Monday, July 29, 2013

Are These Some of The “Respectable” Gangsters of the Earth?

When did the earth become the ruling domain of “respectable” gangsters, you might ask? How did they manage to get the people to accept their depredations? Who are these gangsters that are untouchable and “respectable” and have the world in their dirty hands?

The Spying Gangsters? These are the watchers over humanity. They listen in to peoples’ private conversations, emails, telephone calls, and every movement they make.  Anybody who exposes their evil intentions and law breaking is vilified and accused of espionage and treason (Edward Snowden is one example). Meanwhile the watchers are allowed to break the law and operate with impunity, aided and abetted by most governments who mouth the words, “ this is a democracy we live in.” Though a cynical person might say “it is a hypocrisy we live in.” This, I believe could be called the evil of empires. [1]

The Financial Gangsters? These are the monetary villains too powerful to go to jail. They have a lock on the financial system. They can print money at will and bail out other monetary reprobates who looted the system. [3] They have also been known to launder drug money and finance terrorism. They fixed the Libor rates [2] world wide and made a killing, and who knows how many innocent people have died because of their depredations. Corruption is their forte and they have massive amounts of money in offshore tax havens. [3] They are so powerful they can impose austerity [4] [5] on a number of countries and the puppet politicians of these countries allow them to do this.

The War Gangsters? These are the “warriors” in expensive suits who never fight in battle.  They have been known to finance both sides in war. [2] They are, in reality, traitors, [1] but they are too powerful to go to jail. Some of them have been known to advise the puppet politicians on the need for war. Some of them also profit enormously from all the bloody carnage they promote; sometimes they get contracts to rebuild the decimated countries that were bombed into oblivion by their manufactured weapons. They kill children by using drones, [1] destroy the lives and homes of innocent people and call this “bringing democracy.” Some have even been known to get a prize for “peace.”

The Food And Water Gangsters? These are the manipulators of food in the commodities markets who make profits off starvation and hunger. [6] They are the human parasites that feed and suck their bloody paper profits from the hunger and misery of poverty-stricken men, women and children in poor and middle class countries.  Others are in the process of buying up the fresh water world wide. Their thirst and greed for profits knows no bounds. See article headlined, “Profiting from Your Thirst as Global Elite Rush to Control Water Worldwide” Dec. 21, 2012. [7]

In conclusion, the above are just a few examples of the depredations committed world wide by the “respectable” elites, some of whom launder drug money and finance terrorism. They operate out of luxury office towers and their weapons of choice are cell phones, computer terminals and all the latest technology. They are sophisticated “respectable” criminals and have no need to use guns or knives or other dangerous weapons that crude criminals use in their nefarious deeds. They dress in expensive clothes, drive expensive cars and have an air of business competency around them. Some had been known to give advice to governments. Some were even bailed out with taxpayers’ dollars. Others financed political campaigns for some politicians. They manipulated the interest rates that people pay around the world for numerous financial dealings (loans, mortgages, etc). Some of them paid large fines for their criminal and fraudulent conduct then claimed tax deductions for these fines. They did not go to jail, because they are too big and powerful. They are “needed” to run the system and to jail them would cause a “loss of financial confidence,” or so it was said by a financial regulator. They get bailed out by taxpayers’ dollars by dopey politicians. They keep their looted monies in offshore tax havens and some are known as being part of the “international community.” Others are known as “eminent persons” in the world of finance and are always available to speak on government deficits – for a fee – in this world of “free enterprise” that many of them control. The system takes care of its own, one might say, in this “family” of money changers. While there are serfs who fight and die in their wars, or are maimed; many have a hard time getting their veterans benefits, for serving faithfully for the profiteers of perdition. Other serfs are conditioned to accept their servitude and debt slavery because their parasitical “masters” know best! One could say organized evil is in control and that this evil is devouring our freedoms and what used to be called “democracy.”

Note: There is much more information on my website regarding these “honourable” and “respected” gangsters, many of whom owe no allegiance to any country and are part of the elitist “New World Order.”

Stephen J. Gray
July 29,2013.


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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Herding the Serfs into the New World Order (Satire)

Herding the Serfs into the New World Order
A secret talk by one of the Fraternity of Beastlybergers
(Satire) By Stephen J. Gray

The elites of the financial, corporate and political world were all gathered together at a luxury hotel for their yearly confab on scamming the serfs. At the podium was Mr. Aloysius Evil, a long-time member of the Beastlybergers and a much respected plotter of world affairs. Mr. Evil begins his address to the fraternity.

Welcome Esteemed Fraternal Brothers and Sisters, eminent persons and political puppets (oops, I mean politically honourable ones) to our yearly meeting.  Before, I begin my talk I would like to say we are very thankful for the police and security presence outside our meeting place, all paid for by the tax dollars of the serfs. We live in the greatest system in the world where the ordinary serfs are policed by ordinary serfs and who protect us from their brother and sister serfs’ protesting our depredations and malfeasance on society, (oops, I mean our decisions on Globalization and The New World Order).  What can be more wonderful than imposed free enterprise globalism or public, private partnerships and bypassing parliamentary democracies? We saved the system after looting it (oops, I mean we stabilized it). We got bailed out by the serfs’ tax dollars then we imposed austerity on some of the serfs’ countries for services rendered. I say again, what a wonderful system we have in this planned undemocratic globalist world.

