Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Canada Goes Dopey

Canada is going legally and officially dopey
Smoking pot will be acceptable--Canada wide and locally
People can buy different brands of this stinking, smelly weed
That will fulfill any addicted dope’s smoking need

Cannabis candies will soon be available
If you have a sweet tooth they will be saleable
Cannabis cookies will be available to crunch
Some of the dopers on them will munch

Chocolate chip marijuana cookies are another “delicacy”
That will be on sale from the “weed community”
Marijuana-laced drinks are also coming your way
Then at the moon some might want to scream and bay

Some might drive under the influence of the weed
Will we see more accidents because of this seed?
Have any of the politicians that legalized this drug
Thought through the consequences? Or are they just smug?

Children could finish up eating this dangerous weed
When it is sold as candy and the kids want a feed
Perhaps they will chew on a marijuana cookie
Left lying around by a drug-using loony

The big money boys are in on the action to sell us pot
Money has no conscience, nor has its drug promoting cohorts
Governments that are legalizing this mood-changing drug
Want the drug money to roll in and don’t care about fug

This is a land of pot, ruled by a potty political crew
A land of “sunny ways,” and now, smoky ways too
Weed brands will be available, just “pick your poison”
And “thank” the government for drug promoting “consumption”

Governments are spending monetary millions pretending to safely care
While legalizing a mind-altering drug that pollutes the fresh air
Hypocrisy emanates from these greedy pushers for tax money
It will be a cannabis crazy mad show as Canada goes dopey

Stephen J. Gray
October 16, 2018.

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