Thursday, September 3, 2020

Covidia and the Covidians

The Covidians are people of an imaginary world called Covidia which owed its name to a virus created by its ruling elites, reportedly in a laboratory. This virus was called COVID-20. Covidians had come to love and accept their virus ruled world. They wore masks, and walked and stayed six feet apart from each other. They shopped in large conglomerate stores where arrows showed them in what direction they must walk in the stores. Anyone not wearing a mask was not allowed in any of the stores, and some people had even been arrested for not wearing a mask. Their places of worship were under strict rules, and only a very few were allowed into the Houses of their God. Religion was now dictated to by the state.

Casinos were open as were Abortion Chambers and Marijuana/Pot stores so that people could have their preborn killed by choice, and gamble and smoke some "happiness." Some sports games were allowed, so that the masses could watch them on TV. But, the sports arenas were empty except for those participating in the “games.” The new gods, in what was called,”The New Normal” in Covidia, were the political puppets that were in positions of authority. These political puppets took their guidance from “medical experts” that in turn took their orders from an unelected central authority called, “WHO”. Keeping Covidia and Covidians healthy was the mandate, of the “World Hypochondriacs Organization” (WHO)

WHO was financed by Covidians tax dollars and it also received money from a wealthy foundation owned by a vaccine promoter that reportedly hoped to eventually vaccinate all of Covidia. His influence was everywhere and he was celebrated as a vaccine pusher in all of Covidia.

Covidians were an obedient people and did as they were told to by those in control. The media in Covidia brayed COVID-20 statistics twenty fours hours a day, and the populace also received daily briefings by other figures of “authority” that told them to “be kind” and “practice social distancing” and “wash your hands frequently” and “stay away from large gatherings” and “remember we are all in this together.”

The marketing of Rule by Virus had become so acceptable that people no longer questioned those in control. They were in fact joyfully waiting to be vaccinated, chipped, and numbered when a promised vaccine arrived. They were now docile subjects and appeared to be incapable, or to have the will to take back their freedoms, that had been lost. But hey, Covidia and the Covidians is just an imaginary tale. 

Stephen J. Gray

September 3, 2020.

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