Now we are going to impose one, big, free trade zone on most of the world. We call it the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) [1] and it is a thing of beastly beauty and secretive negotiations. Still, we had one of our multi-national corporate marketing firms put out the message, “that a country had to be invited to join the TPP. That it would create jobs and put billions of dollars into the economic systems.” This was the message also dutifully parroted by our political and mostly corporate media mouthpieces. You will notice we also use words like partnership, security and prosperity, beyond borders, creating jobs, billions of dollars in economic action and other positive words to sell our message. You see, a picture has to be painted for the masses, in order to lull them into subjection and acceptance.  [Applause takes place from the assembled.] National Sovereignty will be a thing of the past and the serfs world wide will all be competing for a piece of multi-national corporate pie; how does that grab you? [A number of “hear-hears” are heard and another outburst of applause takes place.] Just imagine all those serfs around the globe fighting for our business and favours. Dirt cheap labour, no unions, no pensions or health plans, just work and more work for the serfs and servitude. It will be a borderless world and we will be in control with our trans-national corporations and able to sue any governments who step out of line.  So let us give a vote of thanks to the puppet politicians (oops, I mean honourable politicians and their flunkeys who are signing away their countries’ independence for a “mess of pottage” as the saying goes). But hey, they will be rewarded in this New World Order with a place on many of our boards, and suitably recompensed for selling out the sovereignty of their countries.

Sovereign Countries will be a relic of the past. The Globalized Corporate Marketplace will be ours to rule and those who don’t cooperate will be ostracized, watched and punished. We already have all the emails, telephone calls, texts, written articles and websites of those who oppose us, courtesy of the National Security Agency (NSA) and some large corporations, and there will be a day of reckoning once we start weeding them all out. There will be no enemies of our system allowed, just obedient serfs like the old feudal systems of many years ago. Orwell’s 1984 was amateurish compared to our surveillance and controlled society. There will be penalties for opposing the system, that is why that young man who exposed our spying program, which some call evil [2], must be brought before our courts. We will make sure he does not get asylum anywhere. Instead he will be put in an asylum when we get our hands on him. Nobody may disobey our New World Order without consequences and punishment. [Loud cheers are heard and noisy applause ensues and shouts of “law and order must prevail” are heard.]

In closing, let me say that this herding the serfs is just like herding cattle. Think of the serfs as beasts of burden labouring and living under our New World Order. They will be watched, controlled and allowed to participate in our managed democracy called Globalization and will be loving “their servitude.” Thank you all for coming, fellow Beastlybergers. See you all next year at another luxury resort as we continue to impose our New World Order. [3]

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” -Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Stephen J. Gray
July 20, 2013.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Evil of Empires

"Some European countries have to liberate themselves from North American imperialism," he said. "I can't understand how some countries can be faithful, obedient servants to the North American empire."
President Evo Morales of Bolivia, quoted in Wall St. Journal Online, July 4, 2013.

We have seen and read the latest revelations of a “democratic” empire spying on its citizens and the whole world. The man who revealed the secret spying of the empire was Edward Snowden. His reward for speaking out and telling the truth about illegal acts is to be vilified in much of the corporate owned media and to be refused asylum for his service to humanity. Some of the countries refusing him asylum are ones who claim to be outraged over the spying on them by a “democratic ally.” What we are seeing is open hypocrisy by the puppets of the empire which are all in lockstep with the dictates of the empire of evil. A globalist, new world order is already in control, and nobody must be allowed to disobey or expose its evil machinations. That is why Edward Snowden must be hunted down and brought to heel like a dog, rather than a human being who deserves praise and recognition. Evil is in control and it is determined not to be thwarted, for if Edward Snowden succeeds, then more people might find the courage to speak out against the tyranny of evil that is blanketing the earth and its inhabitants.

Some of the excuses used by Edward Snowden’s detractors are: “He took an oath of secrecy.” Well excuse me, when did an oath of secrecy cover illegal acts and breaking the law? Oh, I forgot, we don’t have any laws when gangsters rule. We just have mafia style words like omerta to protect the gang.

Omerta definition: A rule or code that prohibits speaking or divulging information about certain activities, especially the activities of a criminal organization. [1]

Then we have other statements by some of the political and media hypocrites. Edward Snowden “committed treason.” Yet some of these governments are arming and supplying Al-Qaeda in Libya [2] [3] and Syria [4] with weapons, and this is the same terrorists that killed and maimed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now these establishment elites have the gall to call Edward Snowden’s action, treason for telling the truth. I believe based on the evidence, the real treasonous villains are in positions of power. What a bunch of filthy hypocrites we [5] have ruling over us.

I believe we are in the hands of treacherous villains, who have no ethics, no morals and no principles. They think nothing of killing children and adults by using drones. [6] [7]  Oh, I forgot, sometimes they apologize for their “mistakes.” They think nothing of consorting with dictators and despots and spying on their citizens while at the same time mouthing the words, “let democracy rule.” Yet, these are the people who vilify Edward Snowden.  Let’s face it, based on the evidence, we are in the hands of “respectable” evil and it is being tolerated.

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.”
― Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain

Stephen J. Gray
July 7, 2013.


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