expert commentary and media commentary alike.” (emphasis added)

To achieve ‘world government’ money is needed and a monetary system has to be in place. This is already here. Most countries in the world have central banks who in turn report to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). This could be called “The World Banking Politburo.”
Central Bankers are the controllers and issuers of money.  Bankers dictate austerity programs through the auspices of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and governments of all countries whether capitalist, communist, conservative, liberal, socialist or despotic all are mostly under the monetary control of the central bankers. Bankers have proposed a single world monetary system.

The unelected central bankers are in attendance at G20 meetings as are representatives of governments and dictatorships.

 “The G20 represents about 85% of the world's economy.
It consists of the US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the UK, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, and the European Union.”  BBC News 21 February 2014.

The European Union was formed without a vote of all its peoples’ in different countries. National sovereignty has been surrendered to technocrats, bureaucrats, bankers and the unelected. The Euro Observer of December 9, 2011 stated: “…almost all fiscal policy-making would be taken out of the hands of national assemblies and delivered up to European civil servants.”  I believe the people are being betrayed by their puppet political “leaders.” Democracy has been ditched and political treason abounds. Referendums are refused and restrictions imposed. The monetary crisis has been collectivized and bankers sanitized. The people are ignored and austerity is the final solution of the banking elite. A smell of fascism is in the air and the perverted money system is in the hands of the money-changers who hold the power by appointment rather than by political approval by election or referendum. Democracy is dead in Europe slain by the banking elites.  Still, “global economic governance…” is on the agenda as witness the quote below:

“The Group of Twenty ("G-20") nations, the new Financial Stability Board ("FSB"), and the International Monetary Fund ("IMF") are progressing on two fronts: the monitoring and revision of national and regional economic plans to facilitate global economic governance…”
See also:

In closing, I believe we should be asking, who are the faces behind the scenes, that are arranging all these G7, G20, NATO, Davos, Bilderberg, meetings etc. Is there shadowy forces controlling society, and are we living in pretend democracies?

“The forces of Evil have begun their decisive offensive, you can feel their pressure, and yet your screens and publications are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy about?” Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Stephen J. Gray
June 9, 2019.

Note: there is more info below, and on my blog, on the treachery of those in power, past and present. Some links are being censored.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Choice, Choice, Choice

They scream “choice,” “choice,” “choice,”
In loud, noisy and hysterical voices
Their chosen victims are the pre-born child
Any law to save this innocent drives them wild

In parliaments and other Houses of ill repute
The mostly cowardly politicians say: “choice” is absolute
There is no law to save the innocent pre-born
These tiny, helpless, human beings are treated with scorn

Cut to pieces, suctioned out, or poisoned by a saline solution
These little humans are called, “products of conception”
“Choice” words are used to hide this heinous crime
Truth is sabotaged by abominable “choice” signs

The media are supposed: “searchers for truth”
But, they censor the facts and lie very smooth
They will not show the brutalized bodies of the pre-born
Instead they parrot the word “choice” like morons

Some of these victims of abortion “choice” survive
And are left to die, even though they are still alive
Some cry, and cry, and cry, until death arrives
And their killers hide their hellish crimes and connive

Billions of dollars of taxpayers hard earned monies
Are handed over for repulsive “choice” killings
By a feckless feminist/man that is a disgrace to humanity
Who dishonours the reputation of a once ethical country?

Justice is corrupted, and “choice” language is used to justify
The attacks on these little innocents condemned to die
Put to death for being unwanted, they are diabolically destroyed
They are the helpless victims of the sick screamers of “choice”

Stephen J. Gray
June 5, 2019.

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Friday, May 31, 2019

A “standing ovation” for Killing by Choice

“With reproductive rights under assault south of the border, members of the Canadian House of Commons rose in a standing ovation to affirm support for a woman’s right to choose — that is, except the Conservatives.” Amanda Connolly, May 29, 2019.

