Thursday, February 28, 2019


If corruption becomes “legitimate”
How does the system get rid of it?
If it has become “acceptable”
Has power become disreputable?

If “the rule of law” becomes twisted
Does that mean it can be subverted?
Are there those that have no ethics?
Do they use criminal tactics?

Does lying and conniving become the standard?
Instead of truth, being the ultimate and most sacred?
Can threats be made by those that are powerful?
If a person does not accept what is unlawful?

Are the powerful above the law?
Should they be held in awe?
Or should they be held to account?
Or are they classed as paramount?

Does corruption become embedded over time?
Does the system become oblivious to this as a crime?
How does society get any lawful protections?
Surely, these are serious questions?

Stephen J. Gray
February 28, 2019.

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

They Exclaim: “Rule of Law”...

They exclaim: “rule of law, rule of law, rule of law”
Are they the biggest hypocrites you ever saw?
Spouting words that we are expected to believe
Are they trying to confuse and deceive?

If they really practiced what they preach
They would let those in the know speak
Instead they hide behind pompous words
About “creating jobs” and defend the absurd

If a corporation was to get a special deal
Then speak the truth and let it reveal
What was said in important conversations?
And let the public hear all the revelations

If there was “pressure” from some in power
If that is true then they should have no cover
They must be exposed for justice to prevail
If this is not done, then “law and order” is a fable

Instead the public are fed sanctimonious B.S.
And any smart words that are designed to fit
“The independence of the judiciary” is used as a cats-paw
While they also exclaim: “rule of law, rule of law, rule of law”

Stephen J. Gray
February 23, 2019.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Where is “The Rule of Law”?

Where is the rule of law, when a doctor sneaks into a nursing home?
And euthanizes a person old, sick, and alone
Where is the rule of law when there is cases of infanticide?
491 babies were left to die and nobody even spoke or cried

Where is the rule of law, ‘militant terrorists’ were admitted into the country?
Was the rule of law perverted and is this dangerous and contradictory?
Where is the rule of law when terrorists are reportedly armed and trained?
Is that not a criminal act: will anyone be arrested, will anyone get the blame?

Where is the rule of law when judges “read in” imaginary words
Is that not unacceptable, is justice “the theatre of the absurd”?
Where is the rule of law when excuses are made for bribery and fraud?
Is that okay and acceptable, or should corruption be outlawed?

Where is the rule of law if “cash for access” is approved?
Is that kind of behaviour okay and has it been removed?
Where is the rule of law when the unelected can have influence?
Is that permissible and is any statements by them interference?

Where is the rule of law if criminals are “morally worthy” to vote
Does that decision make sense, what does that connote?
Are words just words, but at times mean, Hee, Haw
Should thinking people be asking; where is the rule of law?

Stephen J. Gray
February 22, 2019.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Listening to Hypocrites

I listened to hypocrites on television today
Talking to a “justice committee” and having their say
A number of them were saying, a “remediation agreement” would save jobs
A corporation should not be prosecuted because the innocent would be robbed

The livelihood of workers were supposedly at stake
Therefore corporate corruption could be explained as a mistake
If they are guilty they should perhaps pay a fine and go free
Corporate contracts, jobs, and shareholders are innocent you see

 Many of these same people concerned about jobs: voted to attack other countries
The homes, jobs of their victims, were destroyed, was that not an atrocity?
These actions were also diabolical war crimes as well
But hey, hypocrisy rules in the House where “justice” dwells

It really is a sad sight watching this farce called a “justice committee”
If this is “democracy at work” then I believe, it is nonsensical and dirty
Everybody and everyone is supposedly equal under the law
But, it appears some are more equal: I believe that’s what I saw

If a multi-national corporations crimes can be explained away
Then this is a perversion of justice, that’s what I say
There is an old saying “power corrupts”
And I believe I saw it today, listening to hypocrites

Stephen J. Gray
February 21, 2019.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The “Rule of Law” Ha, Ha, Ha

The “rule of law,” ha, ha, ha
It’s a good rule baa, baaa, baaa
It must be obeyed so the sheep say
The law is not an ass, they loudly bray

The “rule of law,” ho, ho, ho
There must be “solicitor client” privilege you know
The “rule of law,” is a very serious matter
Telling the truth might be a disaster

The “rule of law,” nudge nudge, wink
It’s better to say that, or there might be a stink
Any evidence could be held “in camera”
To hide any happenings that might be improper

The “rule of law,” he, he, he
It’s not meant to be funny, please believe me
Corruption and bribery are serious matters
And nobody wants to see the “law” in tatters

So when you hear them say “rule of law”
Please do not laugh, giggle, or guffaw
The lobbying privacy of this corporate client
Is an accepted practice and needs silence

The “rule of law” means what the words say
The true story might come out someday
But until then, just accept, blah, blah, blah
The “rule of law” is not a joke: ha,ha, ha

Stephen J. Gray
February 19, 2019.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

If Justice...

