Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hypocrisy and Discrimination at Carleton University

“Tolerance and respect are based on knowledge. Fear and distrust stem from ignorance.”
Roseann O’Reilly Runte president of Carleton University [1]

The words above from the president of Carleton University are surely very nice. But the arrest of pro-life Carleton Students at the behest of the university for daring to exercise their right to free speech and free expression surely makes a mockery of the words “tolerance” and “respect.” I believe the words hypocrisy and discrimination are more apt and should apply to what has happened at Carleton University.

The university had these young pro-life students arrested for daring to show pictures of the slaughter of babies by abortion. The video of this arrest can be seen here:

One can only wonder, what is happening in Canada and on a university campus when peaceful, law-abiding students are arrested for having the courage to show the truth about the heinous (legally acceptable) depravity that kills the child in the womb? The perpetrators and supporters of this atrocity, though, like to call the act "choice." Consider the quote below by a representative of the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA):

“CUSA is a pro-choice organization,” said Sam Heaton, CUSA vice-president (student services) in an interview Oct. 18. “We do not fund through our clubs any pro-life or anti-choice material,” Heaton said.[2]

Can you believe the hypocrisy of this CUSA rep? This student organization is funded by the compulsory monies of ALL the students at the university, yet it has the gall to say, “CUSA is a pro-choice organization.” How can this be allowed in a supposedly free society, that students can be compelled and dictated to, and forced to pay money to a student organization that violates the principle of freedom of choice in a democracy? Not only do they support the "choice" to kill the pre-born, but they deny the "choice" of students to pay or not pay student fees--to an organization that takes a position on matters that differs from the very students who pay fees! But hey, based on the evidence, I believe there is no democracy at Carleton University, only hypocrisy and discrimination.

Still, the president of the university tells us in her Globe and Mail article, “Education promotes civic engagement and is essential for democratic governance.” Pardon me while I laugh at her words, because it appears on the evidence that “democratic governance” is a sham at Carleton University. If the university was “democratic” it would not have had its pro-life students arrested. If the university was “democratic” it would take action against CUSA for discriminating against the pro-life students. If the university was democratic, it would not collect the compulsory student monies and hand them over to CUSA.

But CUSA and the university appear to be on the same rotten page. Therefore, one can only conclude regarding what has happened to the pro-life students that hypocrisy and discrimination are rampant at Carleton University.

Stephen J. Gray
November 28, 2010.