Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giving Help and Encouragement to Abortionists

“Truth never contradicts truth” ( Leo X, page 85, “The Wisdom of the Popes” )

Despite all the evidence of the humanity of the innocent child in the womb most of the media, some “catholic” media, many politicians, some religious leaders and some in the religious bureaucracies criticize courageous pro-life people for showing the gory evidence of the heinous crime of abortion.

The media:
They show pictures of atrocities happening around the world. In the nightly news, we have seen bodies lying in the street covered in blood after bombs have gone off. We have seen pictures of children terribly burned after phosphorous and clusters bombs have been dropped in their villages. (Vietnam war) (Lebanon war). The pictures the media will not show is the dismembered and bloody bodies of the innocents murdered by abortionists. The double standard of the so-called “investigative media” is a curse on society and a prime reason why this killing by “choice” is rampant around the world.

The politicians:
Many of them are hypocrites who condone this atrocity called “choice.” They all talk big about “human rights” and the need to be vigilant to protect them. But, when it comes to the human rights of the innocents in the womb, they boast they are for “freedom of choice.” (The killing of the child in the womb.)

The Religious Leaders:
Some of these religious leaders are supporters of killing by “choice.” Others have criticized courageous pro-lifers for daring to show pictures of the horror of abortion alongside other atrocities. Some of them say they are “pro-life” and are opposed to the killing of the child in the womb. But, when it comes to showing these innocent victims carved up and cut to pieces by this abominable act some of them retreat into politically correct platitudes. To show these bodies terribly abused is “misguided” and “offensive.” The horrific evidence must be concealed, and thus these “shepherds” give help to the abortionists by saying the plight of the victims must be hidden. No wonder this crime against the innocents continues when some of those who are supposed to be shepherds turn into wolves. Meanwhile, the graphic image of the crucified and bloodstained Jesus looks down upon their hypocrisy.

The Religious Bureaucracies:
There are some in these bureaucracies who claim to be “pro-life” but they also use their “comfortable pew” to criticize the courageous pro-life people who are not afraid to show the truth about abortion. Why is this? Could it be that the people who are out there showing the atrocities committed by abortionists make these religious bureaucrats feel guilty about their pathetic efforts over the years? Therefore, they lash out at the decency and courage of real pro-life activists.

Just about every other activist group shows the results of the cause they are promoting. Be it environmentalists showing pictures of clear cutting. Animal rights activists showing the cruelties done to animals and baby seals being clubbed to death on the ice floes. Anti-smoking ads by various governments showing blackened and diseased lungs over the results of smoking. Drunk driving ads showing the carnage committed by drunk drivers. The reason for showing these pictures is that these organizations know: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The media will show all this in glowing color, and the politicians accept the information on these issues, but when it comes to the grisly crime of abortion the pictorial evidence is suppressed. But, what is even worse is that there are some religious leaders and their sycophants in some religious bureaucracies and some who write for “catholic’ newspapers who criticize those who display the truth about the slaughter of the innocents by abortion. They would rather the crimes of the abortionists remain hidden to public view. And thus they give help and encouragement to the crimes of the abortionists by their hypocritical behaviour.

"If you don't behave as you believe, you will end by believing as you behave."
(Bishop Fulton Sheen)

Note: To see the truth about abortion go to: http://www.AbortionNo.org
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Stephen J. Gray
April 14, 2009.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Important Message for Concerned Bankers and Financiers

This message is for all of you, but especially for those of you who may have been visiting your tax-free and offshore banking subsidiaries when the latest bailout news was announced. Therefore, some of you may have missed the good news of more taxpayers' money. Somehow I don’t think so! But, we have your welfare at heart.
As you know, the government has handed over billions of dollars, or was it trillions, to bail out a number of you with taxpayers' dollars. And some of these taxpayers' billions were given back to some of you by one of your own who also received billions of taxpayers' dollars. In fact, this financial conglomerate also gave billions of taxpayers' money to other financial establishments outside the country. Very generous of them, eh! What? Oh well, I guess you people like to spread the taxpayers' money around in your financial families. I guess that old saying holds true, "The financial family that preys together, stays together." Just kidding, of course. You guys know what you are doing with taxpayers' billions. Now we are going to bail you out some more. How will this be done?

We have set up a ‘Public Private Partnership’ with mostly taxpayers' money that hopefully will invest in all your ‘toxic assets,’ oops I mean ‘legacy assets’ that you all have on your books. The taxpayers money, oops, I mean the ‘Public Private Partnership,’ will hopefully bring a profitable conclusion to your financial situation. The government will also be giving out loans and hiring investors to facilitate the disposal of taxpayers money into the ‘Public Private Partnerships.’ At first we called this dumpster for ‘toxic assets’ a ‘bad bank’ but after much discussion with our marketing expert we decided to call it a ‘Public Private Partnership,’ this certainly sounds more business like. And the always available taxpaying stiffs, oops, I mean public will pick up the tab should the partnership fail.

But even if it fails, at least we will have tried and the broad shoulders of the taxpayers will once again be there for you to cry on. But right now this is not a time for tears. This is a time for joy in the marketplace of money, thanks once again to those taxpaying stiffs, oops, I mean the ‘Public, Private Partnerships.’
Partnerships with the public are important in the situation you all find yourselves in. And you all know public money is easily obtainable when you have governments sympathetic to your financial problems. And of course, I must mention that some of the corporate media, and of course governments, are saying that this latest bonanza of taxpayers' money into the ‘Public, Private Partnership’ is a panacea for all of your financial ills.

In closing, the government hopes that this information will alleviate all your concerns and that you can all get back to business as usual in the free markets.

Important note:
To those reading this message who are not Bankers and Financiers: Bailouts of taxpayers' money only applies to the aforementioned. The ordinary taxpayer who is hurting and has lost their job, or has debts, mortgages or other financial liabilities, do not qualify for these bailouts. If any of you taxpayers need any money, go to your financial institution and ask for a loan. After all, it is your money.

Your Government Spokesperson
Stephen J. Gray
April 2, 2009