If justice is perverted
Then the system becomes corrupted
Are “rule of law,” just empty words?
That sound good, but are absurd

“The independence of the judiciary” is another slogan
Is it just more words, to make us beholden?
To a system that pretends it is “law abiding”
When it makes special laws for those accused of bribing

When a society loses its moral compass
Do criminals get special privileges among us?
Do those in power try to excuse and explain away?
Corporate lawbreaking: Does corruption hold sway?

Laws are made to enable corporate malfeasance
“Saving jobs” is the twisted political reasons
If this can be done for corrupt corporations
Is there really, “rule of law” in any nation?

“There are none so blind as those who will not see”
Institutionalized corruption affects you and me
If it becomes “normal” in everyday work and business
Will we ever start asking, whatever happened to justice?

Stephen J. Gray
February 18, 2019.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Perhaps “The Charter” Can Help SNC - Lavalin

“Former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould said Friday she would not comment on claims that the Prime Minister's Office tried to pressure her to help SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution in pending legal action against the construction company....
“SNC-Lavalin has been charged with fraud and corruption in connection with payments of nearly $48 million to public officials in Libya under Moammar Gadhafi's government, and allegations it defrauded Libyan organizations of an estimated $130 million...”
John Paul Tasker · CBC News · Posted: Feb 08, 2019 10:33 AM ET | Last Updated: February 8

“While the US Congress questions the legitimacy of the war on Libya, the Canadian parliament with one dissenting voice, votes in favor of extending Canada’s participation in an illegal and criminal military undertaking:”   Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, June 16, 2011

“The destruction of Libya by NATO at the behest of the UK, the US and France was a crime, one dripping in the cant and hypocrisy of Western ideologues...” John Wight, November 27, 2017.

Canada’s “Charter” I believe would be helpful in the SNC - Lavalin controversy, even though the Liberal government reportedly did this:

“Buried deep in the 2018 omnibus budget bill was a provision allowing corporations charged with certain offences to avoid prosecution by signing so-called ‘remediation agreements.’ In place of convictions, fines and jail times...” Andrew Coyne, Feb 8, 2019. National Post

While the above quote sounds helpful, I believe a few words from a respected judge or judges might carry more weight, especially if it was vocalized as a Charter “right.” There are cases where a respected judge has “read in” words to suit the case. So why not do it in the SNC Lavalin case? That would show some judicial “consistency.”

Here are some examples below of other cases:

The judges say The Charter is a “living tree”

Then from the “living tree” come the great new “rights” found in the charter.
An abortionist who consistently broke the law was finally given clearance to ply his abominable trade of killing the child in the womb, after a majority of judges struck down the abortion law. Now the country has no law on abortion and the killing of the innocents is declared a “choice.”

Another judge declares that anyone arriving on the shores of the country, be they criminals, terrorists, drug dealers or whatever, have “rights” under the Charter.

Another judge states that criminals are “morally worthy” to vote.
Another “learned” judge has a hallucination and “reads in” words not written in the Charter....

Or, if “reading in” is now old hat, why not just ignore the SNC allegations and carry on as if nothing has happened.

There is already evidence of crimes being ignored in Canada:

Who would have believed that in the supposedly civilized country of Canada, 491 babies that were born alive after failed killings by abortion were then left to die, or that this atrocity would not even be investigated? Or that those in positions of power, namely the justice system, the leader of the federal government and most of the politicians of all the political parties would remain silent on this appalling heinous criminality?...

The most recent atrocities committed in Canada’s charnel houses were the 491 babies born alive after abortions failed to kill them but then were left to die. Three courageous conservative MPs wrote a letter to the head of the RCMP which stated: “Dear Commissioner Paulson,
Recent public reports have revealed the possibility of numerous breaches of the Criminal Code - to be specific, homicides - in Canada which need to be investigated. These killings appear to have started out as attempted abortions, but the babies were born alive.”...
Note: The Letter to the RCMP can be seen in link below.

The truth of the humanity of the pre-born child in Canada continues to be undermined, suppressed and twisted by so-called educated and intelligent people....

There are a number of examples where “The rule of law” and “justice” in Canada appears to be going, dare one say it, “potty” and speaking the truth becomes a charade.

“A country the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

But, Canada is just going to Pot.