The words “right to choose” are spoken and written by the media, most of the politicians, and others in society. Justin Trudeau has even called people opposed to abortion as “anti-choice.” So what is the “choice” that Trudeau, most of the media, and most politicians advocate? The “choice” to put it bluntly, is to have the “choice” to have the pre-born child killed, if she/he is unwanted. The aforementioned words are those that the squealers of “choice” do not have the courage to say, when they parrot the abominable word “choice” regarding abortion. How sick are people that would give a “standing ovation” to such an evil act that destroys innocent human life? And these people have the title, “Right Honourable” and “Honourable” in front of their names! Ugh!

Still, one should not be surprised that most of those in Canada’s Parliament would give a “standing ovation” to the “right to choose.” It has already covered up a heinous crime in Canada, where 491 babies were born alive after failed killings by abortion. Then they were left to die. This was: Canada’s Abominable Hate Crime.”

Politicians bend to the cries of the harridans of “choice” who consider it a “right” to kill the child in the womb. Many of these politicians stand for nothing and will say and do anything to get elected. Most of them boast they are in favor of “freedom of choice” to kill the unwanted child in the womb. One even reportedly said that he would never allow a vote to stop the killing of these innocents who are unwanted. Another politician even described the slaughter of these innocent victims as “safe medical services.” One wonders what is “safe” about cutting to pieces, poisoning by a saline solution, having a sharp knife pierce the brain of the living victim and suctioning out his/her brain? Some of these hate crime victims have even been known to survive the attacks by the medical butchers and have been born alive but are left to die.

This is a country with a dead conscience. Except of course if it is dead slaughtered seals, eagles, whales, owls, dogs, cats, horses, ducks, grizzly bears etc. (and recently salmon) then all hell breaks loose if it is seen that that these non-humans have been subject to cruel and atrocious practices. (and rightly so.) Numerous written media and TV programmes will display and publicize the attacks and killing of these non-humans. But, the hate crimes against the humans who are unwanted and slaughtered are covered up by the so-called “investigative media.” No pictures are shown, the victims are hidden and this abominable criminal slaughter is called a “choice,” and one might say it is aided and abetted by these phony media who are supposed to be “searchers for truth.”

They sugar-coat the language to make it sound good
These degenerates of democracy are perverted and lewd
They kill their young and call the crime, “freedom of choice”
These unfeeling hypocrites, in innocent deaths rejoice...

Stephen J. Gray
May 31, 2019.

Links of interest below:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Oh Canada what comes next...?

Oh Canada what comes next for you?
From this rabid ruling political crew
$600 Million of taxpayers’ dollars
Is being handed over to some “needy media scholars”

Some are CEOs and some are big trade unions
All meeting and sharing thoughts on a giveaway distribution
On how to disperse $600 million of the peoples’ compulsory taxes
To the media, workers, trade unions, and other powerful voices

The unions are funded by millions in compulsory union dues
And no doubt this latest windfall will blow away their blues
The well heeled CEOs are happy to get a big handout too
The only huge losers are the people; like me and you

We are forced to pay, to feed the propaganda monsters
Are the media CEOs and unions suffering from a greed disorder?
The ordinary people everywhere will pay, and pay, and pay
So that tax free unions and CEOs can “produce news” and play

Trade unions already spend their memberships’ compulsory dues
By funding and supporting many different organizations: is this an abuse?
This type of “unionism” surely proves union dues are much too high
Is this a flagrant double standard and where is the outcry?

Politicians do the same thing too, by squandering the peoples’ money
And there is evidence to prove that in doing this, they have a history
Meanwhile, the people are taxed, and taxed, and taxed some more
And nothing is done, about those that have monies, in tax havens offshore

 Cynics might say: “This $600 million is daylight robbery of taxpayers’ monies"
But hey, this is Canada, where “rule of law” and “sunny ways” are treated as buddies
Still, the handout recipients believe this solution for them is a good “fix”?
But, the fed up taxpayers are saying: “Oh Canada, what is coming next”?

Stephen J. Gray
May 29, 2019.

