Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Day of the Dope

The Day of the Dope has finally arrived
The Dopes and their party are really satisfied
The country is now a land of legal stinking pot
Are the Dopes and their party a dope pushing lot?

The media appear to be on a pot promoting high
Spreading their “news” where to get a weed supply
Interviewing potheads as they hug and embrace
This pot promoting country has become a disgrace

Political pot pushers can be seen on television
Many of them talking, as if this day is drug heaven
They are proposing pardons for past law breakers
No doubt hoping for votes, for doing potheads a favour

One has to ask: “why did a supposedly sane country go to pot"?
Is there a virus eating brain cells and making them rot?
Does its rulers’ need help, and do they have sick brains?
For surely their actions are abnormal, and perhaps insane?

Who would have believed that this would come to pass?
Does this now finally prove that: “The Law is an Ass”?
That a country would become, a drug supporting place to toke
Will there be consequences to come for: The Day of the Dope.

Stephen J. Gray
October 17, 2018.