Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Hate Crime That Goes Unpunished

In our society today there are victims who get no justice, no protection from the law, are deemed unwanted, and are therefore candidates for killing. This killing is state sanctioned and carried out by trained assassins who get paid for their grisly work. One of these workers in the fields of bloody human butchery even received his country’s highest award for his “accomplishments.” Some in the media even called him a “hero,” and some decent people who spoke out against this perversion of the political order were vilified for daring to speak out.

Speaking out or daring to show pictures of these innocent butchered hate crime victims can get one arrested or disciplined by the powers that be in this hypocrisy of a “free country.” Still, this country does have a “Charter of Rights” that allows criminals protection who land on its shores, orgies are okay as long as “no harm” is done, the perverts work has “artistic merit” and judges can “read in” words not written in the constitution. Debasement, depravity and distortion have become legitimate; therefore, it should be no surprise that ethics and morality in the land have become twisted judicially and politically.

Politicians bend to the cries of the harridans of “choice” who consider it a “right” to kill the child in the womb. Many of these politicians stand for nothing and will say and do anything to get elected. Most of them boast they are in favor of “freedom of choice” to kill the unwanted child in the womb. One even reportedly said that he would never allow a vote to stop the killing of these innocents who are unwanted. Another politician even described the slaughter of these innocent victims as “safe medical services.” One wonders what is “safe” about cutting to pieces, poisoning by a saline solution, having a sharp knife pierce the brain of the living victim and suctioning out his/her brain? Some of these hate crime victims have even been known to survive the attacks by the medical butchers and have been born alive but are left to die.

This is a country with a dead conscience. Except of course if it is dead slaughtered seals, eagles, whales, owls, dogs, cats, horses, ducks, grizzly bears etc. then all hell breaks loose if it is seen that that these non-humans have been subject to cruel and atrocious practices. (and rightly so.) Numerous written media and TV programmes will display and publicize the attacks and killing of these non-humans. But, the hate crimes against the humans who are unwanted and slaughtered are covered up by the so-called “investigative media.” No pictures are shown, the victims are hidden and this abominable criminal slaughter is called a “choice,” and one might say it is aided and abetted by these phony media who are supposed to be “searchers for truth.”

Truth has become a prisoner and is gagged and bound by those who should be protecting it. There is an evil loose in the land and this evil allows the continued extermination of these voiceless innocents who are unwanted. This hate crime agenda goes unpunished and the guilty roam free in this perverted land.

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Stephen J. Gray
September 26,2010.