Links below, I believe, describe Canada’s road to ruin:

Sunday, May 26, 2019

A Canadian Union: Unifor is ‘the resistance’

“Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez is defending a decision to give a union that has actively campaigned against the Conservative Party a role in determining which news organizations are eligible for government funding...
“Unifor — a union that has actively campaigned against the Conservatives under both Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer — represents more than 12,000 journalists and media workers in Canada.” 
CBC Radio · Posted: May 24, 2019 2:22 PM ET | Last Updated: May 24

Unifor uses the word “democracy,” yet, it is funded by compulsory union dues, as are other trade unions in Canada. Which raises the question, Is Unifor ‘resistance’ being paid for by the compulsory union dues of its members? Or is ‘the resistance’ cabal doing its “work” on its own free time and using its own money? Another question is this, Unifor probably has members that vote conservative or for various other political parties? Is it “democratic” that ‘the resistance’ is taking a position that could be contrary to any number of its members? After all, union members have a variety of views on all kinds of issues, therefore is this position of ‘the resistance’ an affront to their freedoms and should it be allowed in a supposedly free country? But hey, the union likes to use the word “democracy.”

“If @AndrewScheer doesn’t understand the connection between a strong media and its role in preserving our democracy then he is unfit to lead.”

Is it hypocrisy for Unifor to use the words “unfit to lead”?   Unions have been misusing their members, time and money on numerous non-work related issues for years. Membership in any political party is not compulsory, yet ‘the resistance’ cabal of Unifor has compulsory union membership. It also has a role in the disposition of”600 million” of taxpayers’ monies.

“The mega-union [Unifor] representing 315,000 workers across the country, including a large percentage of anglophone Canadian journalists at legacy media outlets — and also autoworkers, because that totally makes sense — will nominate one of eight people to an ‘independent panel of experts.’ The panel will decide the criteria for divvying up tax breaks adding up to some $600 million in public funding.” Chris Selley, May 22, 2019, National Post.

Unions receive their certification for collective bargaining and this has progressed into collective coercion. Trade unions pay no taxes and have a compulsory money machine to pursue and finance agendas that are incompatible with personal freedom and democracy in Canada.

I believe forced union dues and forced association are a violation of so-called: “Freedom of Association” in The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But hey, that document should be called; Canada’s Charter Disaster.” And that is why I believe Canada has become a pretend “democracy.”

The supposed watchdog of a free society is a free press, yet many journalists in Canada are in trade unions which are financed by compulsory union dues. Misuse of union time and money has been epidemic across the country for many years. Where is the coverage on all of this by investigative journalists? Many journalists can show corporate connections and conflicts of interest down to the smallest detail, but they are strangely silent when it comes to probing union activities too deeply.

“Newspaper CEOs and Unifor union chief Jerry Dias may be pleased with the federal bailout moves, but taxpayers and all who believe that the press should be free of government control, manipulation and interference should not. There is no way Ottawa’s journalism-bailout scheme can pass any press-freedom test.” Terence Corcoran, National Post.

In closing, I believe Unifor should not have a role in disbursing taxpayers’ monies. In fact, I believe there should be a public inquiry into trade unions in Canada. For many years they have been using their memberships, time and money, on multiple issues unrelated to the workplace. I believe they have become dangerous to freedom and “democracy” in Canada. If any other organizations were doing what trade unions are doing with compulsory union dues, charges would be laid. Instead the tax free unions appear to be a law unto them-selves

"Freedom can primarily be characterized by the absence of coercion or constraint. If a person is compelled by the state or the will of another to a course of action or inaction which he would not otherwise have chosen, he is not acting of his own volition and he cannot be said to be truly free." Chief Justice Bryan Dixon in the "Big M Drug Mart Ltd." decision.

"We are involved in matters which have to do with the social direction of Canada and not just issues at the bargaining table..." -Larry Brown, Secretary Treasurer of N.U.P.G.E. (National Union of Provincial Government Employees) in "The Dossier" of Action Canada Network, Sept.-Oct., 1991.

“…the CLC does not allow members of one union to leave and join another. A union member is like an indentured servant.”
Buzz Hargrove, president CAW, page 201 in his book “Labor of Love”

Stephen J. Gray
May 26, 2019.

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Groups, organizations and causes that have received union time and/or money.