It has been reported in various media that a judge had given permission for a man to be killed where “The court ...ruled the coroner did not need to be notified given that the cause of death was deemed to be his disease, not the lethal drugs he was given”. One wonders is this not a case of falsifying medical documents?...

All the evidence above and at links below, is why I believe SNC - Lavalin, could be helped by a “Charter ruling” from respected judges?! Because, we are, I believe: “The Country Where Anything Goes.”

Stephen J. Gray
February 17, 2019.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

You Can’t...

You can’t put corporate chieftains in jail for bribery and corruption
You can’t punish multi-national corporations because of their lawless actions
You must pass legislation immediately to give them immunity
You don’t want to lose thousands of jobs in the community

If the corporate chieftains are found guilty and go to jail
Then the multi-national corporations just might fail
Then the shareholders might lose their money and equity
There is much more to this affair than “corporate morality”

You can’t have “rule of law” for all, with a double standard for some
A multi-national corporation needs to have its scandals and fun
So what! If there is bribery and corruption involved
Just ask the politicians and lawmakers to do as they are told

If the multi-national corporation and its heads are found guilty
There might be no money to donate for political parties, eventually
There are lots of mouths that feed and need the corporate trough
Many can’t afford to lose their security and big payoffs

The masses “need direction” from those that are in charge
Do any of them care if there are criminals at large?
So just give the multi-national corporation more contracts and grants
And just let the system of “law and order” continue, with hypocrisy and Cant

Stephen J. Gray
February 16, 2019.

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Friday, February 15, 2019

They Speak...

“The destruction of Libya by NATO at the behest of the UK, the US and France was a crime, one dripping in the cant and hypocrisy of Western ideologues...” John Wight, November 27, 2017.

They speak of “The Rule of Law” while breaking the law themselves
They are the dangerous hypocrites that bombed Libya, and created hell
Thousands upon thousands are dead in this unfortunate country
Many would still be alive, if our “leaders” had not been down and dirty

Libya is reportedly a war crime and the war criminals are free
Some of them are seen posturing on the world stage and others are on T.V.
Others have written books and others are retired from public office
And another exclaimed: “We came, we saw, he died” as murder was their accomplice

They even teamed up with terrorists to commit their bloody crimes
And this went unreported in the “media”: was this by design?
There is a sickness and perversion loose in our society today
When war crimes can be committed and the “law” has nothing to say

Another “leader” had a fly past to celebrate the bombing victory in this illegal war
Now Libya is in chaos, while bloody terrorists roam secure
And the NATO gang that caused all this horror and devastation
Are continuing their bloody bombings in other unfortunate nations

The question must be asked: “Are some past and present leaders above the law?
Can they get away with bombing and killing, are they men of straw?
Whatever happened to law and order in the so- called “democracies”?
When those in power can get away with criminality: Is that not hypocrisy?

There is no doubt that Libya was better off, before the “liberators” arrived
Now many of its unfortunate people are now struggling to exist and survive
The future of this war torn country now looks very sad and bleak
If only our “leaders” had left it alone; but instead hypocrisy: They Speak

“The cause of the catastrophe in Libya in Libya was the seven month US-NATO blitzkrieg from March to October 2011 in which thousands of bombs and rockets rained down on that unfortunate land which was governed by President Muammar Ghaddafi whom the West was determined to overthrow by assisting a rebel movement.” Brian Cloughley, 12.02.2019

Stephen J. Gray
February 15, 2019.       

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Will The War Criminals Be Brought To Justice in 2019? Or Is Justice Dead and Buried?


Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Rule of the Corrupt

The rule of the corrupt is everywhere you look
The Houses of Power appear to have many crooks
The peoples’ taxes are used to bail out the moneyed class
There are no bailouts for the ordinary people: they are bypassed

Multi-national corporations get sweetheart deals
They can commit crimes if that’s how they feel
Bribery and corruption is protected under the “law”
And legislation is passed to protect these scofflaws

The armies of governments are used as hit men
They bomb and kill in other countries again and again
War criminals in power get away with their depredations
And millions of victims are dead in many invaded nations

“Rule of law,” are words that emanate from political mouths
These are some of the people that voted for illegal wars: without a doubt
Libya is one country that they bombed illegally from the sky
And thousands of people are dead, and nobody investigates why

Other countries were also bombed and laid waste
By these well dressed villains of the human race
If there was a real “rule of law” and justice too
These blood soaked bandits would be on trial for what they do

A “justice committee” is set up to look at government “scandals”
And turns out to be a farce, attended by political vandals
Accusing each other of subverting “ethics” and “democracy”
While many of their past and present cohorts, forte, is hypocrisy

The peoples’ tax dollars are used and abused by political controllers
That are protected and cosseted like “respectable” shysters
The abuses they have committed in the name of “democracy”
While perpetrating illegal wars, is their diabolical legacy

The people are prisoners of a system, they’re conditioned to accept
Taxed, and taxed, and propagandized, and taxed again to death
One wonders, and wonders will the people ever say: ‘Enough”?
And will they continue to be docile under: The Rule of the Corrupt?

Stephen J. Gray
February 14, 2019.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

When The Law...

When the law becomes corrupted
A country becomes maladjusted
Judges “read in” words that could be called imaginative justice
Thus proving that “judges” can hallucinate in their crassness

The politicians appoint these unelected judges that used to be lawyers
Then these same unelected judges/lawyers dictate to their elected employers
Has this system become a dangerous farce to so-called “democracy”?
When this type of behaviour is accepted in its blatant hypocrisy

What used to be a crime and called deliberate murder
Is now okay if the victims signs their own euthanasia order
Innocent babies born alive after failed abortion killings
Are now left to die and the “law” allows infanticide: Is that not chilling?

One of these abortionists gets the country’s highest honour
Is there a sickness in this land that recognizes killing, as valour?
The “law” and the politicians ignore these vicious crimes
Instead they wax “eloquent” that “the rule of law” is “just” and fine

Terrorists are reportedly allowed into this land
When instead these dangerous people should be banned
Illegal entrants are crossing our borders
And put up in hotels: Is that not a disorder?

We have thousands of homeless living on our streets
No hotels for them and no fancy treats
Many other people cannot afford to rent or buy a home
While the politicians use our taxes to travel and roam

They even propose that some corporations can break the law with impunity
Calling this perversion of justice a “remedial agreement” and with it immunity
Is there one law for corporations and another law for the ordinary people?
Which makes a thinking person ask: Are we ruled by fawning political “disciples”?

Unfortunately, in this “democratic” and “rule of law” country
The people did not get to individually vote on their Constitution: Is that not an effrontery?
Yet, the people are told how wonderful this document of “rights” is
And that they will always have their “rights” protected in joyful bliss

Still, this “rights” document is described as a “living tree” by a judge
And surely respected judges should be allowed to fudge?
After all, how will we manage without this type of “law” and “order”?
But hey, we are ruled and protected by a “wonderful” Charter

Stephen J. Gray
February 12, 2019.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

What Is Happening To Canada?

“To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.”
 G. Edward Griffin

The latest reported “scandal” – see links below - in Canada is only one, of a number over the years. The last big one was the “Sponsorship Scandal.”

Federal sponsorship scandal

Now the latest  reported “scandal.”

“Former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould said Friday she would not comment on claims that the Prime Minister's Office tried to pressure her to help SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution in pending legal action against the construction company....
“But at least one criminal defence lawyer was questioning Wilson-Raybould's privilege argument Friday, saying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could easily waive it and allow his former justice minister to speak freely and truthfully on the matter.”

“SNC-Lavalin has been charged with fraud and corruption in connection with payments of nearly $48 million to public officials in Libya under Moammar Gadhafi's government, and allegations it defrauded Libyan organizations of an estimated $130 million...
“This is not the first instance of legal trouble for the publicly traded company. Indeed, its former CEO, Pierre Duhaime, pled guilty last week to a charge of helping a public servant commit breach of trust for his role in a bribery scandal around the construction of a $1.3-billion Montreal hospital.
“Duhaime left SNC-Lavalin in March 2012 after an independent review found that he had approved $56-million in payments to undisclosed agents.”
John Paul Tasker · CBC News · Posted: Feb 08, 2019 10:33 AM ET | Last Updated: February 8
Note: The info links below are from February 10, 2019.

“Scandals” appear to be happening frequently in Canada, and not much appears to be done about them. See my links at end of article for more on this.
In closing the question needs to be asked by all of the people of Canada:
What is going on in Canada? And what is going to be done about it all?

I see a country being destroyed by those that rule
I see a country in the hands of fools
I see the peoples’ tax dollars being squandered
I see those in power giving perverted orders...

I see and ask, “Will the people ever say, enough”?
Or is the country too far gone, in all this stuff
Are the people conditioned to believe, they are “free”?
I am just telling you this, and saying: “What I See”

“Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.” Lord Acton

“Absolute power, in Lord Acton’s aphorism corrupts absolutely and the Supreme Court is now absolutely corrupt” –Robert Ivan Martin, Page 178, in his book
The Most Dangerous Branch: How the Supreme Court of Canada Has Undermined Our Law and Our Democracy

When illegality rules by law. The rule of reason must withdraw.” - Goethe

Stephen J. Gray
February 10, 2019.

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